Magali A. Fréchette

Magali A. Fréchette writes the darker side of stories. Paranormals, Dark Fantasies, and Mysteries/Thrillers, but always with romance – she's an extremist and loves both dark and cute things. Her stories will rip your heart out along the way, but she'll make sure you don’t throw the book against a wall when you finish it! All her stories are either set in Canada, or in alternate worlds (makes sense since she's Canadian, right?)

She has two main hobbies: writing and creating book covers. She's also a gamer (Diablo, Zelda, Final Fantasy), enjoys listening to music (and always singing along to Disney), has a passion for Japanese and Scottish culture, and adores reading. She loves anime/manga, Japanese Dramas and considers herself a proud fan of many different TV shows including Buffy, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Merlin, Game of Thrones, Outlander, etc.

Magali wrote her first story when she was 12 years old (and she’ll never talk about that story), but started seriously writing three years later. Since then, she always writes. It’s always been a dream to be a published author, and she can happily say she's reached that goal― she plans on continuing writing and publishing for the rest of her days.