Murmur by Olivia R. Burton

Heat Level 3
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SKU 978-1-77339-432-9

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A Preternatural PNW Novel, 4 

It’s just like Finn to turn a romantic trip into a hostage situation.

Veruca had intended to enjoy a fun weekend full of bawdy banter and spontaneous sex with her hot boyfriend. Now she’s racing to track down a bunch of housewives, stop them from sacrificing her man, and make nice with a demon.

Finn knows something’s up, even though the women who nabbed him, stripped him, and tied him to a tree don’t seem to be all that bad. There’s nothing wrong with being naked and surrounded by ladies, not where Finn’s concerned. Still, the masks, robes, and secret forest rendezvous seem a little suspicious.

It’ll work out in the end, he tells himself. Veruca will save the day just like she always does. And maybe, if he’s lucky, the sight of him bound and bare will give her some sexy ideas about how they can celebrate his rescue.

Be Warned: bondage



Instead of circling the bed to bind his other wrist, Veruca climbed onto the mattress, straddling his belly and leaning toward his wrist. This put her spectacular and ample bosom right in his face, and he found himself biting his lips to keep from leaning in and nuzzling the pillowy softness offered. She wouldn’t have minded, he reasoned, but he was rather liking the fact that she was in charge. Holding back from indulging himself, letting her have the chance to order him first to do so, only heightened the titillation.

So fixated on the movement of her breasts in his face, he barely even noticed when she finished tying him up. Suddenly she was sliding back, pressing herself against his erection and making him moan, before she got to her feet at the end of the bed.

“Now that you’re sure to be a good boy and stay put, I’m gonna get ready for you, clean myself up a bit. I’m very dirty, you see.”

“I see,” he murmured, still fuzzy from the softness of her sliding against his hardened manhood.

She disrobed as she moved toward the bathroom, leaving him alone and wanting, watching her hips as she moved. Leaving the door to the bathroom open, she twisted the shower on, finished shedding her clothing, and then turned back to give him a small smile before reaching up to pull the pins out of her hair. Just watching her was a treat, admiring the way her form looked across the space between them, feeling the bit of her soul melting his heart.

When she stepped under the spray and sighed, Finn moaned again, helpless against the feelings she stirred in him. It wasn’t all arousal with Veruca, though, at the moment, that was paramount above all others. Love heated him, made him burn for her in a way he’d never felt before. Prior to stumbling on her perfection, he’d been with a great many partners, had enjoyed a lot of sex with a lot of different personalities and body types. But Veruca, beauty aside, made him yearn.

She turned to face him, catching his eye as she tilted her head back to let the water douse her head, and he let her hold his gaze, even as her hands lifted from her sides to caress her belly, move delicately up between her pert breasts, and rub the steamy water across her shoulders and down her front. His attention wanted to shift, but she kept her eyes on his, making sure his focus stuck where she wanted it. There was a little torture in that, but it only made Finn want her more, only seemed to make the throbbing at his core more intense.

When she finally did come to him and let him inside her, he was sure he’d be undone in moments.