Mask of Desire by P.L. Harris

Heat Level 3
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SKU 978-1-77339-398-8

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Tash Redman came to Brekin River to start anew. She thought that if she kept her head down and worked hard, she wouldn’t have to face any more of the pain of her past. That all changes when she attends a Halloween costume party and meets Kayden’s electric gaze.

He’s exactly what she should avoid.

Detective Kayden Langford was bewitched by the ruby-red lips of the mysterious beauty he met on Halloween. When tragedy strikes, he is reminded that life is too short not to go after what he wants—and he wants her.

But maybe he’s also what she needs.

A dark past, filled with regret and treachery haunts Tash, but she can’t fight the desire she feels each time her eyes lock with Kayden’s. When she gets the chance to anonymously sample him, she hopes that one masked taste will be enough to satisfy her…but the single-minded detective has other plans.



Kayden stood by the bar in the corner of his study. His hands shook as he poured two glasses of wine. Nervous energy shot through his body. He’d never been nervous around a woman before, but she was different. Kayden didn’t want her to be a one-night stand. Finally, he was ready for more.


He paused at the veranda door, soaking up the serene picture of her silhouetted against the silver moonlight. The wind swirled her long, chestnut-brown curls around her bare shoulders. Kayden’s chest tightened under the weight of her beauty. The moon’s rays caught the shimmering outline of her tattoo. It was beautiful; she was beautiful. He’d never wanted to taste a woman as much as he wanted to taste her, and taste her he would. By the time tonight was over, he’d taste every inch of her delicious body. But it wouldn’t be enough. It would never be enough to satisfy his want. Not wanting an inch of distance between them any longer, he joined her.


Kayden handed her a glass and her smile weakened his knees. “Shall we toast?”


She nodded, holding up her glass.


“To new beginnings,” he said softly.


“New beginnings,” she repeated. They tapped their glasses together and sipped. Her eyes softened as the glass moulded to her plump lips. His balls ached from being so close and not touching her. Kayden’s teeth clenched, evidence of his struggle to maintain control of his physical reaction to her.


She shivered, even though it was a balmy thirty-seven degrees.




“A little, must be the sea breeze,” she said almost in a whisper.


Itching to touch her, he said, “Let’s head inside where we can make ourselves more comfortable.”


She nodded and headed back inside, Kayden palming her lower back. She paused by his mahogany desk and placed her glass down, her slender back teasing Kayden’s senses. Reaching her in three strides, Kayden pushed in behind her, brushing the wisps of hair from her silky neck. He pressed his lips to her right shoulder, where her tattoo began. He wanted to kiss it all the way down her body to its unknown end. His cock grew more painfully hard by the second. He’d wear a permanent imprint of his zipper, if he didn’t release it soon.


She glanced toward the door. “What if someone comes in?”


“Impossible,” he said. “I locked the door.” Eager to know her identity, Kayden reached for the ribbons holding her mask in place.


“No,” she whispered stilling his hands with hers. “It adds to the mystery of the night, don’t you think?”

His hands burned under her delicate touch. Saucy little minx. Two can play at this game.