Own Her by Jenika Snow

Heat Level 4
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Warriors of Hades, 3

Mekenna was born a slave to her human slave mother. With an owner that is also her father, she is looked down upon due to her bi-species genetics. But Mekenna keeps her strength, not letting her abuse or servitude control or shape who she is. 

Hades brothers Vicktor, Savastian, and Fillip come from a species known for their brutal and violent nature. They fight to survive, and are victorious in all they challenge. They are warriors in nature and bloodline, and always will be, but now it’s time for them to find a female to share. 

When they find Mekenna they know she is the one that will be theirs. Her life has been one of degradation, but the brothers will show her that to them she their Queen, and anyone or anything that threatens her in any way will have to answer to the monsters they truly are. 

Be Warned: menage sex (MFMM), anal sex, bondage, triple penetration




He was tense at first, and she feared she had overstepped her bounds, but when she was about to pull back he gripped the back of her hair. Viktor growled low in his throat and tightened his hand in the strands, keeping her right where he wanted her.

The flavor of his tongue as he moved it along her lips, coaxing, asking her to open for him, slammed into Mekenna’s body with so much force she braced her hands on the glass behind her. Viktor took one more step forward, pressing his chest to hers, and causing her to move completely back on the glass now. He took control of the kiss she had started, licking at her lips, pressing between the seam of her mouth, and making these deep animalistic sounds. The vibrations went straight to her pussy, speared the bundle of nerves deep inside and at the top of her mound, and had her gasping for air.

He pulled back only long enough to look at her and growl out, “You’re ours now, Mekenna. I will say it again, and again, until you understand that we own you as much as you own us. You will never be abused, never mistreated or forced. You are here of your own free will.”

She nodded even though he didn’t phrase it like a question, and even though technically he had not asked her what she wanted after he took her from her former Master. But it didn’t matter because she realized as soon as she saw these males that she wanted them. It was a realization in her body, in her very soul that spoke of something more than the life she led. “I do want this, want all of you.”

And gods help her but did she mean every word she spoke.

He took her mouth again, licked and sucked, and the vibrations that came from his chest had these tremors moving through her body. These involuntary noises left her, ones of need and comfort, of gratitude and arousal. All of these sensations and emotions filled her, threatening to take her down because they were a sensory overload. But she wanted that, needed it even.

They kissed for what seemed like long, drugging minutes, and the more she was pressed up against his hardness, felt the strength that came from him, and felt his hard, thick and long erection press into her belly, the more she wanted to give herself to them. She didn’t know where the brothers were, but she had them on her mind, picturing herself in this relationship with three powerful males where she was theirs and they were hers. It was not unusual for a male or female to have more than one life partner, and that was what Viktor was saying he wanted with her and his brothers.

Viktor pulled away, breathed heavily against her mouth, and she felt her lips swollen and wet from the kiss. He had possessed her with that one kiss, taken control in a very primal way, and she knew that when she finally gave herself to them it would be explosive and change the very course of where her life was heading.

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Night Owl Reviews
Written by Chris on 26th Mar 2015

God help me, all I could think of was any children would be green. The Warriors of Hades are red-skinned and Mekenna is blue-skinned. See my logic? So, Mekenna is the result of a human mother and alien father (hence the blue skin) and her life has been misery since the day she was born. But she’s strong inside where it counts and a real trooper, who still has the ability to care for others. When she finds herself being valiantly rescued by a huge Hades warrior, she’s open to what is to come. Of the three stories, this heroine is the most equipped to deal with the three brothers that a mating entails with this species. She knows about the planet, the history and the dangers. And she is better suited biologically to inhabit Hades. It’s all good, right? The one thing that Vicktor, Savastian, and Fillip want and need is a mate and now they have her. With her brutal background the focus of the story is on winning her over via kindness and sexual satisfaction. They succeed with time, patience and ultimately love. A very steamy read that I recommend.

Great Author
Written by Pam patterson "wpatterson10" on 11th Feb 2015

Another great story to add to a great series. I buy just about anything from this author. Love her books. She doesn't disappoint. Sit back and enjoy.

Own Her (Warriors of Hades Book 3).....Awesome!!!
Written by Dina Flores on 6th Feb 2015

Another winner by the amazing Jenika Snow. This was a short, smokin hot, fast read. Love how these Warriors are total bad asses but with their mate they are just the opposite. Loving, protective, tender and sweet. Of course the epilogue was perfect. Looking forward to reading more about these yummy alpha warriors in their quest to finding their one and only

Own Her (Warriors of Hades Book 3) An AWesome Book In A Great Series;)
Written by Kimmerz on 6th Feb 2015

Another great story from an excellent author. The warriors show their tender side to Mekenna (the heroine) who has only known misery in her life because she was born a slave. The epilogue was perfect; the character really pull you into their story. I would Highly Recommend any book by this author. This story was short and sweet can barely wait for the next book in the series.

Another hit!
Written by Rhonda on 5th Feb 2015

I love this series and it just gets better with each book. Jenika is always an automatic buy for me because she can't write a bad book as far as I'm concerned!!!

I love Jenika Snow as an author her books are an auto buy for me.
Written by Kindle Customer on 5th Feb 2015

This was a very well written book with great pace and flow . You truly cared about the heroine. The sexy parts were very hot just like I love them to be. For such alpha aggressive males they were amazingly tender and patient with their lady.

Loved it
Written by A M Kavanagh on 5th Feb 2015

I love the Warriors of Hades Series! Smoken Hot, fun, fast, reads. McKenna's story was interesting, I liked that she was only half human. Her mates, awesome! The epilogue as always with this series ended the book nicely. Hope to see more warriors of Hades

3 Hot Devils and a Blue Girl.
Written by Porchia Gilbreath on 5th Feb 2015

This is the third book in the series and they just get better and better. The characters pull you in and take you on a roller coaster ride. I highly recommend this story. Could not put it down. Wonderful read, just the right balance of bad boy and sweet mates.

The Heat is On!!
Written by Lauri Heanue on 5th Feb 2015

I really enjoy the futurist romances and introductions to "new" races. To this end I have to admit that the Hades men just keep getting better! I've enjoyed each group, and especially loved the epilogue that shows the joy that Mekenna is blessed to enjoy. Excellent book written by an excellent author.