Loving the Boss by Shawn Lane

Heat Level 3
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Romance on the Go

Every morning, Alan Sommers arrives early to work. He makes coffee, tidies the office, and makes sure the blinds are open to let in the California sun. All of it he does for Kincaid Malloy, his boss of the last three years. His handsome, intelligent, and completely professional boss.

And therefore, there's no hope his love for Kincaid will ever be returned. When Kincaid asks him to pet sit at his home while he's away at a law conference, Alan readily agrees. What he doesn't expect is that his dreams of loving the boss might finally come true.

Be Warned: m/m sex



Alan turned to his computer and began to punch in the necessary information for the case file Edgar had given him. A few minutes into it and Kincaid Malloy appeared from down the hall.

“Good morning, Alan,” Kincaid said, walking past him with his briefcase in hand.

“Good morning, sir.”

“Can I see you in my office?”

Alan let his imagination run wild for just a few seconds. Wouldn’t it be lovely if when he got into Kincaid’s office, the man pushed him face down on the desk and tore the seam of his gray dress slacks, pushed aside Alan’s underwear, and shoved his cock in Alan?


His face flaming hot, he stared into the perplexed green eyes of the object of his lust. He so needed to stop watching porn. Forcing a smile, Alan said, “Yes, coming.”

Bad choice of words, Alan.

He picked up his yellow lined legal pad and pen and followed his boss into the office.

Kincaid had just removed his navy suit coat and hung it on a hook on the wall. He turned and flashed his killer white smile at Alan. He wore a stark white shirt and a thin navy tie that matched his dress pants and coat. He looked like he had stepped out of one of Alan’s porn movies.

“Thanks for bringing me my coffee.” He went to his desk and sat down, taking a sip. “As perfect as ever.”

Alan beamed, knowing it was foolish to feel so ridiculously good.  He allowed himself a moment of ogling while Kincaid got situated. The man must be close to forty now, which probably made him ten years or so older than Alan, maybe slightly more. He was classically handsome, sort of like George Clooney, although without the gray, but masculine and muscular. Tall, dark and yummy.


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Top2Bottom Book Reviews
Written by undefined on 10th Nov 2012

Alan Sommers has been the personal assistant to attorney Kincaid Mallory for the last three years. He’s been in love with his boss almost as long. He hasn’t said or done anything to reveal his feelings to his boss because he thinks his boss is still mourning the loss of Ben, his partner of ten years to cancer. Plus Alan doesn’t think that he’s the type of man that Kincaid would be attracted to. When Kincaid goes out of town for a business trip ans to meet an old lover, he asks Alan if he would house and pet sit for him because his sister, who usually does it for him, is going to Europe and can’t do it. Alan agrees and settles in. While he’s walking the dogs he meets Kincaid’s next-door neighbor Rick who asks him out for dinner. Alan agrees to go on the date but when he asks Kincaid what he knows about his neighbor, he tells him that he does drugs and has wild parties. He doesn’t know whether to believe him or not. Alan decides to make use of his boss’s Jacuzzi and falls asleep in the tub and is awakened by the sound of someone coming through the front door. Kincaid has returned from his business trip a day early. Kincaid backs Alan up against the kitchen counter and kisses the living daylights out of him and tells him that he has been fighting his attraction to him for months because he didn’t want to be with someone who works for him, but realizes that he can’t stay away from him any more. He also tells Alan that he will find him a different job in the firm so that there won’t be any conflict at work. I really loved this because it tells a story of how a young man who thinks that what he wants will always be beyond his reach but it can come to you when you least expect it.

Rainbow Book Reviews
Written by undefined on 21st Oct 2012

This is a very sweet story about a guy falling for his boss, and ending up doing more than house sitting for the guy while he is at a conference. The main characters were fun, as were the secondary ones, the menagerie of pets made me smile, and the ending was wonderfully fairy tale like. Alan is a very dedicated personal assistant who has been manfully fighting the feelings for his boss for years. Kinkaid lost his high school sweetheart and partner to cancer, and Alan thinks he has no chance to ever mean as much to Kinkaid. He has these discussions with a fellow personal assistant that made me smile, and the lunch with his best friend was fun as well. When Alan finally goes to house and pet sit for Kinkaid, the pets turned out to have real personalities as well. Too cute! Kinkaid is a bit distant, we don’t find out much about him. His comments about his neighbor Rick, who asked Alan out were hilarious, and when he comes back to surprise Alan, he does and says all the right things. If your looking for a short, sweet read that will make you smile, if you like the scenario of an employee falling for his boss, and if you enjoy stories where even the pets have real personalities, you will probably enjoy this short story.