Nyght's Eve by Laurie Roma

Heat Level 4
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The Breakers' Bad Boys, 2

Daryk “Dare” Nyght is a man on the edge. As a trauma surgeon in the Army, he has seen his share of combat, but his high-risk lifestyle has left him burnt out and in desperate need of some peace. A man without a home, Dare heads to the small town of Breakers to get some rest and spend some time with a few friends, but what he finds there is more than he ever expected... 

Evelyn Beaumont is a woman who seems to have it all. Evie has grace, beauty and wealth, but she hides from painful memories by burying herself in her work at the rescue center she runs. When these two lost souls come together in a clash of wills, the sparks between them are undeniable. Will passion be enough or can they find a way to open their hearts for a chance at true love? 



Stalling, Dare bent down and picked up a stick. Pulling back his arm, he let it fly and watched as all four dogs gave chase. “First, I want to say I’m usually not such an idiot around women. I think it’s just you.”

“Lucky me.”

He shot a look at her. “Why don’t we write it off as my stupid moment of the day and forget about it?”

Evie paused, considering. “Do you have many of those?”

“What, stupid moments? I’m male, so that would be yes. I think we have a quota each day or we just don’t feel right.”


He heaved out a sigh. “You...disturb me.”

That had her stopping in her tracks. Offended to her core, she glared at him with her hands on her hips. “Excuse me?”

“See, even the way you glare at me. That shouldn’t turn me on.”

“It...I...” She lost her ability to speak. Did he really just—

“Damn it, Evie,” he said as he took a step closer. “I shouldn’t have missed seeing your face today.”

Her mouth opened, then closed as she struggled to form a response. She took a step back, then another. “No. You said—”

“I know what I said.”

“Then we should probably just avoid each other from now on while you’re here.”

Dare took another step forward, closing the distance between them again as he slowly shook his head. “I’ve tried that. It doesn’t seem to be working.”

“Well, try harder,” she snapped. She started to take another step back, but stopped when she realized he had her retreating.

He burst out laughing. “Damn, woman. You sure do know how to stomp on a man’s ego.”

“That’s not all I’m gonna stomp on.”

Still chuckling, he wrapped an arm around her waist and jerked her to him, making her gasp. “Why don’t we try this instead?”

Dare’s mouth came down on hers, hot and hard. A low moan tore from Evie’s throat at the pleasure of feeling him against her. She knew she should protest, push him away or something, but her hands simply grabbed onto his shirt, needing something to anchor her as he took her under, into a sea of sensation.

Evie gasped again when he pulled her closer so she felt the steel hard spike of his erection again her stomach. It seemed to burn her through their clothes, and made her ache for more. He took advantage when her lips parted and pushed his tongue deep, stroking and tasting. Not to be outdone, she gave up fighting and met his desire with her own. She took the kiss deeper, tilting her head to the side, fitting them together like two pieces of a puzzle.

She lost herself in the kiss, taking and giving in equal measure. His other hand delved into her hair, tugging her head back and the small sting made her shiver. Time seemed to stop while they were locked together. Her hands slid under his shirt of their own volition. Feeling the hard contours of the muscles on his back made her knees go weak and another moan of pleasure broke free. She wanted to touch all of him, to stroke her hands over his hard body until he was as mad for her as she was for him.

This was passion.

This was wild, lust-driven need.

This was...insane.

Gasping, she pulled back. Sweet Jesus, what was she doing? Here she was, making out with Dare out in the open where anyone could see, and she didn’t even like the man...did she?

Dare’s grip on her tightened, holding her firmly in place when she tried to move away from him. “Hey, princess? You think you can tell your boys to stand down?”


Evie blinked in confusion. God, his kiss had practically fried her brain. Shaking herself to focus, she quickly realized that all four of her dogs were issuing low, menacing growls. Looking down she saw they were all fixated on Dare, waiting for her command to attack.

“No, babies. It’s okay. Dare is a...friend.”

“You wanna try to say that a little more convincing? I’d like to keep all my body parts where they are,” he said wryly.

She repeated her words, resting her head on his shoulder and smiled at the dogs so they would understand she wasn’t being hurt. Three of the dogs relaxed, their tails wagging as they sniffed at Dare’s shoes, but Gawain still seemed to eye him suspiciously. “Smile,” she ordered, keeping her voice soft and calm.

Dare glanced down and tried to smile, although he was pretty sure it came out more like a grimace. A few seconds ago, he’d been damn close to dragging Evie down onto the grass with him. From the moment he’d touched her everything else had simply disappeared. She’s felt so right in his arms, and the taste of her was even better than he had imagined. Then he’d felt that itch on the back of his neck right before he’d heard the growls.

It had been a mistake to kiss her like this, without planning or preparation, but he just couldn’t help himself. And now he’d had a taste of her he wanted more. So much more. It would have been better if he’d walked away before he’d touched her, because now he wasn’t going to be able to.

He was a damned man now.

Fate sealed.


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Sizzling Hot Books
Written by Robin on 13th Dec 2014

It seems like I waited a long time for the second book in Laurie Roma’s The Breakers’ Bad Boys series. I absolutely loved the first book, Hammer’s Fall, so expectations were high. Fortunately for me, Ms. Roma delivered another fantastic book about a tortured soul and the woman who helps rescue him. Daryk (Dare) Nyght was a trauma surgeon and a soldier. But after seeing and experiencing some horrific events during combat, he was burnt out and barely holding on. He comes to the small town of Breakers to visit his friend and try to regroup. He is hoping for some peace from his torment but is given so much more when he meets Evie Beaumont, his friend’s cousin. Evie runs a boarding house for recovering vets as well as an animal rescue sanctuary. She has poured her heart and soul into the sanctuary and doesn’t believe that she will ever meet a man who can accept her passion. Then Dare shows up and the sparks begin flying immediately. But relationships are always hard work and these two have a few problems that they need to work through if they are going to create something everlasting. My favorite part of this story was the characters. Both Eve and Dare were multi-level fascinating people who kept my interest throughout the story. Eve was so thoughtful and caring. She has dedicated her life to helping others which won over my heart. Dare had gone through so much as a soldier and his battle with PTSD just about broke my heart. I so wanted him to find some peace in his soul and when it became apparent that Eve was the key to finding that peace, I couldn’t wait for both of them to realize they were meant to be together. Each one was a remarkable person on their own, but together they would become a force to be reckoned with. Ms. Roma created a realistic story that brought forth so many emotions for me. I loved the give and take between Eve and Dare because it lent such authenticity to their relationship. They made mistakes but learned from them just like we all do making them more human than fictional. Their personalities were further enhanced by the relationships they had with friends and family which just added more layers to these already wonderful characters. There is a lot of drama in this book but I didn’t find it over the top. It all made sense based upon who Eve and Dare are and what they do. Ms. Roma was so good at ratcheting up the drama and then bringing the reader back down. I found myself getting teary eyed several times throughout the book. I always appreciate it when an author is able to pull laughter and even tears from me because it means that the author has been able to cross that invisible fourth wall and completely pull me into their imaginary world. There are so many secondary characters which live in the Breakers that Ms. Roma has plenty of options for future stories. I can’t wait to see whose story is next because I have no doubt that any addition to this series will be a great one

The Romance Studio (TRS)
Written by Shannon on 20th Nov 2014

Daryk “Dare” Nyght goes to the town of Breakers to connect with a few of his friends and to try and find some rest and peace after his years as a trauma surgeon in the Army, as well as the high-risk missions that have left him uptight and on edge. What he found was so much more in the arms of Evie Beaumont. Running her rescue center is labor of love for Evie but it also keeps her busy enough to hide for the painful memories of her parent’s death. To the outside world it might look like she has it all but that is far from the truth. Right from their very first meeting sparks fly and it’s a clash that is both passionate and entertaining between Evie and Dare. But can these two lost souls find it in themselves to open their hearts and grab ahold of the chance of forever or are they destined to walk alone. In Nyghts Eve, gifted author Laurie Roma’s follow up story to the captivating Hammers Fall she continues to deliver a story brimming over with heart and soul, almost like an old friend that you can curl up on the couch with and read time after time enjoying it just as much as you did the first time you read it. Dare and Evie are two characters that seem to really leap from the pages, the twists and turns their relationship takes along with the depth of emotion and the sexual tension really takes this story out of the ordinary and makes it totally unforgettable. I really enjoyed these two lost and battered souls finding their happily ever after in each other’s arms. The author moves the story along smoothly, with just the right amount of insight and compassion giving the reader a better understanding of Dare and Evie’s characters and how events in their pasts have affected them. Readers of the series will enjoy reconnecting with the Breaker’s Bad Boys and their women. The town of Breakers is a remarkable place where the people take care of it and each other with a sense of heart and pride. Ms. Roma quick wit along with her sense of honor and her sensual and passionate flair keep the story flourishing until the very end. I can’t wait to see what’s next for the men and women of Breakers.

Written by Ang Reads on 28th Sep 2014

like the first book, I couldn't put it down!! love this series hard, Amazing characters, Amazing sex, Amazing story I enjoyed. Easy no drama perfect lazy weekend read!!

must read
Written by Nea on 28th Sep 2014

If you have not read any of Laurie Romas Books you are missing out she writes about strong women who over came hard times and Falk for men who live life and fight for what's right You have to pick up her books they are All Must reads I have them all and I can't wait for MORE MORE MORE keep up the good work I will always buy what ever you put out but I especially love This series More Please don't miss out on a book that makes you laugh love and tinkle in all the right spots Well DONE again.xoxox much love to you keep up the good work

Emotional. Hot
Written by Kindle Customer on 21st Sep 2014

I really love this series. I just couldn't put the book down. Dare was sex on a stick, hot alpha, troubled yumminess. Eve was excellent at handling all of that explosive alpha attitude that is Dare. I love that the book centers around a rescue center for abused dogs. I have to admit I teared up over those scenes. The sex scene burnt the pages! I can't wait to see who is in the next book. I hope, eventually, Shane gets his own book. He deserves it!

okay but not as good as the first one
Written by michelle on 18th Sep 2014

Sadly I must said didnt like this so much, to much going on but I will buy the next one in the series , got so mad about what happen .won't give away the story but omg

sweet and just great
Written by bautista on 18th Sep 2014

Loved the story - awesome to see a HEA without such drama but nice love story- can't wait for next book

Good read
Written by Nicole on 18th Sep 2014

Enjoyed this story a lot. Love this whole group of people in the series. Can't wait for the next. Worth the time and money to read.

Great book
Written by D. Fuller on 18th Sep 2014

Loved this 2nd book in the series. Dare and Eve are a great couple and their story has all the emotions that you could want. I really liked how Ms. Roma gave reference to some characters from her IAD series (which was wonderful and I can't wait for more books from that series). I always enjoy reading Laurie's books. She does not let you down and pens some great stories.

5 stars
Written by Tina Mueller on 18th Sep 2014

Such a good book. Could not put it down. A must read! Laurie Roma is AWESOME Author!!!

excellent read
Written by Teresa on 18th Sep 2014

I absolutely adored this book. Loved the characters and the build up to their relationship especially, and the delicious dynamics at work between them all.

Five Stars
Written by Tina Mueller on 17th Sep 2014

Such a good book. Could not put it down. A must read! Laurie Roma is AWESOME Author!!!

Get ready to LOVE Nyght.,
Written by CJMD on 17th Sep 2014

This is the second book to this series and it was way better than the first book. Even though I loved Hammer, Nyght stole my heart. This book has everything you could want in a story. Passion - Laughter - Love - Hope - Pain - Tragedy - Ok lets not forget the "HOLY HECK" Hotness that is Nyght. As I have read many reviews on Amazon I know that some will tell you about some of the misspelled words but we will just ignore them and enjoy Night and Eve's story. I am really hoping that Dante's story is next. Once again Ms. Roma creates a story that pulls you in and makes you smile.

Absolute Perfection!
Written by Jennifer c on 16th Sep 2014

Laurie Roma has done it again! The latest addition to the BBB series will leave you craving for more and eager in anticipation for the next book from her. Nyght's Eve is a wonderful addition to the series with a troubled bad boy, a woman strong and tough enough to handle anything thrown at her, and a whole lot of sparks flying when the two get together.

Nyght's Eve.....Wonderfully Awesome Loved it!!!!
Written by Dina Flores on 16th Sep 2014

Holy Hotness I loved it!!! Evie was introduced in the first book Hammer's Fall she is Hammer's cousin. Evie is smart, beautiful , sassy with a heart of gold. Daryk "Dare" Nyght is a trauma surgeon and one of Hammer's best friends. Hammer talks Dare into coming to Breaker's for some much needed rest and relaxation. Evie and Dare's eyes met.......and well let the journey begin. I loved this story it was heart warming, sweet, steamy hot. I laughed, I cried, then laughed some more then one scene had me yelling at my kindle (good thing I work alone *wink*). I was also very happy to see the whole gang again. This was a beautiful journey of two people finding their heart's desire each other.....*happy sigh*. I have read all of this authors works and have not been disappointed. I know I have posted this in several of my reviews but it is the truth Laurie Roma you ROCK!!! Thank you and I can't wait for the next release whether it is BBB, 3013, IAD or the Arcadians.