Loving the Assistant by Shawn Lane

Heat Level 3
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Romance on the Go

Lorrie Bishop is surprised to be promoted to assistant manager at the café where he waits tables. He’s even more surprised to find his sexy new boss, Jackson Ridgley, is gay and attracted to him. Jackson has never met anyone like Lorrie before, and if he has it his way before his time at the restaurant is done, he’ll be loving the assistant.

Be Warned: m/m sex




After a week of running the restaurant, Jackson had begun to feel like an old pro. There had been a few problems—hitches as he’d told his mother—like a small kitchen fire one day and a waitress spilling a whole tray of food on a table full of customers another, but for the most part the customers and staff of Red Rita’s hardly noticed the difference. And that’s the way he and his mother had wanted it.
Perhaps the biggest hitch of all, at least as far as Jackson was concerned, was his growing attraction and affection for his assistant manager. He found himself watching Lorrie throughout the day. Flirting with customers, laughing with staff, bending over. Which of course gave him wicked ideas and made him half hard nearly all day.
If Lorrie had noticed Jackson’s interest, he acted totally oblivious, which probably didn’t bode well for Jackson. Maybe he just wasn’t Lorrie’s type. He’d be disappointed, but he could deal with it.  
Except for the first day, Jackson hadn’t asked Lorrie to dinner again. He’d decided he would try again one more time and if Lorrie still said no than he’d just forget his ridiculous attachment to the young blond.
So, after that day’s closing had been taken care of, he and Lorrie walked out to his car for the ride home.
“I think that went well, don’t you?” Jackson asked.
Lorrie nodded. “Yeah, I was a little worried about all of this, but so far it’s been pretty cool.”
“You’re a natural.”
Lorrie blushed. “I don’t know about that, but I’m liking it a lot. I was pretty nervous about getting the hang of it. I never thought I could, you know, tell people what to do.” He laughed. “It’s easier than I thought.”
Jackson clicked the locks on the car. “Well, I’m really happy and so is Mom. We’ve spoken about you a lot.” He opened the driver side door and turned to the other man. “Lorrie, want to have dinner?”
Not terribly suave, Jackson figured. In fact he’d practically blurted it out.
For a second, as Lorrie got into the passenger seat, he said nothing and Jackson had decided that once more he would be shot down. He prepared himself for the inevitable rejection.
“Sure, okay.”
“Yeah?” he asked, surprised. “I mean, great. I’ll take you home and then come back and get you for dinner in say a couple of hours?”
“Cool, sure.” Lorrie smiled. “I’ll definitely be hungry.”
Jackson laughed. “Me, too.”

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Written by Texas Teenie on 23rd Sep 2014

I like this release more than Loving the Boss, and since I really like Lane, I'll keep reading the "Loving Series" This story had more depth (both characters and storyline) and I would recommend it to someone who has a rainy afternoon to read.