My Life to Take by Magali A. Fréchette

Heat Level 4
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A Demon's Love, 2

Everything Celina thought she knew was a lie. 

Her husband’s murder, her family’s religion…nothing was what it seemed. The avenging blood on her hands is barely dry, but she’ll do whatever it takes to save this unshakable proof of their love. Even swallow her terror to fulfill the bargain that was sealed on a bed of lies.

But there’s little time for tender reconciliation. Demons are being murdered, their mutilated bodies marked with cryptic threats only Celina can decipher. When visions of the massacres plague her at every turn, Kai sends her back to the human world in the care of the demon she fears most.

Secured in Shiriki’s high rise, she must uncover her own shrouded history. The key to saving the dark realm lies in her past, but an angel with a diabolical mind may lead to their destruction.

Be Warned: anal sex, and a demon with two cocks.



She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer. “I’m fine.”

“And how are you feeling about us?” he asked quietly.

She took a deep breath. “We have a lot to work on for the next while, but we’ll do it together.”

“We will certainly do many things together,” he said with a lewd grin.

In less than a second, he stood naked, his muscles rippling in the low lighting of the room. She ran her hands against his hard chest, her pulse racing as she stared at his pale skin.


The word resonated inside her mind as she felt him invade her thoughts. He growled as he pressed her body against his, kissing along her neck as she closed her eyes. He felt so good, and he was hers as much as she belonged to him.

“Your body, soul, and life are mine.” His tone darkened. “And although I never had a soul of my own, though my life is endless, you have all of me.”

Before she could respond, he took her mouth, thrusting his tongue inside. She moaned as he cupped her breasts, her nipples hardening under his touch. When he tugged at the hard peaks, their lips parted, and she let out a harsh breath.

“I want you.” The words left her in a whisper, a plea from the need pulsing through her.

He lifted her in his arms and carried her to their bed, sitting her on its edge. Despite his gentleness, an animalistic expression flashed across his face as he stared. He crouched in front of her and glided his hand along her thigh.

Heat filled her, burning so hot she was sure she’d combust. Licking her lips, she parted her legs. Her throbbing increased when his gaze traveled to her sex. He stared with such carnal desire, she was sure she’d orgasm.

“You are so beautiful … and no one else will ever touch you.” He kissed her inner thigh and trailed his tongue across her skin, nipping along the way as she gasped.

Letting herself fall onto the bed, her chest heaved as her stomach fluttered. He licked her swollen lips, and she trembled under the pleasure of his touch. He flicked her clit, and she whimpered. “Please.”

His muffled groans against her wetness had her trembling, and she writhed as he sucked hard on her pink flesh. She grabbed hold of his hands holding her hips, digging her fingernails into his flesh, crying out.

“Your screams are as delicious as you are, dove.”

Running her fingers through his hair, she tugged, so he’d look at her. He growled at being denied, his gaze darting to her sex as he licked his lips.

She panted. “I want you.”

He stood. Feathers flew around him, black as night. Within seconds, the feathers falling around him dissipated into smoke, leaving Kai in his true form. Her demon.

The horns on his head held the same red arcane symbols, glowing brightly. He folded his black wings as he took a step closer, the darkness behind his red irises sending a shiver down her spine. Her chest heaved as she crawled farther onto the bed and reached her hand out to him. She wished she had the words to tell him how much she loved him, but showing him would be better.

He chuckled as he got onto the bed, even kneeling he towered over her like a looming shadow waiting to pounce. “You do not need to use words. I can feel it radiating off you as easily as I smell your lust.”

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A must for paranormal fans!
Written by Wendy A. Vogel on 26th Sep 2018

As always, Ms. Frechette's dark romance delivers. This sequel follows Celina and Kai as they prepare for the birth of their son in the demon realm. Celina must overcome her bitter jealousy and insecurity at being the only half-human in the world of demons who despise her. Shiriki menaces her at every turn, and when a new enemy leaves hoards of demons massacred in the human world, nowhere is safe for Celina and her unborn son. The sex is steamy and the plot twisty in this must-read installment. Nothing is what you think where demons rule and angels scheme.

Happily Never After?
Written by Never1701 on 24th Sep 2018

Celina and Kai have settled into the dark dimension, (Hell to the layman,) to await the birth of the first child. She has come to except her unique heritage and the fact that her dead husband, Thomas, is the demon she sold her soul to for vengeance over Thomas’s murder. Even the truth that she is half-demon. Life seems beautiful until they realize Kai’s realm is being threatened and his subjects murdered. Soon it becomes clear that enemies aplenty lurk on all sides and that’s assuming Celina’s pregnancy doesn’t kill her first. Giving birth to a demon prince is no picnic. Great read from beginning to end, with several plot twists that will keep the reader guessing. Who are the real enemy, the lumen? The Venatores? A demon from Kai’s realm? An Angel or Kai himself? Is the diabolical Shiriki concocting yet another web of seduction and betrayal? I couldn’t get enough of the author’s unique vision, creative world building and rapid pace. Celina proves an interesting heroine with a strong backbone that challenges her husband and anyone else that stands in her way to protect her family and learn the secrets of her strange origins. Shiriki continues to be a character that inspires curiosity and contempt. He is delightfully evil, yet there is always a sense that something contradictory lies beneath his sadistic veneer. In many ways, he is the most interesting character in the series. It is clear he has plans for Celina and Kai from the outset, but what peril will he eventually throw them into? Whatever you think you know about this series will likely get turned on its head. This book’s primary strength is that everything gets turned upside down and shaken before being spilled limp and bleeding on the ground and at the center of it is a seemingly doomed love between a woman and a demon that continues to confound the fates by continuing. A must read for lovers of paranormal romance that dips a little on the naughty side.