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Make Me Blaze by Avril Ashton


Product Description

Bringing the Heat, 3

Fresh from catching his lover in bed with another man, Dominic Scotto is grabbed off the street and taken hostage. The identity of his kidnapper is a mystery, what the man wants, though, not so much. Shackled and trapped, Dominic’s resilience is put to the test as his captor carries out a carefully crafted plan to divest him of his secrets.

With the heir to the Scotto empire naked and bound before him, the man known as Smoke will do whatever he must to get the answers he seeks. Amid a firestorm of anger and distrust, between pain and pleasure, two men reach for each other in the darkness, but it’s not over yet. Under the sun’s harsh brightness, Smoke remains elusive, a man without a face or name, and Dominic is still a target mired in secrets.

Be Warned:  m/m sex, rimming, knife play, BDSM



Smoke didn’t know what the big deal was. He’d made sure not to cut the man too deep, but Dominic Scotto still screamed at the first slice of the scalpel through his flesh. Truth be told, the blade sank in smoother than a hot knife through butter.

“I used to go fishing at a creek near my house during the summertime,” he said softly. “I loved it, not so much the actual act of fishing, you understand, but what came after. Gutting my catch.”

Dominic’s body shook violently. Smoke frowned at that. He liked a smooth cut, nothing jagged at all, and Dom’s movements were making that a bit harder to achieve.

He made another shallow cut, this one above the other man’s left pec. Blood appeared in a thin red line. “It takes a real talent to cut into something while it’s still alive, yank out its innards, and keep it still breathing.” He smiled up at Dominic, lifting an eyebrow at the sickly pallor of the young man’s face. “Are you feeling unwell, Mr. Scotto?”

“Oh God. Oh God.” Dominic’s head moved back and forth. The pulse in his neck fluttered wildly. Panic and fear blanketed his features. “I don’t know anything. Please don’t do this.”

“I’ve already heard your objections to my actions. I’m afraid I won’t be swayed by them.” Smoke caught a drop of blood with the broadside of the scalpel and tipped the blade, letting the blood coat it all over. He then brought it to Dominic’s mouth, wiping it all over the man’s lips.

His eyes had been closed, but at the first touch of scalpel to his lips, Dominic’s eyes flew open. “No!” He tried jerking away, but his head could only go that far. Smoke moved with him, keeping the bloody scalpel in place.

“I’m not much into all that blood play business,” he said, “but even I can admit to the obscene fascination of it.” He smiled at Dominic then moved away.

“This is no use. It won’t help you.” Dominic pulled at his restraints. “I know nothing. Everything my father did happened right under my nose, yes, but I knew nothing. Not until it all hit the fan. Nothing.”

“You’re a long way from pulling off the innocent act, Mr. Scotto.” Smoke mocked him with a sneer. “You forget, I know you. I watched you.”

“You don’t!” Dom lurched forward. Or at least attempted to. “You don’t know me.” His dark eyes flashed at Smoke. “If you did you’d know there’s no way I’d do that to innocent people.”

Smoke sat back on his haunches and stared at the other man. He was stubborn, but Smoke had dealt with stubborn. The Dominic Scotto in front of him was different from the man he’d watched go about his life. That could be the result of the restraints and fighting for his life, but Smoke couldn’t be sure. He didn’t like that, not being sure. He’d have to do some more research.

“Look.” Dominic held his gaze. “I know what you see, a spoiled entitled kid, but that’s not me.” He licked his lips, and then his face contorted into a grimace.

Probably tasting the blood Smoke had smeared.

Dominic doubled over, dry-heaving. The loud rattle of his breath echoed in the room as he gagged and spit on the floor. “I can’t. I can’t do this.” His eyes were wet when he looked at Smoke. “Kill me, or let me go. I don’t know anything, so you won’t learn anything. You’ll only prolong the inevitable. Kill me.”

“Bit fatalistic, aren’t you, bub?” Smoke got to his feet and circled Dominic and his chair. He dipped his hand in the pocket of his jeans, pulling out the small syringe.

“My father is the only one responsible. He’s the one—”

Smoke stabbed him in the neck with the needle, cutting off his speech.

“What did you do?” Dominic made a grab for his neck, but never quite made it. The drug worked quickly, slowing down his movements.

“Don’t worry about your father,” Smoke said softly as Dominic faded away. “He’s next. I’ll deal with him soon enough.” The younger man’s head dropped, rolling to the side.

Out like a light.

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Product Reviews

  1. Night Owl Reviews 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Jan 2014

    Dominic Scotto is the heir to the Scotto Empire. He is a complex man who is also hot and sexy. Dominic takes a chance on love only for it to backfire in his face. If his problems were not bad enough he then gets kidnapped by someone seeking answers about his father and their business dealings. I liked Dominic he seemed willing to be honest and not protect anyone.
    Smoke is a mystery. I am not sure that anyone outside a couple of people really know him. He is a complex man who is good at his job. He thinks in ways most people would not and wears a mask to cover his identity etc. I loved that shortly after taking Dominic Smoke starts to fall for him. It’s almost like he knew from the start that Dominic was innocent but did not want to be fooled, just in case.
    The chemistry between Smoke and Dominic is blistering. While the part of Dominic falling for Smoke still strikes me as unrealistic, I liked how it was handled. With Dominic’s background and family, it was a possibility. The sex scenes were hot and spicy.
    Make Me Blaze is the third book in the Bringing the Heat series by Avril Ashton. While this book is part of a series, it can be read and enjoyed as a standalone novel.
    I liked this book a lot more than I thought I would. It seems that Smoke understood a part of Dominic that even he did not want to face.
    I found this story to be well written. The main and secondary characters were interesting even if it was unrealistic at times. Overall, this was a great story. I can’t wait to read more from this series.

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