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Mending the Bear by Vanessa Devereaux


Product Description

Kalispell Shifters, 13

Ian Mallory thought he’d found his mate when he was young, but now she’s betrayed him in the worst possible way. There’s only one thing for a bear to do and that’s get on his motorcycle and go on the rampage. 

Eve Barclay’s the new vet in town. She loves her new home of Kalispell. Well, that is until a crazy guy wearing a biker jacket with a bear emblem goes flying by sending mud all over her new hairdo. If that’s not bad enough, she slips in the supermarket where he’s thrown salmon all over the floor. 

Ian’s punishment…look after the lady vet. His reward… being seen with a new woman who might just make his mate jealous. 

Eve’s reward…having a sexy guy watching out for her. Eve’s punishment...having a sexy guy around and vowing never to fall for one ever again.



“I will do anything else to make it up to you, but not this. I just can’t do it.”

“You won’t know if you like it till you try it. You just slid your leg over and then we go for a ride.”

“I hate motorbikes.”

“How many have you been on?” Ian asked.


“Then I rest my case.”

She had to do this because she’d so wronged him, but bikes scared the hell out of her.

“Okay, but only for the shortest of rides, and then payment is repaid. Does that sound like a deal?”

“I guess it will have to be. Now get on behind me and hold on tight, because baby, you’re in for the ride of your life.”

“That’s what I’m scared about.”

Ian got on, reeved up the bike, and she slid on behind him, holding onto him like he was going to blow away. A tiny scream escaped from her mouth as he pulled away and soon they were on the main road. The wind whipped through his hair, sending the bear earring swinging at full speed. He reeved again and this time the wind blew into her face, almost taking her breath away. Yikes, they were going to be killed. Helmets, they had to stop and put on helmets.

“Do you have your eyes closed?” he shouted above the noise of the bike and road.

“Yes, how did you know?” she called back.

“I know you pretty well by now.”

He went faster, forcing her hold him tighter. She rested her cheek on the dead center of the bear emblem on the back of his jacket, knowing now why he was so fascinated with those furry creatures. She opened one eye and looked at the wind causing his earring twirl, making it look like the bear was dancing.

“Enjoying yourself yet?” he asked.


“You will.”

He picked up more speed and they went around the corner with her holding on like her life depended on it.

“You said a short ride,” she shouted, now finding it hard to hear a thing as the road noise got louder.

“Short ride to me is at least an hour.”

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Product Reviews

  1. The Romance Reviews 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Jun 2016

    Bear shifter Ian Mallory is on a path of self destruction, one that is grizzly sized. It may take something special to get him back on track. In MENDING THE BEAR, the 13th installment of the Kalispell Shifters series, author Vanessa Deveraux tells Ian's story. When she puts Eve Barclay into the mix, the sparks start to fly. Having not read any of the other books in the series, I was pleased to find that this story can easily be enjoyed as a stand-alone read. Although relatively short in length, it has an abundance of sizzling hot action with even some humor, too. As a paranormal story, this installment serves up plenty of shifter action as Ian tries to get his life back on track. The end result is a topsy turvy tale of excitement. Who knew a grizzly shifter could be so grumpy? - See more at: http://erotic.theromancereviews.com/viewbooksreview.php?bookid=18365#sthash.68YZtx4Z.dpuf

  2. Night Owl Reviews 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Apr 2016

    This was another great book in the Kalispell Shifters series. It was a really good story that the author brought to life.

    I loved Ian and Eve because they were perfect for each other. Ian was hurt and angry and it was easy to see why. He walked right in and caught the female he thought was his mate doing the deed with another shifter. So he threw a tantrum and made a bad impression on the new vet in town....who actually turns out to be his real mate. But Ian was a stubborn bear who didn't see it at first and then he figured out a stupid plan to make his faithless ex jealous by pretending to date the pretty human vet. Naturally their attraction couldn't be denied for long and the friendship turned into a true romance.

    What I liked most about this one was that Eve didn't have a breakdown upon learning that Ian and his friends were really shifters. She took it mostly in stride though there were a few humorous moments. There was an issue though when Eve realized that they might not be on the same page when it came to future plans.

    All in all this was a fast read that I enjoyed greatly. It's important to the series because it hints at some coming changes that begin in the next book which will be Ian's brother Cade and a mysterious newcomer. It promises to be interesting so I can't wait.

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