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Only His by Jenika Snow


Product Description

There's only one man Gillian's loved, and it's the man that used to be married to her mother. The years have gone by, and her relationship with David is closer than ever. But what she wants from him she knows she can never have.

David stopped Gillian from getting assaulted seven years ago. After that his feelings for her changed into something dangerous. He loves her, would do anything for her, even if that means following her and making sure she's safe.

He isn't ashamed in what he does, because it's all in the name of love. But when another man takes an interest in Gillian, David knows he can't stand by and let that happen. But when Gillian finds out David's all but stalking her, can he stand the thought that she may want nothing more to do with him? Will the betrayal be too much for her?

Be Warned: anal sex


She speared her hands in his hair, tugged at the strands, and made these small noises in the back of her throat. He swallowed the sounds, needing more, and wanting her to surrender every part of herself to him. This was what he’d wanted from the moment he realized he couldn’t let her be with anyone else, that he wanted her as his own. It had been so fucking hard staying back, keeping his feelings in check, but right now none of that mattered.

He took a step back, planning on taking her to the bedroom, because he couldn’t stop this, couldn’t stop what he wanted. And what he wanted was her under him, submitting in every way imaginable.

“I don’t want you to let me go,” she whispered.

He froze, looked down at her, and saw her eyes still closed, her mouth slightly parted. He moved his thumb along her bottom lip, pulled the soft, slightly damp flesh down, and watched it move back into place when he let go. She was so fucking beautiful, so pliant for him, giving, and not letting her inhibitions control her. Whatever happened when this was all over was still a mystery, but right now he could show her how precious she was to him, that he’d do anything for her, even kill without a second thought.

“No way in fucking hell would I ever let you go, Gillian.”

She opened her eyes and looked at him, the vulnerability right there at the surface. He cupped her cheek in his hand, tilting her head back an inch more. “You’re mine. You’ve always been mine.”

Her breath hitched a bit, and he leaned down and took her mouth in a kiss again.

She felt good in his arms, really fucking good, in fact, and he knew he wouldn’t be able to let her go.

I can’t walk away from this again. I can’t hide what I want from her. Everything needs to be out in the open.

But as he thought that, he heard her moans, her increased breathing, and all he could think about was making her feel good.

 Once he had claimed her, fucked her and let her know she was his, David wasn’t going to stop making her see she was his.

But will she want you when you tell her everything? Will she want you when you reveal your dark secrets?

After several seconds she broke the kiss and looked up at him. Her lips were swollen, red, and wet from their kissing. She didn’t speak for several moments, but he didn’t push her into saying anything she wasn’t ready to.

Finally she exhaled and spoke. “There is a part of me that feels like what we’re doing is wrong, like it’ll all get ruined.” She looked at his lips, and he couldn’t hold back the groan.

He could relate to what she felt. Hell, that was the reason he hadn’t even confessed what he wanted with her. “Is this what you want?” He stroked her cheek with his thumb.

She nodded.

“Does it scare you?”

She nodded again.

“And you feel good being up against me?”

She closed her eyes, licked her lips, and whispered, “Yes.”

“Then doesn’t that mean it’s real, that it’s right?”

She opened her eyes again, reached up, and touched his chest, right over his heart. “Yes.”

Don’t think about anything else but right now.

He pushed any thoughts out of his head that didn’t focus on this moment, of the woman he loved in front of him. He didn’t stop himself from kissing her again. “How can this be so wrong when it feels so damn good, baby?” he groaned the words against her mouth. “The only thing that matters is us and what we want. No one and nothing else matters.”

“I know, but it’s still scary, David.”

“I know, baby.” He smiled, an act he’d only ever done for her. She was the only person that could make him feel other things aside from the rage, jealousy, and violent energy that consumed him.

He slipped his hand behind her head and gripped the base of her skull. “This can be so damn easy, Gillian.” His mouth was close to hers, but he didn’t lean in that last inch and kiss her.

She stared at him for a second, and he wondered if she’d stop this, common sense that he’d once been her stepfather, making her realize this wasn’t “right”. But as the seconds ticked by, he realized this couldn’t be stopped, not by either of them.

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Product Reviews

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  1. What can I say about this book and its author 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Jul 2016

    I can always get a good book from this author. The story of what I perceived as pain from David in his love was thicker than blood. He loved her for a long time. I think deep down he wanted her to have a life and grow especially after what happened in college.

    He had changed everything in his life to always personally know how she is doing and that she is safe. I can see where some sour attitude person might think its stalking or psychotic....

    But when the time came he showed her nothing but love and caring and was gentle.....but everything he gave her was hard and deserving...grin.

    I recommend this book and have reread it several times

  2. Coffee Time Romance 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Jun 2016

    Loving David, a man who used to be married to her mother once upon a time, might seem wrong to some but it feels so right. He is the only one she can count on. Their bond is solid, and yet she can’t quite open her heart and tell David of her love.

    Seven years ago, David stopped Gillian from being assaulted. After that his feelings and his desperate need to protect her from harm has intensified. He loves her, she is everything to him, and it doesn’t matter what lengths he must good to in his desire to make sure she is safe.

    When Gillian catches the interest of another man, David isn’t about to sit idle and let Gillian go. When Gillian finds out that David has been stalking her, watching her every move in the name of love, will she be able to understand his motives? Or will it drive her right out of his life, forever?

    In Only His, author Jenika Snow crafts a fierce and dark tale, filled with sexual tension, desire and extreme emotions; and finally one where obsession and possession take center stage between the innocent Gillian and her over-the-top Alpha stalker, David. Right from the beginning of the story the drama and danger building between Gillian and David keep the story moving forward at a rapid pace with enough quite a few interesting twists that kindles the imagination and fuel the flames of excitement and trepidation.

    David knows it’s wrong and that it just might end any kind of a relationship with Gillian but he can’t stop, watching her, stalking her; he is driven by his need to make sure that she is safe and protected. The smoldering attraction between David and Gillian as well as their burning love builds throughout the story until their passion ignites, almost as if the reader can feel the flames as well as the hunger through the pages. Brooding and enigmatic David is a rough around the edges, dangerous alpha male, some readers might think his personality is a little extreme, but I really loved his dominated personality and thought Ms. Snow nailed his character perfectly. Gillian is a gentle and determined heroine who shows flashes of vulnerability and longing with her life as well as her love for her ex-stepfather, David. When these two lonely souls take a chance on confessing their love the passion between them is smoking hot.

    Some readers might find the relationship taboo between David and Gillian, but let me reassure you, the relationship between David and Gillian’s mothers was presented as almost a blip on the screen, her mother is no longer in her life and both David and Gillian are adults when their romantic relationship begins.

  3. The TBR Pile 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th May 2016

    Orgasmic! Only His is an intense book that should definitely be read by anyone looking for a sexy story and I highly recommend it!


  4. Dark, gritty and HOT! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Apr 2016

    This stand alone was a dark erotic read. Jenika seems to excel in writing these type of books and I have loved every one of them. David is obsessed with Gillian to the point where he is stalking her. She doesn't know it but he does it to keep her safe after saving her from being raped years ago. Little does he know that she is in love with him but afraid to let him know because he used to be married to her mother. When he saves her again, the finally admit to each other their feelings and then the pages get really hot!! I loved this story and I love how Jenika always puts in a small excerpt at the last to let us know what is going on with the couple months or years later.

  5. Dark but not totally taboo. 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Apr 2016

    Are you into the dark side of love? Then Only His is for you!

    David and Gillian have been in love with each other for 7 torturous years. Torturous? Yes. Because neither of them know the others feelings are mutual.

    After a traumatic event has David coming to Gillians rescue a dark beast within David is triggered. He becomes obsessed with Gillians safety. To the point of stalking her almost every move. When a turn of events shows Gillian who she is actually in love with, will it crush her dreams?

    This is my confession: I, personally, wouldnt call this book 'taboo'. Dark, yes. Taboo? Not really. Yes, David was briefly married to Gillians mom years ago, but the backstory is VERY vague. This does not read like your typical 'Step' romance.

  6. Loved the hero 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Apr 2016

    I love possessive, jealous, protective and faithful alpha heroes and David certainly was. Also to go without smex for so long because he was so in love with her made me love him even more. Sigh. In addition the smex scenes were hot.

    Their were a few things that I wish were different. The heroine was afraid for years and in the present of being raped. Something happens that makes that more likely and even with the HFN ending I believe thT is a fear that she will always have and that is sad. Also the epilogue was one very long smex scene. Not what I want. I like it when the epilogue is a few pages not another long chapter .

  7. Outstanding 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Apr 2016

    Taboo? ....some will think so
    Fantastic. ........Absolutely!!!!!!!
    Loved this.....hot, hot, hot

  8. Oh so hot.... 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Apr 2016

    David was once Gillian's "step-father", although they never had that father/daughter relationship. One night Gillian was in a situation and called David to help her. David saved Gillian and his feelings had totally changed for her that day. I guess I should mention, he is now divorced from Gillian's mother. He is obsessed with the one he doesn't feel he will ever have. Gillian feelings for David has grown over the years. She doesn't know if she is wrong for the way she is feeling for him. After a altercation, he has to tell her how he feels, but he left his obsession out. Will Gillain be able to accept what David has done for years? I'm a HUGE Jenika fan and as always, I love this book. I really love David and Gillian together and wish I had more. I would love to see their relationship grow and see them with a family.

  9. Over The Top Alpha 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Apr 2016

    There's nothing like a over the top posseive forbidden romance. Gillian is in love with her ex-stepfather but she doesn't want to rock the boat of their friendship. Little does she know he secretly stalks her and gets crazy jealous when other men touch her. David is one strong sexy crazy man who is madly in love with Gillian but doesn't want to ruin their friendship. These two have been dancing around their feelings for years and when things finally come to a head the passion is off the charts hot. Jenika Snow writes a quick hot steamy taboo story that will leave you breathless for more. If you like dark posseive alpha men then this book will be right up your alley. I loved every minute of the torture of waiting for these two to admit their feelings and once they did it was off the charts hot. Jenika Snow is a must read author for me

  10. Alpha Hotness At Its Best! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Apr 2016

    WOW! Well where to begin! David .... Oh my ..what a man.... a total over the top alpha male who is sinfully delicious in every way. Gillian a beauty who was once his step daughter ..... the story is filled with passion, alpha hotness and sizzling chemistry. I know some may find this a taboo theme but I personally did not. I loved every moment of the simmering chemistry between these two souls and how their love for one another heated throughout the story until it boiled over and exploded into one deliciously sexy must read. Yet again Jenika has delivered an alpha male that is guaranteed to get your pulse racing and heart skipping a beat. Although some may find David to be a total over the top alpha male especially as he shows possession boarding on obsession he is that OTT I personally loved him to pieces and thought that Jenika wrote his character and emotions to perfection. I cannot wait to see her write more males like this in the future. A great read! Happy Reading!

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