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Kelly Yeakle

Kelly was raised by loving grandparents in a small house across the street from a dairy farm.  As a child she spent a lot of time daydreaming or playing pretend.  She was always in good spirits and surrounded by friends.

  As a teenager, Kelly began writing poetry and used it as a way to document the things she was going through in her life.  Her senior year in high school she had a poem published as part of a compilation book she regrets she never purchased.

 When asked what her favorite subject was in school, Kelly will tell you English class.  Though she wasn’t fond of researching and writing lengthy reports, she loved getting the chance to put together short stories and fiction pieces.

 It wasn’t until her late twenties that she began taking her writing seriously.  Through a friend she met online, she was introduced to a website where she could post her work and receive votes and comment on it from strangers.  After obtaining a nice amount of good feedback on her posts, she was determined to complete a story and get it published, and she did!

 Kelly is not only a writer, but also a wife and mother of three.  When she’s not working at the Hallmark store she helps manage or putting her fingers to work on the keyboard, you might find her dancing around the house, singing karaoke online, or spending quality time doing silly things with her children.