Mayhem by Jenika Snow

Heat Level 4
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Bleeding Mayhem MC, 2

The Bleeding Mayhem MC, where blood, violence, and being a badass alpha reign supreme. 

Mayhem has always been used to getting what he wants. And when the one woman he wants won’t give him the time of day, he’s bastard enough to use her troubles to his advantage. 

Butters can’t be bought, or she thought she couldn’t. When her brother owes dangerous men money, it seems her only way to help him is to take the twisted offer Mayhem presents. 

Mayhem never said he was a good guy. If Butters wants to help her brother, Mayhem can help, but it’ll come with a price. All she has to do is be his for a week. But the more time he spends with her the more he wants her as more than a piece of ass. He wants her to see she belongs with him, and if that means taking out the men that are causing her and her brother problems, he has no issues bringing out his violent beast. 

Be Warned: forced seduction, spanking, anal sex, rimming, food as sex toys



He stared at her, his face partly hidden by the shadows, but she could feel his gaze on her. “I need you, Butters. I really fucking need you.” He reached down and palmed himself through his jeans, an obscene gesture, but one that had her hotter than fucking hell. “You want me to fuck you? You want my big cock plowing into her, making you mine?”


“Yes,” she surprised herself by saying that one word automatically, instantly. The high and drunkenness she felt were almost too much, almost so intense she didn’t even feel like herself.

Or maybe you really do just want him, want to surrender, submit.

God, I really am pathetic. When she heard the sound of his zipper going down she opened them, not even realizing she’d closed them in the first place. She looked at his face, but of course there was no expression covering it. There was just deep rooted need.

He rubbed himself through his jeans for several long seconds, just watching her, not moving or speaking. But then he reached between his fly and pulled his cock out. She lowered her gaze to the monster he unleashed, the massive erection that was long and thick, and the biggest damn cock she’d ever seen.

The sight of him stroking himself, and running his hand up and down the huge length transfixed her. The tip was bulbous, slightly bigger than his length. The slit was wet with pre-cum, and when he shifted on his feet a swatch of light moved over his shaft, giving her another prime, illuminated shot of it.

But it was the piercings he had that had her more turned on than anything else. Yes, piercings … plural.

He had the crown of his cock pierced, an apadravya right through the bulbous head of his dick. But every time he stroked his hand down the length she caught a glimpse of a frenum piercing, a barbell that went right through the underside of his shaft.

“I want you on your knees, hands behind your back.” His command was rough and left no room for argument.

Butters swallowed,feeling her pulse increase and her pussy become wet again, despite the fact he’d already gotten her off. Her inner muscles clenched for something substantial, for the thickness of his cock, for something that only Mayhem could give her. She knew he’d stretch her so good, so much that it would hurt, but only in the best kind of way. She looked to her left because she could still hear people just around the corner, not sure why she cared if anyone saw them, because in all honesty she didn’t. Just the thought that they could walk around the side of the building and see what they were during aroused her.

“Don’t think, just do as I say.”

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Night Owl Reviews
Written by Mary Jane on 18th Apr 2016

“Mayhem” can be categorized as a light, fun, sexy read that anyone would enjoy reading. It is the second story of the “Bleeding Mayhem, Inc” series and can definitely be read as a standalone, but the author has connected this book to the first book. The main character of the story is the vice president of the Bleeding Mayhem motorcycle club that has set his eyes on beautiful woman. A woman who goes by the name of Butters. She works in a rough environment and attracts the attention of a sexy biker with her bold attitude. Mayhem figures out what he needs to do to finally get Butters to agree to be with him. Butters finds herself in a desperate situation to save herself and her troublesome brother from the mafia. Mayhem will become her knight and shining armor, if you can believe that! Mayhem offers to save her brother. Butters does not feel she has a choice not to accept all the help that Mayhem is offering to get Nate out of some deep trouble. So, Mayhem offers to pay a lot of money to mafia to save Nate in exchange for wild and off the charts sex with Butters for one week. Sounds pretty crazy!!!!! The real excitement starts when Mayhem shows Butters how dominating he can be in the bedroom, on the couch, and against a wall! The descriptions of the intimate moments between Mayhem and Butters had me definitely blushing! Mayhem and Butters end up caring deeply for each other in a short period of time under odd circumstances. It’s also gets exciting when Mayhem meets with the mob to settle the debt with his MC as backup. Of course, someone gets hurt and that leads the president of the club looking for revenge. The story ends with Fury the president taking what he hopes is leverage against the mafia. Will it work? Will he need it? Time will tell? I liked this book for various reasons. It was easy to read for one. I liked the characters. The story seemed to flow for the most part until the end when Fury found his leverage against the mafia. The scenes were described well in that you could really visualize what was going on. Overall it’s believable. The author wrote a good plot that is mostly resolved by the end of the story. I gave this story four and half stars.

Long and Short Reviews
Written by completedreviews on 24th Jan 2016

I absolutely loved this book! As usual, Jenika Snow delivered another sexy and exciting read with the second book in her newest biker romance series. Mayhem is the follow up book to Hard Core, and it was even better than the first one. Jenika Snow is incredibly talented at world building and pulling the reader into her character’s drama. I was intrigued by Mayhem from the beginning, but as this series grows, I become more and more engaged with each of the characters. At first, Mayhem seemed like a hardened biker who unabashedly coerced Butters into sleeping with him to save her brother. Then I realized that he genuinely cared about her and that deep down it scared him, but he was willing to do anything to keep her safe. Even if it meant starting a war. Now Butters was much the same; afraid of her feelings for Mayhem, so she resisted him. She was an okay heroine for the alpha biker because her loyalty was strong. How else could she keep helping such a stupid brother. Just like always, the writing style was excellent. The characters were vividly described and grabbed my interest right away. The author even opening up the way for the next book with Fury, the MC Prez. Now I come to my favorite aspect of the book. The love scenes were even more explicitly described than usual. This book was a red hot read that included some negotiation. I enjoyed reading this book and already look forward to the next book in this great series.

Written by Shannon on 15th Jan 2016

The Bleeding Mayhem MC is a hardcore Alpha group of men where blood and violence rule. VP of the Bleeding Mayhem MC, Mayhem is used to taking what he wants and he wants Butters in his bed and his is willing to go to any lengths to get her there. Butters isn’t about to get involved with Mayhem. When he offers the money to pay off her brother’s debt he owes to some dangerous men, she can’t walk away from his help. Mayhem isn’t a nice guy and if Butters wants his help, it comes with a price. All she has to do is be his for a week and the debt is paid. But what happens when the week is up? Will both Mayhem and Butters be able to walk away from each other? Or will they find a lasting desire? Holy heck! The follow up story in the Bleeding Mayhem MC series, Mayhem is a dramatic, dark and even twisted story that is so fricking hot you’ll be sad to see it end. Intoxicating and intense, Mayhem is a dangerous bad boy filled with dominance and possession when it comes to Butters. A man who lives on the edge, he takes what he wants and it annoys him just as much as it turns him on, to the point of obsession, that a woman would turn him down. Butters puts on a strong front with her sexy bravo and her sassy mouth. But inside, the scars and her vulnerabilities run deep. Between trying to survive and take care of her brother, Butters guards her emotions and her heart. She doesn’t have the time, energy or the desire to get messed up with Mayhem. Butters’ sass and grit will appeal to the reader, just has much as the air of danger and attitude of Mayhem. There is enough sexual tension between the lovers to ignite the imagination and the erotic desire between Mayhem and Butters is raw, intense and charged. The sex scenes have plenty of shock, sizzle and erotic desire to them as well as tender emotion. The consuming and tempting desire and need between the lovers creates an ending that is perfect and sincere. The violence reminds the reader not only the values of the MC but that danger and violence are part of the life these men lead. The men of the Bleeding Mayhem MC are much more than secondary characters these men enhance the bond between the hero and heroine as well as the story.

Written by Saraleelee on 8th Dec 2015

I loved this second book of the Mayhem series! Butters being sorta forced to give into Mayhem's advances. Wowza! Super hot! Oh and the dirty dominant sex was so good. P.s. Love the whipping. Cannot wait for Fury's story! A absolute must read!!

Bigger than life MC
Written by Linda A. Wager on 6th Dec 2015

Mayhem has his eye on a woman that doesn't want him. That only makes him want her more. Butters has too much on her plate to have energy for a biker even if he's the hottest biker she's ever seen. Her brother Nate got himself neck deep in trouble with the wrong people. Butters is scrambling to find a way out when her answer walks in her bar. The very last resort she'd ever want to take is the only one she has. One week of her life to save Nate's. She knows there's no other way but this one. She's just not sure she'll survive it. Mayhem is another incredible story in the Bleeding Mayhem MC series. He's brutal, deadly and a killer if he needs to protect his family, and his family just got bigger. I love Jenika Snow! This series is as real as it gets and each book is another brother's story. Hard, seriously rough and completely devoted to their club. I can't wait for Fury.

Hot over the top alpha biker
Written by J. L. Johnston on 6th Dec 2015

Mayhem always gets what he wants and he wants Butters. The problem is she doesn't want him so he's willing to wait for leverage. Butters only has her brother and he's gotten himself into debt with the mob. Mayhem now has his leverage and is willing to use it to get Butters. Mayhem is a hard core biker who doesn't take no as a answer from anyone. As Mayhem spends time with Butters he begins to realize that she's more than a piece to him. Is this hardcore alpha biker ready for a old-lady or will Butters go back to her life without Mayhem. Jenika Snow does a great job writing hardcore alpha bikers who take what they want. They are super kinky and over the top in the bedroom. There's nothing like a Jenika Snow dirty story. She's great at leaving her readers panties wet and makes you pant for more. There's plenty of action that will leave you reeling and great hot sexy bedroom scenes that will make you crave a Jenika Snow alpha. I'm so looking forward to the next installment of the Bleeding Mayhem MC

5 stars
Written by Amazon Customer on 6th Dec 2015

Your books never disappoint me, my only problem they finish to quick. I'm ready for the next one. Keep them coming

Mayhem and Butter
Written by Melissa Quintanilla on 5th Dec 2015

I am a HUGE Jenika Snow fan. I have not been disappointed with any of her books. That being said, I really loved Mayhem and Butters story. Mayhem wants Butter real bad, but she keeps turning him down. Having issues with her brother, she doesn't have time for that beast of a man. When Butter's brother puts her in a situation, Mayhem has a proposition for her. Will Butter accept Mayhems help? You'll just have to read it to find out!!!

Off the Charts
Written by Rhonda on 4th Dec 2015

Oh wow!!! Another great story. This time it's Mayhem and Butters story and it was off the charts hot!! I knew when I was reading Hardcore that they would have to have a story because of the tension between them. I really hope her brother gets his act cleaned up. Now, bring on the Fury!!!!!! That is going to be a good one!

Holy hotness Batman...
Written by Confessions or a Serial Reader on 4th Dec 2015

When I first read Hardcore, I was automatically intrigued by Butters and Mayhem. I mean...Who wouldn't be? The chemistry, although reluctant was there from the get go. What levels would you go to if someone you loved was in danger? Would you sell your soul to the devil? What would you be willing to give for just a taste? After you have that taste, would you be willing to kill to keep it? There was alot to like about this book. The sex was off the charts hot, a Jenika specialty. The characters were great together and of course, she always throws in that little hook to have you panting for the next installment. All I can say is...BRING ON THE FURY!