Passionate Companions by Cat Blaine

Heat Level 3
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Sully Handover’s a pure-blooded vampire reluctantly groomed to be a courtesan to humans. He’s spent a lifetime believing humans are lesser beings, but when he’s chosen by the gorgeous and kind Master Adrian, he might have to rethink that theory. Especially since he can’t stop secretly lusting after his new master. 

Be Warned: m/m sex


I stifled the irritation that rattled through me at his words. “The Panel pushed me onto the list a year early.”

He turned and walked gracefully toward me. “Once you’re on the list it’s out of my hands.”

He reached me, his nostrils flaring as he breathed me in. I was aware of his scent too, a heady mix of bergamot and citrus. But I tried not to inhale too deeply. I needed his help right now and I was already more attracted to him than was safe. He was way out of my league when it came to mental warfare.

“But, why me?” I asked.

“Why not you?” He touched my cheek and my knees became wobbly. His fingers were cool and smooth as they stroked my skin. “Believe me, Sully. Their decision grieves me.”

“Then help me.” I said breathlessly. My gaze seemed incapable of not resting on his firm mouth and I licked my lips without thinking. A little sizzle of lust flitted through his gaze and he pressed toward me and then caught himself at the last minute. But not before I felt the brush of his firm thigh and the large erection straining his pants.

“They’ve already made up their minds,” he said.

“They’ll listen to you, Luke. If you ask them they’ll keep me here.” I ran my hands up his chest, enjoying the feel of his hard muscles under the stiff material. My crotch warmed and I fought my desire to give into these sensations. It was a balancing act of enticing him without forgetting what I was trying to accomplish.

“You should probably go, Sully,” he said quietly. “If we’re not careful you won’t be suitable for the assignment. You have to be untouched.”

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Long and Short Reviews LASR
Written by Cholla on 21st Sep 2014

Imagine a world where vampires and humans have the oddest sort of agreement: the humans provide women for breeding and the vampires provide purebloods for pleasure. Enter Sully Handover, a pureblood vampire who has spent his time being trained as a courtesan. Angry and unwilling to become a slave to a lesser race, he isn’t exactly thrilled when he’s sent to auction earlier than planned. Will he be able to make peace with his new master or will it all end in disaster? Sully put me off a bit at first. Understandably, he was arrogant and unhappy about having to serve humans when he’d much rather become the lover of fellow vampire, Luke. His outrageous behavior at the auction house and during the actual auction made me laugh out loud. Daring and mouthy, he’s more than a handful for any master. However, when he comes to realize that his new owner – Adrian – isn’t anything like he had expected, he mellows out a bit and becomes more likable. Adrian I liked from the very beginning. Taking a risk on the mouthy, aggressive vampire took a lot of trust and maybe even touch of stupidity, but it certainly paid off for him. He comes off as honest and trustworthy from the start, exactly the kind of man Sully needs to guide him through this new world he’s in. He’s probably my favorite character in this short story, making me want to know more about him in the end. Passionate Companions was a good read with an intriguing plot and engaging characters. I was impressed by the fact the author didn’t jump directly into the sexual intimacy and instead gave Sully and Adrian a chance to get to know each other a bit first. However, I do wish that we’d been given more backstory in regards to how the society they live in came to be the way it was. The situation they’re in is fascinating and I’d love to know more about how they’d gotten to where they were. Even though the ending seemed somewhat rushed, the overall story was interesting and kept me reading until the very end.

Hearts on Fire Review
Written by undefined on 23rd Feb 2014

New author Cat Blaine has good ideas when it comes to her short story, “Passionate Companions”. The title, eh, I’m not so in love with but the story was pretty good. Vampires and Humans have reached an agreement in her world. The vampires can not breed new vampires without the help of the help of human females. The humans want courtesans for their troubles, vampire courtesans because vampire sex is 1000 times better than human sex (Or so I’ve heard.) So human Masters get to acquire fully trained male vampire virgin courtesans. Enter snarky Sully, nineteen year old vampire who has been put on the list a year early to be a human’s pet. He’s not happy about and let’s his displeasure known. He can’t help being mind reading-ly seductive. It’s a talent that is most prized alone with his pure bloodlines. He’s put on the auction block and snapped up even when trying to rudely dissuade the potential human Masters. He still catches the eye of filthy rich, handsome twenty-something Master Adrian. Sully has a smart mouth and can be quite derogatory about humans. (He thinks his species is superior) But there’s something that draws him towards his Master. And the Master is patient…well patient for less than 40 pages. The world created was interesting, I wished this was maybe a novella to get to learn the intricacies and societies created. I think this was a futuristic world maybe? Closer to Urban Fantasy. I wanted to know more about the world set up. I wished Sully would have had a longer period before capitulating to his basic needs. I liked both main characters. They were good together and the ending was a heavy HFN with a possibility of more from these two. The best part? There were no ‘I love you’s’ recklessly promised. If this author chooses to write more, I’d definitely would check it out.