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No Stranger to Danger by Kerri M. Patterson


Product Description

Bound by Honor, 2

What would you do to keep the one you love safe? Leave them? Kill for them? Give your life?

Logan Cahil, once a CIA operative, has gone rogue after his handler John Conyers screwed him over in Brazil. When Logan steals an important piece to Conyers's master plan, Logan quickly finds himself at the other man's mercy—and if he doesn’t comply with Conyers, the ex-handler has threatened the life of a woman from Logan's past.

Mara's life fell apart once before, and she picked up the pieces and moved on—or so she told people. She'd built a new life for herself since Logan, but now another man has swooped in to destroy her world. At the end of a depressing day, Mara heads to her kitchen for beer and chips—but what she finds there is the beginning of what will rock her passive world to its core.



Logan growled and brought his clenched fists to his forehead in a moment of utter frustration. He stopped in his little path, hearing the shower turn on above. The thought of Mara slipping from her clothing heated his blood, had it thumping in his veins like a primal drum.

Telling himself to forget her was not working the way he wanted it to—and there was only one reasonable action that could purge her from his blood, from his thoughts.

Logan cursed himself under his breath.

He took the stairs two at a time and threw the door to the bedroom open, taking long strides to the bathroom.

Mara whirled on him from the shower, freezing beside the high marble tub, her back to the matching shower with glass door—but she didn't say anything.

She didn’t tell him to go.

Didn’t try to stop him.

Her eyes said it all as they fell down the length of his body, coming back up to lock with his.

She wanted him, too.

Her breasts lifted on a hard breath against the white towel wrapped around her, and her dark hair fell loosely around her shoulders, dry, as though she hadn't gotten in the water yet. His eyes scorched a path up her bare legs where the towel parted at her thigh, too short to cover all of her and the towel too thin to keep her taut nipples from pressing outward against the covering.

The slender curve of her hip, the flat of her belly, the rise of her breasts: his undoing. He watched those breasts as they lifted and fell, tried to search his memory for what they looked like, but it had been too long. Too long for many things—especially too long since he had been with a woman.

His cock stirred at the utterly provocative sight of her, and Logan took a step forward, a small one. His fists clenched at the thought of her having been with another man since him. He had no right to those thoughts, he knew that—but that didn’t halt the feelings coursing through him.

"Mara," he started, quietly. But what the hell was he supposed to say? After all he had put her through, if he was anything decent, he would turn away from the bedroom and lock her inside—alone.

Logan clenched his fists again, not in anger, but to keep himself from reaching out for her.

Mara noticed, her gaze falling to his hands at his sides.

She shook her head at him. "The man who left me because he couldn’t fit me into his world looks like he can't live without me now. What is it you want, Logan?"

What did he want? The primal man inside him demanded he claim her. His woman, whether a piece of paper said she was his wife or not.

Logan came closer and took her pert chin in his hand, drawing her closer to him. "You have no idea what you do to me, Mara. What you’ve always done to me." His eyes were on her mouth, that damn perfect mouth that always had provoked him so. "You're a part of me that never left. There were some days when I was alone in one godforsaken desert or another where there was nothing else with me but you. I kept that picture with me because it was the last thing I owned that reminded me I was capable of feeling, that I wasn’t just a government-paid assassin. That there are people out there besides the President and Congress who need me to do what I do for reasons other than self-advancement, whether they know it or not." Mara's chin quivered under his fingers. "I don’t do what I do for glory, and I never have. I do it so I know you sleep safely."

Mara came up on her toes then, sweeping his hand from her face and threw her arms around his neck. She kissed him, hard at first, but her passion fell from rough to tender and her lips moved against his softly.

Logan fell into her and kissed her back, wrapped his arms around her and breathed her in with every gasp of air, pulled her into him, and God help him, but if he didn’t stop now he didn’t know if he would be able to.

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Product Reviews

  1. Great addition...hotter than Perfect Stranger 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Dec 2014

    What a great addition to the series. I waited what seemed like forever for this one. Although I liked Jericho from Perfect Stranger, Logan was WAY freakin hotter! The sex in this book is also a lot...um...hotter too. I loved the way the story picked up from the last and I can't wait to see what happens in the next book. I really hope MacKall will get his story next because it seemed like it would be him.

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