Mirror Image Seduction by Tamsin Baker and Khloe Wren

Heat Level 3
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Feline Shifters of Down Under, 1

Dylan and Ryan are cheetah shapeshifter twins. They never expected to be the first of their siblings to find their mate. So they weren’t looking when they scented her at their local pub, but they knew instantly that Lacey was destined to be theirs. Unfortunately, she’s a reporter chasing the story behind a mysterious rescue of a young boy by ‘big spotty cats’. 

Lacey is a debut journalist working her first big story. Getting to the bottom of this ‘wild cats in the Grampians’ story could be the big break she’s been waiting for. The story leads her to a set of gorgeous twins that make her heart race. Their electric chemistry pulls her in, and by the time she learns they're shapeshifters and the cats responsible for the rescue, she’s torn on how to report it. 

But her story isn’t the only thing she has to worry about. Lacey’s ex isn’t ready to let her go, and when he sees her with her new men, he takes drastic measures to get her back.

Be Warned: menage sex (MFM), anal sex, double penetration


“Ry, what’s wrong with her? Why’s she laughing like a maniac?”


Ryan frowned as he watched Lacey. Her face had paled as she’d continued to laugh in a slightly hysterical manner.


“I don’t think she believes us.”


“She must feel the connection between us. Maybe we should kiss her?”


Ryan frowned as he considered his twin’s suggestion. Why not? It couldn’t do any harm, and her meltdown was breaking his heart. Ryan never wanted to see his mate like this ever again.


“Okay, c’mon then. I hate seeing her this upset.”


“Only a woman would manage to laugh and cry at the same time...”


Ignoring Dylan’s last remark, Ryan moved to approach her from the right, while Dylan moved in from the left. As gently as he could, Ryan cupped her face in his palms. She made an adorable squeaking sound in surprise as her eyes flew open. They were a little unfocused, and her breathing was heavy as she finally stopped laughing. Using his thumbs, he wiped the tears from her cheeks.


“We’re speaking the truth, Lacey. Please believe us.”


He tilted her head up to him as he lowered his lips toward hers. Relief washed through him when she didn’t pull from his grip as he got close enough to see the flecks of green in her hazel irises. His gaze roamed over her face, taking in her high cheekbones and perfectly sculpted eyebrows. She had a light layer of makeup on her skin, and when he was this close he could see a few freckles beneath it. He heard the hitch in her breath over the sound of his blood pounding in his ears a moment before his mouth finally connected with hers.


Ryan groaned as sparks of awareness tingled across every inch of his flesh. If there had been any doubt she was his, it just evaporated. His cheetah wanted to purr in delight. Lacey opened her mouth beneath his on a moan, and he took the invitation and danced his tongue with hers.


He actually did purr when he felt her hands smooth up the front of his shirt until she wound her arms around his neck. When her fingers dove into his hair, Ryan got serious and tilted his head to deepen the kiss. He could do this forever. He’d never get enough of Lacey’s sweet taste.


Ryan felt Dylan move up against Lacey’s back and unfortunately wasn’t surprised when she tensed as her large, soft breasts pressed into him by his twin’s weight. On a shocked gasp she tore free from his mouth and moved her hands back to his chest where she shoved him. Hard.


“What the hell are you two doing to me? I can’t … I can’t do this.”


An ache started in Ryan’s chest, and with a grimace he stepped away from his mate, her flushed red face making him feel like a bastard.


“I was trying to help you. We don’t like seeing you upset, beautiful.”


“What? So you thought you could kiss it better? Like I’m a five year old with a skinned knee?”


Ryan winced at her rather apt description, but before he could speak, Dylan jumped in.


“Hell yeah, we thought we’d kiss it better. It’s got nothing to do with how old you are, and I didn’t get my turn. Ryan, we need to remember she needs a kiss from both of us in the future, or it doesn’t work right. She’s still upset.”


With a sigh, Ryan watched Lacey narrow her eyes at his twin. Dylan’s humor took some getting used to, and clearly, now was not the time to start getting Lacey accustomed to it.


“Dylan, cut the jokes. Now is not the time.”


“Who’s joking? I didn’t get a kiss. You got one. Totally unfair.”


Lacey was rubbing her face in her hands now as she made a whining noise.


“I can’t date two men at once! It’s insane. And I’m not mating anyone. So you both can get over that idea right now.”


“Oh, baby, we’re gonna love proving you wrong.”



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The Romance Reviews
Written by Merissa on 18th Oct 2016

MIRROR IMAGE SEDUCTION is about a reporter and a set of mirror image twins, who also happen to be cheetah shifters. The story starts with a four-year-old boy who has gone missing. Whilst the lion shifters talk about what needs to be done, Dylan and Ryan get the job done first, and deal with the consequences later! Lacey gets involved when the little boy, Cameron, won't change his story from being rescued by two cheetahs. She goes to find out the truth and definitely gets more than she bargained for. This is extremely well-written, without any visible "join-lines" between the two authors. There are no editing or grammatical errors that I noticed to disrupt the reading flow, and it all moved along steadily before building up to the ending. This was not a rushed story. Instead, although it went against their instincts, Dylan and Ryan gave Lacey time to get used to the idea, and to get to know them. She is a perfect match for them, and the twins obviously are already matched to each other anyway. If I had one grumble, it would be that I didn't get enough of Ryan. Yes, I loved Dylan, but Ryan just stole the show slightly for me. So for him to be the one unsure of Lacey's feelings, and for him to be best man, made me pout a little! Other than that - which, let's face it, is just me being awkward! - I loved this story, with the conclusion to this part of the story whilst getting an introduction to the next. All I can say is if you like shifter romances, you will love this one. Highly recommended by me.

Hot Twins and a Sexy Journalist
Written by Mezmerising on 16th Sep 2016

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. I loved this book. Two cheetahs in Australia living their lives and waiting patiently for their mate to fall into their lives. And the journalist chasing a story about a rescue and getting more than she was looking for. The chemistry is immediate and intense and I couldn't help falling for these hot twins fast and hard just like our heroine. I did encounter a couple of déjà vu moments in the book, but overall absolutely adored it.

Wren’s and Baker’s first co-written book together didn’t disappoint
Written by ConfessionsFR on 16th Sep 2016

Wren’s and Baker’s first co-written book together didn’t disappoint. There always a few things going I always look out for having been a reader/reviewer for so many years now. It takes a lot for me to be satisfied to the extent I’m now. I have read many stories of the same genre or similar nature but this first book is something special and I look forward to future releases from this duo. Mirror Image Seduction had a lot going for it for me even before I started reading it. Set in my home state and written by two local authors that I have had the pleasure to read in the past and enjoy . Already it was ticking a lot of boxes me content wise despite not knowing the prose or how these two authors would mesh together. Immediately when I dove in and got a feel for the story I could see where the authors were basing their imagination on and I loved it . Set near the beautiful Gampains, the open zoo was clever idea of explaining the shifters living area. Dylan and Ryan were likeable from the first go, the typical alpha shifter but they had heart. It was easy to fall in love with them for the get go , willing to risk everything for the greater good . Even though it go them into the trouble, it showed us what kind of stuff they were made of . It was only time they were snapped up and it obvious fate was going to come calling soon. Even if meant risking things again. Enter Lacey, the reporter who has come to find out about the miracle that happened and instead finds herself intrigued a totally different story. The twins who set her heart racing and make her think of other things. It could have been straight forward from there, but I loved how the authors took their sweet time , making sure that everything was good in the relationship and giving us some twist and turns to make sure that we could believe in their happily ever after I loved the authors made the boys earning the trust of Lacey and allowing her to have own arc that only added to the richness of the story as these boys may have heart but when it comes to their mate . It is a different story obviously. Shifters may be something I always revert to when I want a change up. But there something special when you got a well written book like this. With co –written books I always hope for a seamless book that flows together well unable to define who is writing which parts of the book or character. I like not to favour one over the other , knowing the amount of work gone into this book and that writing a book involving more then two leads is always going to be interesting especially when they are shifters

Mirror Image Seduction
Written by Tracie R on 16th Sep 2016

Mirror Image Seduction is the first book in the Feline Shifters of Down Under series a collaboration between two fabulous authors Khloe Wren and Tamsin Baker. I really enjoyed Mirror Image Seduction, the story was well paced, with a good balance between romance, storyline and character development. Dylan, Ryan & Lacey were a great trio, I look forward to seeing where these authors take their characters and what happens when it’s Scarlett turn to meet her mates.

Awesome start to a new little series!
Written by Rhonda on 16th Sep 2016

I love shifter stories so when I saw this one, I had to get it. Dylan and Ryan are cheetah shifters and are mirror image twins. The minute they spot Lacey, they know she is their mate but it's going to take some time to make her theirs. She has a crazy ex stalking her. When their brother Max reveals what they really are, he gets punished by their father by staying in his cheetah form. Poor Max! I felt so bad for him so I'm hoping his story is next. The story is quick and hot and I just fell in love with this whole family. Their mom and dad are wonderful! Loved the story and can't wait for the next one to come out!!!

Loved it. :)
Written by CelticWolf9 on 16th Sep 2016

A new pair of authors for me and anew series I am looking forward to enjoying, I hope. :) This is about a Cheetah Shifter family, with this book about the Twins Ryan and Dylan. The youngest of a rather large brood. :) Lacey is a young woman, working as a reporter and living with a best mate, while she enjoys her freedom from a possessive Ex. She learns of a young child rescued by big cats and sees this as a story to get her noticed. It’s when she asks questions that she learns about the pair and they too about her. When the pair scent her, it’s all on. Both knowing she is their mate, despite thoughts of will they share? It’s fun how they develop into their triad, with some fun and excitement. The Ex also makes an appearance, stalking her at the start before it gets nasty. Her big cats rescue her. There is humour through out and it is needed to lighten some of the tension created. I loved the twins family, finding it funny that the cause of Lacey’s minor early faint, gets to find his own mate!! :) That will be a fun read!! Thanks for a lovely quick read (for me) and I look forward to more on this family. I was lucky to be gifted a copy for an open and honest review. Grab it if you lover all Shifters, you will enjoy.

Fantastic start to a series! Can't wait for more!!
Written by Casie L on 16th Sep 2016

My Thoughts - 5 out of 5 Unicorns - I loved it!!! ***Received a copy of the ebook for an honest review The cover awesome especially with the beautiful cheetah on the cover! This is the first book in the series and my first time reading a book by either of these authors, and I love it! It is for adults only due to the steamy content. It is about 180 pages long. Something you may want to know is that this is a ménage world with 2 men and woman to complete the trio. The men are not together; they are just both mated to the same woman. I am not sure if this is for every trio, but it is for this book. I started reading this book last night, and I couldn’t stop reading it until I was done which was at 3 or 4 in the morning. I really loved all the characters that were introduced except Lacey’s ex who is a jerk and needs to be pummeled. This is a new world that I think is unique especially being set in Australia which I find awesome! There was plenty going on that I wanted to know what happened next which is why I went to bed late. I connected with Lacey, and I loved how Ryan and Dylan worked so well together. I love their senses of humor and personalities too. Their family is definitely awesome too, and it will be interesting to see what comes next in the series for them. I definitely like this duo of authors and will be checking out more of their work in the future! I highly recommend this book to all my shifter friends who are okay with a trio of mates.

Shifter Romance
Written by catja on 8th Sep 2016

I totally love this story, it's really well written between the two authors, I totally love the characters, Dylan and Ryan are a perfect match of characters and Lacey rounds them out. I don't what else to put without putting in spoilers.