Loving the Partner by Shawn Lane

Heat Level 3
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Loving Series, 3

Gay but in the closet, Jacob Butler has made a big mistake. He's fallen in love with his friend, Walt Donnelly, who is not only Jacob's business partner, but also straight. After a drunken kiss that turns to more, he realizes his business partner is bisexual. Walt, however, makes it clear he isn't interested in anything serious with Jacob or any man. Broken hearted and afraid he'll always be alone, Jacob tries to forget his attraction to his friend.

Walt has always assumed he knew what his future would contain. But his night with Jacob makes him question exactly who he wants forever with...

Be Warned: m/m sex



“I’m gay. I didn’t just kiss you because I lost my mind from too much bourbon and I thought you were a woman, Walt. I knew exactly who I was kissing. Who I’ve wanted to kiss for I can’t even say how long. Maybe the alcohol gave me the courage to act, but it wasn’t the reason.”


“And then when you, well, when you reacted the way you did, I realized I’d made the biggest idiot out of myself ever.” Jacob couldn’t quite meet Walt’s eyes. “I haven’t been able to face you since. So, you’re right. I did let the firm down for the last couple of days, but I was probably going back to work tomorrow.”

Walt no longer looked as angry as he had when he’d first arrived, but he still looked irritated. “You really are clueless.”


“I was not repulsed. I know you have mirrors, Jacob, and you have to know you are a good looking guy.”

“But I am a guy,” Jacob pointed out.

“No kidding.” Walt cupped Jacob’s crotch. “I guess you are.”

“What are you doing? Stop that.” He could feel his face heating as his cock hardened at the touch.

Walt shook his head.

“You don’t want me.”

“You have no idea what I want,” Walt said, moving his hand from Jacob’s crotch to cup his jaw. He rubbed his thumb across Jacob’s bottom lip. “You want us to kiss? Then let’s kiss.”

Walt’s mouth slammed down on his, hard and demanding, nothing at all tentative about it. His hand moved to grasp Jacob’s hair, pulling him closer still as he slanted his lips over Jacob’s.

He wasn’t sure exactly what was happening between them or what had gotten into Walt’s head, but Jacob decided to go with it and deal with the regrets he was sure to have later. He grasped the end of Walt’s purple striped tie, and tried to climb up the man’s body. Whimpering low, he opened his mouth to the invasion of Walt’s tongue.


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Written by undefined on 4th Feb 2013

Loving the Partner is a funny, romantic and cute short story. Two men, Jacob Butler and Walt Donnelly, work in the same business since college but know almost nothing about each other. Jacob, shy and closet type, was very fitting for this story as well as Walt, who is having a hard time judging what he dreams and but also to fall in love with someone. Through a series of events and unexpected actions they gain courage to confront their beliefs and love. This short story was sensational, cute and hysterical and I would highly recommend it for anyone for a quick read to a romantic short story.