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Mistaken Identity by Shyla Colt


Product Description

Identity Series, 1

Live action role playing has never been so sexy!

After losing his high school sweetheart, sitcom star Jett Walker struggles with deep depression. Exhausted from feigning happiness for convention goers, he escapes to a dive bar. An unexpected encounter leads him to his salvation in the form of Kansas Collins. A curvaceous beauty with lips that beg to be kissed and a body made for loving. Smitten, he allows the assumption that he’s a larper to stand.

Scarred by the tug-of-war her dysfunctional parents place her in, relationships are a four-letter word to Kansas. Then a charming southern man sweeps her off her feet, and he delivers sex that transcends a simple exchange of pleasure. Her mind screams soul mate, but when his lies surface their fairy tale goes south. Uncertain of what’s real or a ruse, Kansas is torn.

Can Jett convince her it’s a once in a lifetime love?



Kansas woke, horny and revved up. She rubbed her thighs together and gasped at the swirl of sensation that wound its way through her pussy.  She trailed her hand down her neck, skimmed the perky nipples of her breast and moaned. They were sensitive to the touch and enlarged. Exploring the changes taking place in her body, she gave an experimental squeeze of her breast.

“Oh!” Her hips shot off the bed. Her core grew slick, and her clit swelled.  In need of immediate relief she moved her hand down to her lips and caressed a line down her sodden slit.  For a heart beat she forgot to breathe. Vivid bursts of pleasure hit like a kaleidoscope of color. She brought her other hand down to part her lips, dipped her thumb inside her heated entrance and caressed her nub.


She rocked her hips, coasted on the river of sexual tension building up inside her.

“Mmhm.”  Jett’s husky moan made her feel naughty. He lay just a few feet away, capable of waking up any moment.  I should give him a reason to. A rush of power filled her as she spread her legs wider, and pumped a finger inside as she continued to rub.

“Oh God, yes.” Her walls quivered.  She planted her feet on the bed for more leverage, added a second finger, and thrust faster. With her eyes clenched shut she pretended it was Jett’s cock. Long, thick, and buried as deep as it would go.

“Umm.” She whimpered.  Her heart slammed against her ribcage, and she swore she was about to hyperventilate.  A ball of energy formed inside her pussy, expanding with every lusty, stroke, she delivered.

“Ah-Ah.” Her body vibrated.

“Kansas, you okay?” The raspy, sleep-worn, voice cinched the deal. Her muscles clenched, clasped her fingers in a stranglehold.

“Jett!”  A waterway of feminine juices coated her fingers and thighs. Spent, she collapsed back on the bed, chest heaving.

The bed dipped, and a shadow hovered above her. Sensing the burning flame of Jett’s gaze she opened her eyes.

“Looks like you started the party without me, Sas.”

“I-I couldn’t wait.”

“So you warmed up that luscious pussy of yours for me? How thoughtful.”  Sheets rustled. His tongue flickered out to caress her lips. “Spread your legs wide and hold onto the headboard.”

“W-what?” The commanding tone was new, and sexy as fuck.

“You had your fun. Now it’s my turn.”

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  1. Absolutely love this read! 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th May 2013

    Loved this book and the characters, definitely a must read!

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