Paddled by the Teacher by Ravenna Tate

Heat Level 4
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The Spanking Experiments, 1

Chelsea Anderson has entertained fantasies of being spanked and paddled all her adult life. But until she found an ad on a BDSM site, seeking participants for a survey on impact play, she had given up hope of fulfilling those fantasies in real life. Intimate relationships haven’t worked out for Chelsea. She feels like a freak because of her secret desires, and because of her poor body image, she doesn’t believe herself lovable. 

Slade Taylor, the Dom at Sensations who introduces her to impact play during one erotic night at the club, is everything she’s ever dreamed of. Handsome, charming, and in control. Slade also has been unlucky in love, but would a man like him be interested in anything beyond this experiment with her? Is it possible Chelsea has finally found the man of her dreams?

Be Warned: BDSM, spanking, flogging, paddling, sex toys



He kisses me, tongue and all, and I’m lost in the dizzying sensation of strong arms enfolding me while that magical mouth works over mine. His dick is rock hard again, and I move my hips against it, rocking them forward and backward, until I’m so damn wet the juices trickle down my thighs.

“Chelsea…” His whisper sends shivers down my spine. That incredible mouth moves to my neck, where he plants tiny bites up and down my jawline. I want to fuck him so badly I taste it.

“Where do you want to be for this? The cross again? One of the benches?” He grasps my breasts and dips his head, licking the nipples with long, slow strokes. “I can’t wait to see these clamped.”

“Wherever you want me.” Thinking is impossible. Breathing is difficult. Speaking is a chore.

“Come with me.” He takes my hand and leads me toward a bowed leather bench. I’ve been intrigued with this one since spying it when I first came into the room. “This might be too intense for you since you’ll be restrained and completely open to me.”

“I’ll be all right. Thank you for asking.”

The expression on his face is tender. “Your care is my concern.”

I like this. A lot. “Is it really this easy?”

Confusion fills his eyes. “Is what really this easy?”

“Being a submissive.”

“Everyone’s dynamic is different. If you were my sub, we’d work new things in over time, once you were ready. But of course, that would depend on what you enjoyed, and what didn’t do it for you.”

“What about you? What does it for you?”

Every time he grins, I want to get on my knees and beg him to fuck me. Hard. “I’ve already told you my two favorite things, Chelsea, and we’ve done them both. The rest is icing on the cake.”

After he assists me into a comfortable position on the bench, and both my wrists and ankles are restrained with soft leather, I understand what he meant about this being intense. It’s that, plus it puts me into a vulnerable position. My arms and legs are spread wide, and my hips are arched upward slightly. The bench itself can be raised or lowered, lending all sorts of decadent possibilities to what he will do with me and to me.

He makes a show out of circling me on the bench, that sexy grin on his face. When he pulls gently on his cock, I yell in frustration. “Please…

“What do you want, Chelsea? Tell me.” The movement of his hand up and down his shaft grows faster. Tiny beads of pre-cum are visible at the tip. I lick my lips. “Tell me in detail what you want me to do to you, or I will stand here and beat off in front of you.”

“Oh!” This isn’t just teasing. The truth is in his eyes.

“I told you. I mean what I say, and I say what I mean.”

Speak now, fool! “Flog my nipples. With a softer flogger, please. Hit them. With … with your hands, and with a soft toy. Put clamps on them. Flog my pussy. Paddle my pussy.”

A huge, wicked grin slowly spreads over his face as I confess my secret desires. “What else? You’re not done. There’s more in your eyes.”

Shit. I have to say it. There’s no way around this. He senses it, and will make me tell him, or this will stop. “Fuck me,” I whisper, as huge tears spill over my lashes. “Fuck me, Slade. I want … I want your dick inside my pussy.”

Satisfaction and lust fill his eyes. “Finally. I’ve been waiting to hear that since the second you walked in here.”

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Night Owl Reviews
Written by Sandiebuck on 28th Oct 2017

Lynn Burke writes some of the hottest BDSM romance and she continues with that in "Third Wheel". It doesn’t hurt that it’s usually located in good old Boston (I’m a Bostonian myself). "Third Wheel" is rather on the mild side in the kink department, but it’s no less hot. In fact, I had to stop several times just to fan myself and take a cold drink. It’s that good! This is a new series called Elite Escorts. It’s named Third Wheel because our hero, Reid Sullivan, is an escort whose specialty is being the third in a threesome. But he gets a special request one night for a date. Jessica Lindy is a single mother. She has been raising her 18 month old daughter all on her own since she helped put her ex in jail. A friend arranges a date with Reid for some relief, but things don’t go as planned. Now Reid wants to become the third wheel in Jessica’s family. But Jessica is leery of men. "Third Wheel" is a wonderfully written book. My only complaint is that I would have liked to see a little more one on one time between the main characters. Maybe less “goggie”, but that’s a personal preference from a blogger who thinks books are becoming too “Babycentric”

Coffee Time Reviews
Written by Delane on 4th Sep 2017

Chelsea has spent her life being put down because she is not society’s idea of beauty. She is unfulfilled because of disappointing men and an inability to ask for what she really wants. That will all change in one night. Slade has spent his adult life disappointed by women who fail to understand his job and want to change him. One night with Chelsea makes him want to try again, but has him running scared. Can one night change two people completely? Chelsea and Slade are about to learn you can get what you want if only you ask for what you need. Will they run scared, or stand and fight? I loved both characters in the story. Both were individuals the reader can see living in their world and suffering silently like a lot of people do. Demanding, much less asking, for what one wants is difficult and Paddled by the Teacher shows if one could gather the courage they could have all their dreams come true. The story is as hot for the spankings as it is for the bond that is built which refuses to be broken. I recommend Paddled by the Teach and the writing of Ms. Tate.

Equisite Reviews
Written by Karla on 10th Aug 2017

I truly enjoyed reading this book and the characters were likeable.I could relate to Chelsea in terms of being insecure in relationships in the past due to my weight. I know that many times it's all superficial but it's hard to get past them. Slade was so HOT and undertanding in a such a real way... He was able to be vulnerable to a complete stranger in sucj an authentic way... I fell in love with Slade and he has become my new fictional boyfriend...

The TBR Pile
Written by Bella on 4th Jul 2017

Chelsea has always wanted to be spanked and paddled. Too bad she’s self-conscious and lonely. She soon finds herself in the hands of Slade who’s a dom at Sensations. He takes Chelsea under his control. Together, can they find their happy ending? Chelsea is a curvy woman and is extremely self-conscious. She is so beautiful and it’s heartbreaking to see all the emotions she’s feeling about her size. I think every woman’s been there and it’s sweet the interest that Slade takes in her. Slade himself is a sexy dom that seriously has my mouth watering. He is patient and sweet and did I mention sexy? It doesn’t hurt to mention that again. So. Damn. Sexy. The BDSM element is another thing I love about this book. It’s super sexy but not enough to make me back out in concern. I like their romance and look forward the other books in this series. ​ Paddled by The Teachers is a highly recommended read.

Totally Spankalicious!
Written by Knotty Girl Reviews on 22nd Jun 2017

This is a new series starter by Ravenna and boy is it hot! A group of doms at a BDSM club, Sensation, decide to do a study. The study is about impact play, and in this first book titled Paddled by Teacher, a young woman named Chelsea is participating in the study. She’s a size sixteen and she has poor self image. Her Dom is Slade, (mmmmm Slaaade) and because he’s so muscular and good looking, Chelsea wants to back out, but Slade makes her stay and he shows her what her real worth is. This was an incredible book for me, I loved how Slade made Chelsea see that she was a beautiful woman for who she was both inside and out, and how much he wanted her. Ravenna has a way with writing that makes you want more and more, she’s just so addictive!

A Fun and Erotic Paddling
Written by Liz Castillo on 17th Jun 2017

Receiving a paddling has never this erotic. Chelsea knew what she was getting into theoretically, but standing in front of Slade has her questioning her resolve. She's doesn't believe a man like him could ever find her attractive let alone want to teach her the ins and outs of impact pay. Slade was immediately taken with Chelsea and quickly realized she didn't think very highly of herself, a trait he didn't approve of. Slade is man that speaks his mind and doesn't mince words. If Chelsea allows him, he'll teach her pleasures she only ever dreamed about and convenience her just has beautiful she is. However, as the night progresses their connection because something more than teacher and student. Can they continue to explore their undeniable attraction after this night, or will that just be one night and nothing more? Holy Smokes Batman, Ravenna brings us another tantalizing read in Paddled By The Teacher. I couldn't, nor did I want to, put it down. I connected with Chelsea right from the start, understanding the fantasies she's always had and finally being able to do something about it. Although her self esteem is low, she doesn't let that stop her. Slade is everything you would want in a hero. Sure he's tall, dark, and handsome but he's also more than what you see. His past made him see people not by their outward appearances but their inside, their hearts. So when he stated how taken he is with Chelsea you can believe he's telling the truth with his whole heart and soul. And because of this how can you not swoon for him? Paddled By The Teacher is a provocative, spellbinding read that will have the reader riveted to each page. The passion is intense and profound. The banter witty and enticing. The story line alluring and exciting. Therefore if you are looking for a quick, sultry read that will leave you craving for more, then I highly recommend Paddled By The Teacher.

Awesome start of a new series
Written by Rhonda on 14th Jun 2017

This is the first book in a new series by Ravenna Tate and I must say, I loved it. Told from Chelsea's point of view, she agrees to Spanking Experiments from Slade, who co-owns the BDSM club "Sensations" with 2 other men. (we get their stories later on in the series). Chelsea doesn't believe she is a loveable person because of her kinky desires and agrees to let Slade spank her. What follows is discovery on both characters parts. There were a few times I wanted to smack Slade but as a reader, you understand why he is that way. I will be eagerly waiting for the next book as the names of the men are intriguing to me!!! Well done Ms. Tate, well done!

I love that the author kept her leading lady int this ...
Written by merlyn0121 on 14th Jun 2017

In this book we meet Chelsea Anderson, and Slade Taylor. I found myself already starting to reread this book. I find I can related to Chelsea in so many ways. I love that the author kept her leading lady int this book so approachable and realistic to the everyday person. I made it much easier for me to feel what the character was going through. I love that The male lead Slade took the time to see behind the façade and into the heart of the character. It makes me want to see what comes next in this series. This series could definitely turn in to a favorite quickly.

The Spanking Experiments, Book 1. Ravenna Tate at her very best. Riveting erotic read!
Written by Pam Stanton on 11th Jun 2017

Ravenna Tate has another winning novel on her hands! Paddled by the Teacher is the first book in The Spanking Experiments, a new series and an entirely new writing style for Ms. Tate. It is a beautiful, emotional story that grabbed me from the very first minute I started reading it. I deeply identified with the heroine immediately after I met her. From that moment on, I was hooked. This story is told entirely from the heroine's point of view. A novel in the first-person narrative is rare, but Ms. Tate proves her mastery of her craft once again because this not only works; it works very well. Chelsea Anderson is young woman with a business degree, working for an ad agency. Her life is lonely. She has extreme self-esteem issues, isn't confident about anything but her job, is shy and withdrawn. But she reads about an experiment being conducted by a local BDSM club, and she's intrigued. She's always fantasized about BDSM, what it would be like to be in the lifestyle, although she's never believed it could happen to her. She thoroughly checks out both the club and the experiment, fills out a TON of paperwork, does a boatload of research and watching of videos, and she's finally on her way to actually set foot inside her first BDSM club. She's nervous, scared, unsure. She's done all her research. She knows the rules, everything she's been able to learn about the lifestyle. But why is she doing this? It's only going to end like every other experience with romance, dating, or sex...a dismal and utter failure. But this is her dream, her fantasy. She's wanted this her entire adult life. Doesn't she owe it to herself to at least make the trip, find out the details? Slade Taylor is a Dominant, co-owner of the BDSM club conducting the spanking experiments. The whole experience, a study if you will, isn't just a come-on designed to take advantage of innocent, inexperienced women who have fantasized about being submissives. It's truly an experiment being conducted by him and his partners, Dakar Garcia and Asa Baker, to learn from the submissives involved in the experiment. They want to make their club the best there is, and to do that, they need input from submissives new to the BDSM scene. Slade is Dominant to the very core of his being, as are his partners. All three club owners feel the experiments will give them the knowledge they need to be better Doms and to make their club's experiences better for all their members. The screening process is rigorous. Not just any submissive is accepted. Chelsea doesn't understand at all why they accepted her of all people! In addition to all the paperwork required, they have full face and body photos of her. How can they even be interested in her as a submissive? Don't they want model-perfect, beautiful, thin, gorgeous women? She's hardly that! When Chelsea and Slade meet, Chelsea's first impulse is to run, as fast and as far as she can. She's so outclassed here. Slade is gorgeous, perfect. Well, at least he appears so at first glance. There seems to be an immediate attraction between the two but how can that even be possible? It must be Chelsea's overactive imagination, right? She just wants to experience the BDSM lifestyle so badly, she's projecting feelings and emotions that can't possibly be real. That's all it is . None of this can be real. She really should just say "thank you" and leave. How can she waste this gorgeous man's time with her silly schoolgirl fantasies? From this point forward, I was treated to an emotional journey I've rarely experienced. As I previously said, I identify very strongly with Chelsea. Her failings, self-esteem issues, nearly every facet of her personality could be me. But it's not just Chelsea and her experiences that pulled me into this story. Slade is a real, totally believable man. His perfection, in Chelsea's eyes at least, isn't at all that it appears to be. The events of the experiment, the interactions between Chelsea and Slade, the feelings, emotions, history and background of each character, are all so intensely and beautifully written that you can't help but feel the anticipation, despair, happiness, hopelessness, utter joy, desire, disbelief, and ultimate acceptance of reality. This isn't just a game for either Chelsea or Slade. This is Chelsea's ultimate dream and fantasy. She is a submissive but has never known how to express it. Dominance is Slade's deepest need. He's Dominant to his very core. He not only wants his club to succeed but he has a deep-seated need to know and understand submissives in every way possible. As this is the first in a new series of books by Ms. Tate, I am eagerly anticipating the next in the series which will be available later this month. All I can say is Ravenna Tate is one of the very best out there when it comes to writing erotica. She has written sci-fi, small town life, and thriller romance/erotica novels. With Paddled by the Teacher, she has changed her writing persona once again, this time giving us a very up close and personal view into the lives of two very real people, damaged by their pasts and hopeful for their dreams, futures, and the possibilities. It's another huge success for Ms. Tate! One final note. This is a very ADULT book. It contains strong language and explicit sexual scenes. If you don't enjoy erotic romance with these elements, think hard before buying this or any other book you know you won't enjoy. There's always a synopsis on any bookseller's website, as well as reviews on Goodreads and the websites of all booksellers who sell the book. PLEASE use these resources so you're sure the book you're buying is what you want to read. DON'T BUY ANY BOOK AND LEAVE A NEGATIVE REVIEW WHEN YOU KNOW YOU WON'T ENJOY THE BOOK. IT'S NOT FAIR TO THE AUTHOR! She works extremely hard to provide her readers with a quality work product. If you know before you buy any book that you'll object to its subject matter, you're doing yourself and the author an extreme disservice. But Paddled by the Teacher is one of Ravenna Tate's very best works. It's an absolutely riveting book that I couldn't put down, and I give it my highest recommendation without reservation! Thanks for reading my review and happy reading!