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Marianne's Abduction by Ravenna Tate


Product Description

Voyeur Moon, 3

Marianne Kowalski is simply trying to survive on what’s left of Earth after two years of invasions by the Tyranns. One night she spots an alien spaceship. When two men emerge, she hands them a letter explaining how to find her missing aunt and uncle. Marianne has nothing left on Earth, and only wants to rejoin the two people who raised her. 

But when she wakes up, she’s on Addo with Vaughn and River, two hulking alien men who inform her that her aunt and uncle have been taken prisoner by the Tyranns and are being held somewhere on Voyeur Moon. Marianne puts her IT skills to work helping the Addonians, but falling in love with Vaughn and River isn’t something she counted on.

Be Warned: menage sex (MFM), anal sex, spanking


Lightning flashed once more, and the thunder was very close now. Fat drops of rain hit the pavement in front of the deck, and she knew the canopy wouldn’t protect them for long. The storm was heading straight for them. She rose, hoping they’d follow, which they did.

Marianne went straight to her bedroom, shedding her clothes as she walked. Her entire body trembled, but it wasn’t from fear. She was on fire for them, and she’d never felt so wanton or uninhibited in her life. But she also knew this wasn’t wrong. It couldn’t be. Not when it felt so perfect and sexy.

As they walked, she heard scuffling noises and soft grunts, and knew they were undressing as well, but she didn’t turn around. If she stopped, she’d lose her nerve. When she reached her bed, she stepped out of her panties and lay down on her side to watch them. There was only one soft light on in the room, but her drapes were open so they also had the lightning to illuminate the space.

She finally dared to look at them, and they were indeed naked. They nearly tripped over each other walking into the room, and she tried not to laugh. Then she moaned as she let her gaze travel over their naked bodies. Oh my … they are fucking magnificent.

Both men were as muscled as she’d imagined they would be, and covered with tats. Their dicks were big and thick, and a wave of nervousness washed over her. It had been a long time, and she wasn’t sure whether it would hurt at first when they fucked her.

But one look into their faces put her at ease. These men weren’t going to hurt her. They were just as apprehensive as she was. Her heart gave a strange lurch that these two big, strong alien men were nervous about making love to an Earth woman.

“We can’t impregnate you,” said Vaughn. “Different DNA and all. And we’re immune to most of your diseases. But we have none of our own, regardless.”

Marianne smiled. “Good to know. Thank you. And I don’t have any, by the way.”

She sat up and held out her arms. River reached her first, and he pulled her into his arms and captured her mouth in a kiss so hot she wasn’t sure the lightning would be hotter if it struck her.

She parted her lips, and moans escaped her throat as he worked his tongue inside, teasing hers, and moving his lips in ways she’d only imagined were possible. What an incredible kisser. Was Vaughn this skilled, too? Oh, how she hoped so.

He tangled his fingers in her hair and gave it a tug, not hard enough to hurt, but in a way that sent tiny jolts of electricity through her body until she couldn’t even think. All she wanted to do was lie back on the bed and beg him to fuck her.

“Give me a turn.”

Vaughn’s voice, filled with lust and humor, broke through her fog. River released the kiss, and then grinned at her in a way that sent fresh wetness to her pussy. “Should we let him join us?”

“Well, I don’t know. Is he as good a kisser as you are?”

Vaughn snorted. “I’m better.”

She giggled, and River mumbled something in a language she couldn’t understand. “Was that a curse word?” They’d spoken in their language occasionally all week, and it sounded like a Russian dialect to her. She was slowly learning a few words but hadn’t heard this particular one yet.

“More than one,” he said. “Remind me later when Vaughn falls asleep and I’ll teach them all to you.”

“You’ll fall asleep before I will.”

“Doubtful. I’m younger than you.”

Vaughn crawled next to her and glared at River. “Move aside and let me have a turn.”

River did, and then he pulled lazily on his cock as Vaughn cupped her face. He stared at her with so much intensity, she had trouble breathing. The storm was directly overhead now, and lightning lit up the room. When the thunder rumbled, she swore the entire building shook.

“That’s exactly how I feel inside,” said Vaughn. “Ready to take you with the same intensity as this storm.” She moaned and he grinned, and then he pushed her onto her back and climbed on top of her. He held her face with both hands. “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.”


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Product Reviews

  1. Book #3/Voyeur Moon series. Another outstanding win for Ravenna Tate! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th May 2017

    This is the story of Marianne Kowalski, a young Earth woman & Vaughn & River, two men from Addo, one of the three habitable planets in the Alpha Centauri system. It's now been a little over two years since the Tyranns of Voyeur Moon attacked Earth, destroyed its satellites, wreaking utter devastation. Marianne was working in the IT consulting business when the Tyranns invaded. She's relegated to one of the few paying jobs left on Earth, stocking shelves in a grocery where there's less to stock each day. Her MBA is useless. Her aunt & uncle who raised her left Earth to go to Sera, another of the Alpha Centauri planets, to serve as lawyers to the Regum, the ruling class for all 3 planets, in an effort to end the ugly wars between the Tyranns & the people of Addo & Sera. With her aunt & uncle on an alien world & her former fiancé, Jacob, missing (last in Europe), Marianne is alone & lonely. One night, while walking off too much alcohol, she wanders to a nearby beach. She hears a drone overhead, then comes upon an alien ship landed next to a small lake. Two men approach & she holds out a letter put in her mailbox, allegedly from her aunt & uncle, inviting her to come to Sera & live with them. The men say nothing, simply jabbing her with a needle. In seconds, she's out like a light. In the blink of an eye, Marianne's life on Earth is over. Vaughn & River are brothers, computer experts, working with the Regum on Sera, as well as Jakara & the resistance, trying to stop the escalating brutality & depravity of the Tyranns. They know Marianne's aunt & uncle well, since Betsy & Blake Williams saved them from trumped-up charges & a sentence to the Zoo. Unfortunately, the consequences for helping the two are high. Blake & Betsy are kidnapped by the Tyranns, who're now looking for Marianne. All 3 are to be held for ransom. But Marianne's been lucky. Rather than being abducted by the Tyranns (the true purpose behind the faked letter), she'd been rescued by 2 Addonians working with Vaughn & River. Marianne's taken to Vaughn & River's residence by her rescuers & left there. It's up to Vaughn & River to explain the situation which they're not looking forward to at all. When Marianne awakens, she's amazed to find the two brothers. They're the two most handsome, virile specimens of the male species that she's ever seen. But she's also scared, on a planet where she knows no one. As River & Vaughn explain the situation, she feels more frightened. Her aunt & uncle are missing. No one knows where they are, how to find them. She's never been more alone in her life. But River & Vaughn are computer experts. They know a thing or two about surveillance & hacking. They answer many of Marianne's questions. Marianne alternately despairs, then hopes for the future. She learns her fiancé, Jacob, was taken in the early days of the invasion, put to work in the mines on Addo & died. She's heartbroken, although she's felt for a long time she'd never see Jacob again. Despite the fact that her aunt & uncle have been kidnapped, there is hope that Jakara & the resistance can formulate a plan to rescue them. That is, of course, if they find where they are! Marianne, Vaughn & River form a partnership of sorts. With Marianne's education & background in IT, she's an asset to both Vaughn & River in their research. As they work together to learn the location of her aunt & uncle, with the assistance of Jakara & his mate, Callie & other Addonians & former Tyranns, they search for useful facts. One day, combing through seemingly useless information, River stumbles on a cache of seemingly meaningless names. Bored & frustrated, River opens the folders & files. Jackpot! It seems the Tyranns deliberately put their most important data into unprotected, completely accessible, innocent-looking folders. They have the Betsy & Blake's location. But that knowledge is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to planning the duo's rescue. Any mission to recover them would be so dangerous as to be suicidal! As Jakara, Vaughn, River & the others plan the rescue, complications arise. There's the deep attraction between Marianne, Vaughn & River. That certainly isn't the norm on Earth! With the sexual laws & prohibitions imposed on the citizens of Sera & Addo by the Regum, it's hard to believe that River & Vaughn would take the chance of being accused of another crime. Then there are the rescue details. Those involved will have to plan the escape to the second. There's extreme danger involved. Anything could go wrong at any moment. A mistake of mere seconds could result in the deaths of one or all of the rescue party. Worse yet, if they're caught, it means lifetime imprisonment at the Zoo! The action, thrills, excitement, adventures & romance spin at a whirlwind pace. What will the rescuers do? Can they pull off an escape with pinpoint accuracy in enemy-controlled territory? Even with precise planning, there're no guarantees. Will any survive? And what of Marianne? If the mission fails, she'll be alone on an alien planet with no one. The unexpected is around every corner & events occur at breakneck speed. No one can be certain of anything. In the end, despite all the plans, all they have is their willpower & absolute determination that the Tyranns will NOT win. Ravenna Tate once again proves her excellence at telling a tale that is terrifyingly authentic yet filled with genuine characters, true emotions & a totally believable environment. Marianne's Abduction is a fast-paced sci-fi/thriller/romance that will keep you riveted to the book from beginning to end. It's extraordinary for an author to shine in more than one genre but Ravenna Tate does just that with such apparent ease that you know she's the best kind of storyteller. The details of the emotions, characters, environment & interwoven stories of the characters are amazing. If you enjoy an exciting mix of sci-fi, romance, erotica & thriller elements with amazing characters & storylines, I highly recommend Marianne's Abduction. It's an absolutely riveting book. I give it my highest recommendation without reservation! Thanks for reading my review & happy reading!

  2. Cocktails and Books 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Apr 2015

    Ravenna Tate does it again! She’s writing a great new series called “Voyeur Moon”, and I’m enjoying it very much. It’s unique and interesting. Sure, we’ve all read stories about sexy alien warriors, but in this series, and in “Marianne’s Abduction” we find mystery and intrigue along with the battles, and such wonderful romance!
    In this installment, Marriane is alone on Earth, her only family (aunt and uncle who raised her) having travelled to take jobs on a planet called Sera. Earth has been overrun by invaders from a race of aliens called Tyranns who are destroying the planet and kidnapping the women to take back and use as sex slaves. One day, she gets a letter telling her that they would be sending a ship to pick her up and take her to her aunt and uncle, she despeately wants to belive it. A ship DOES come, but it’s not piloted by who she thinks it is. River and Vaughn are Addonians. They want to stop the Tyranns from carrying out any further evil, and they mnow that Marianne’s letter is a trap. They take her back with them, and together, they will find a way to rescue her family, and to continue to try and stop the Tyranns.
    Sound good? It IS good. You’ll get caught up in the story quickly. There is a lot of action, and River and Vaughn are the perfect heroes. They’re noble, and smart, and…sexy! They click right away with Marianne and the three of them have a lot of chemistry together. Their relationsip takes off quickly, but that’s ok. It’s not a long book, and we want them to be able to explore each other AND save her family, so it has to be that way. It’s not overwhelming, and it doesn’t seem out of place. Speaking of their relationship…it’s HOT! The sex is fantastic. I mean Fan-freaking-tastic! I love them together. I also like the background characters. They fit right in, and they move the story along. They’re not just taking up space. Two of them have already had a book devoted to them, and I’m pretty sure that the other two will have their own very soon :-)
    I think I gave away too much, but I wanted you to be able to see just how good this book…and this series is. I suppose it could be read as a stand alone, but you might be a little lost as far as the invasion and kidnapping of women background. I recommend you read them in order, “Kidnapped By A Warrior”, “Fallon’s Capture”, and then “Marrianne’s Abduction”. Definitely pick them up.

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