Phenex's Retribution by Ravenna Tate

Heat Level 4
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Demons on Wheels MC, 4

They don’t call her Wonder Tongue for nothing, but Meghan Sanders longs to be more than a sweetbutt, cook, and bartender at Scotty’s Place—the posh strip club the Demons on Wheels MC owns. She wants Phenex. She’s held that secret in her heart, never daring to wonder if he felt the same way. Because if he knew her past, why would he want her?

Phenex, the Demons on Wheels MC Road Captain, finds it difficult to get close to anyone. A tragic event in his childhood keeps him emotionally closed and distant. When he accidentally uncovers something hidden in Meghan’s past, a stronger bond than great sex begins to form. He’s had a thing for this extraordinary woman for two years, but she doesn’t know that.

Can these two heal old wounds that hold their hearts captive, and find love with one another? Or is it too late?

Be Warned: anal sex



They didn’t call her Wonder Tongue for nothing. But before he enjoyed one of her fantastic blowjobs, Phenex wanted to make her come. Hard. That asshole tonight hitting her had pissed him off something fierce. Not only was she the kindest sweetbutt here, but she was one hell of a cook and bartender.

At twenty-seven years old, she was more mature than most of the people who lived here, even those older than she was. Phenex liked that about her. He could hold an intelligent conversation with her, and she wasn’t catty or gossipy like most of the other women.

She reached for his jeans again after he released her mouth, but he stopped her once more, this time grabbing both wrists. “Later. You first.”

“Oh my. What’s the occasion?” She laughed, and he did, too.

It was an old joke between them, dating back to the first time she’d given him a blowjob. He’d been so out of his fucking mind with lust, he’d lain there after she finished, watching her play with herself, for a good ten minutes before his fucking brain woke up and he finished the job for her with his mouth. Ever since then, they joked about him not only going first, but almost letting her do herself that night.

Not this time. He brushed his hands over her breasts. She wore a tank top and shorts, which was what most of them wore when they weren’t working or dancing. And no bra, despite her nice, big tits. He certainly didn’t mind that. He also didn’t mind her lush, curvy body.

Phenex liked real women, and Meghan was as lush as they came, in his opinion. She didn’t talk about her weight like some of them did, and that fact made her sexier. She was confident, and didn’t give a shit that she wasn’t rail thin. She was the most gorgeous, perfect woman he’d ever seen.

He ran his hands through her curly, red hair. “I love this color. Have I told you that?”

She laughed again. “Yes. Many times.” She planted tiny kisses up and down his neck, sending shivers down his spine. This woman went beyond making him hard. She touched his soul. They had a connection as friends that Phenex had never felt with any of the other sweetbutts or dancers. And when she turned those green eyes in his direction, Phenex’s heart thumped like a teen who has just had his first glimpse of a real woman.

Phenex pulled off her tank top so he could bite her nipples. He loved her tits, and she loved having them squeezed, licked, sucked, and bitten. She moaned loudly and dug her nails into his hair, which sent fresh desire racing through him. He circled each taut peak with his tongue before going in for another quick nibble.

The mounds of flesh in his hands had given his cock hours of delight in the past, but he wanted to fuck that incredible mouth tonight. He kissed her again, working his tongue over hers. That tongue had driven them all insane with fucking lust. She wrapped her arms around him and pushed her lush body against his, breaking down his resolve to take his time.

How the fuck could he help it? She was the sexiest woman he’d ever fucked, and he’d certainly had his fair share. Phenex released her mouth so his brain cells would synapse again, and pulled off her shorts. She waxed her pussy, which drove him fucking over the edge with the need to posses it. It was so goddamn sexy, and the tiny ladybug tattoo on the inside of her upper left thigh added to the allure.

He pushed her onto her back and swiveled her hips toward the edge of the bed. After kneeling between her legs, he licked the juices off her labia. “You always taste so fucking good.”

“That feels wonderful.” She grasped fistfuls of his hair again, pulling his face closer, but Phenex didn’t mind. He loved eating pussy almost as much as he loved having his cock sucked.

When he slid two fingers into her wet hole, she arched her hips and cried out. “How close are you, Wonder Tongue?”

“Pretty damn close, but don’t let that stop you from giving it your full attention.”

He laughed. “Oh, I won’t.” Phenex’s dick was so fucking hard now it was painful, but that only added to the fun. He moved his fingers in and out of her pussy, coaxing the orgasm from her.

After watching the skin on her labia turn dark for a few seconds, he spread her folds with the other hand and lapped at her swollen clit, increasing the pressure and speed of his tongue, until her moans were continuous and loud. When tiny contractions inside her pussy fluttered against his fingers, he sucked her clit, hard.

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Night Owl Reviews
Written by PaulineMichael on 14th Feb 2018

Ravenna Tate takes readers into the lives and loves of motor cycle clubs with this gritty romance. Meghan Sanders is a complex heroine and I will admit I’ve only read a few MC books by one or two authors so I wasn’t quite sure just what Meghan’s position in the club really was until I got a little in to the book. I thought her nickname meant that she talked too much, you know like a chatterbox. In general I’m a pretty vanilla type of reader so there were one or two scenes that made me uncomfortable but I believe were integral to the story. For all that he is a big bad biker Phenex is a caring man with a big heart. I enjoyed watching these two wounded souls start to heal with one another. If you enjoy MC romances or romances with an edge I suggest you pick this one up as I found it to be a solid adventure. The Story: Meghan enjoys her life in the MC but has been harbouring feelings for Phenex who told her some time ago that he didn’t feel the same. In a way she’s glad he didn’t because she never wants to share the secrets of her past but soon the two are not only opening up old wounds but healing them.

Exquisite Reviews
Written by Karla on 5th Jan 2018

I love this and this series... Ravenna Tate knows how to write loving, flawed and exciting characters... Meghan "Wonder Tongue" is in love with Phenex and doesn't know how to deal with her feelings anymore... Phenex is also in love but thinks his time is up when it comes to Meghan... While they figure out how to navigate their feelings it's fun to enjoy the ride... I truly loved these characters and all supporting ones as well... I can't wait for the next installment

Retribution And Second Chances
Written by Liz Castillo on 17th Dec 2017

When Meghan Sanders showed up at Scotty's Place she finally felt at home and safe. And it wasn't long until she earned the name Wonder Tongue. But of all the men at the club none compared to Phenex. The more time she spends with him, the more she wants him and only him. Rick "Phenex" Gucwa gave his heart to someone years ago and quickly learned that is the biggest mistake he could have made. And now that time has passed, there is one woman that calls to his heart like none before. Will Phenex be able to finally ask Meghan to be his and put his past in his rearview mirror? Will Meghan finally be able to reveal a long held secret and embrace a future with Phenex? Will they be able to have any kind of future with the danger that is surrounding the club? Or will their secrets and impending club danger force this would be couple apart forever? Phenex's Retribution is thrilling, stunning, sexy read about having the courage to take a second chance at love. The connection between Meghan and Phenex is phenomenal and only intensifies as the story progresses. I love how they can read each with just a look, words aren't needed. You can tell just how deep that connection is with Phenex's reaction to Meghan being hit. Both have been hurt in the past and has caused them to build walls around their hearts. But despite all that, they open up to each other completely and that is extremely heartwarming. Of all the books in this series so far I'd had to say this is my favorite. The passion, love, and friendship contained within the pages is endearing. I really loved this book so much couldn't put it down and I'm looking forward to what's coming next. This series just keeps getting better and better and I highly recommend you pick up these Demons and let them take you for a ride that will make you weak in the knees and satisfied beyond belief.

best friends to lovers
Written by Melanie on 12th Dec 2017

This fourth book in the series is just as good, if not better, than the first three. This book is about Phenex (Rick) and Wonder Tongue (Meghan) were attracted from the time they first met each other, but Phenex just came off of a toxic relationship and rejected Meghan's declaration of interest in pursuing a relationship of their own. Both of them came from a traumatic past that not many knew about. Now they realized that they really did like each other more than the best friends they had become but didn't know how to tell each other. The story tells us of how the relationship progresses through some difficulty at the club. I love the politics within the club and how Ravenna takes us through the ups and downs and finally get us to an HEA. Can't wait for the next book!

Phenex has my heart!!!
Written by Rhonda on 4th Dec 2017

Book 4 in this series is Phenex and Meghan's story. Meghan is a sweetbutt who is finding it harder and harder to be with the other members of the MC besides Phenex. She loves him but knows he doesn't think of her in those terms, so she keeps her feelings to herself. Phenex was burned once and doesn't want an old lady but there is something about Meghan that stirs feelings inside him he thought he wouldn't have again. There are also ghosts in both of their pasts and the danger is ramping up in the club. Will these two find their way to each other before it all hits the fan? I loved this book and stayed up late reading it. I liked that while there was some hot sex scenes, the sex wasn't overdone and we got a good story. Ravenna Tate knows how to keep her readers engaged in the books and I can't wait for the next one.

A WONDERful Addition to the Series!
Written by Knotty Girl Sandie on 4th Dec 2017

This is the fourth book in Ravenna Tate’s Demon on Wheel’s MC series. And while you could probably read this as a stand-alone, you would be much better off reading the entire series from the beginning in order. Otherwise, you would miss the ongoing story arc. Phenex, aka Rick Gucwa, is the Road Captain of the Demons on Wheels. He’s also got a big crush on bartender and sweetbutt (sorry, but that name makes me cringe.) Meghan Sanders aka Wonder Tongue. (Again, cringing) Meghan has earned this nickname because of what she can do with her tongue. (You don’t need me to explain that right?) But Meghan would also prefer to be with just Phenex. The problem with these two is that neither of them will communicate that fact with each other. Meghan has an ex that is in jail doing time for armed robbery, but he belongs in there for far worse for what he’s done to her. It’s when we get her full story that we actually feel bad for her and start to ignore the fact that she’s been with the other members of the MC as well and it makes her more human. Of course, club business is still going on, and a new threat to the club means changes may be coming that none of them are too happy about. For now, they are still run by mob boss Donny, and that means when a bit of violence needs to happen, does. If you are expecting a hearts and flowers romance here, then look elsewhere. This is a raw, gritty portrayal of life in an MC and a strip club.Ravenna seems to have an inside look, even if it isn’t always pretty and wrapped up with a bow, it can be quite steamy

Don't give up
Written by Mela on 2nd Dec 2017

This fourth book in the series is just as good, if not better, than the first three. This book is about Phenex (Rick) and Wonder Tongue (Meghan) were attracted from the time they first met each other, but Phenex just came off of a toxic relationship and rejected Meghan's declaration of interest in pursuing a relationship of their own. Both of them came from a traumatic past that not many knew about. Now they realized that they really did like each other more than the best friends they had become but didn't know how to tell each other. The story tells us of how the relationship progresses through some difficulty at the club. I love the politics within the club and how Ravenna takes us through the ups and downs and finally get us to an HEA. Can't wait for the next book!

I love how they book works through this story line even ...
Written by merlyn0121 on 1st Dec 2017

In this book we connect with Phenex and Meghan (wonder tongue). Phenex is the MC's road captain and Meghan is the clubs sweetbutt, cook and bartender. Meghan has strong feelings for Phenex but is unsure of his feelings. She is hesitant to put herself forward due to tragedy in her past. Phenex has feelings for Meghan but feels the time for admitting this may be past due to a relationship that did not go well a few years ago. I love how they book works through this story line even though the MC is still having problems with a rival MC. By the end of the book I was eager for the next to see what will happen to the MC in the future.

Not your typical MC!
Written by Mobookworm on 1st Dec 2017

This one touched my heart. Meghan has been doing ok with her life, just passing her time in the MC as a part time bartender and sweetbutt. She doesn't want to admit she's just hiding and not dealing with her horrible past. Phenex had his chance for more with Meghan two years ago but he let fear keep him from her. Now it's too late for them to have any relationship except friends and casual sex, or so he's always believed. When trouble comes knocking on the Club doors and Meghan is hurt, his attitude changes but Is it too late? Will two very, very damaged people be able to connect as more then friends with benefits? Will Phenex be able to keep her safe when the past comes back to haunt her? I just know that this one touched my heart and the sexy scenes were a plus as well! Loving this series!

Book #4, Demons on Wheels MC series, by Ravenna Tate.
Written by Pam Stanton on 30th Nov 2017

Life is seldom fair. Meghan Sanders knows this all too well. Her tragic past haunts her in ways no one knows. Although that past is a closely-guarded secret, she's convinced it gives her no chance for happiness. She's found a measure of peace and contentment at Scotty's Place as bartender, cook, and sweetbutt. She's cheerful, friendly, and upbeat. But there's one thing she wants more than anything, something just beyond her reach. Phenex is the club's Road Captain. He too has a past filled with horrors that few can even imagine. Although he's often an enigma wrapped in a riddle, somehow Meghan has a link with him that, at times, borders on the supernatural. But these two have been at cross purposes since they first met two years ago. Neither will admit their attraction to the other. Why? Can it really be that hard? As the past and hidden secrets come creeping out, they begin to affect both Meghan and Phenex. Add in hidden agendas and potential chaos surrounding Scotty's and the MC, and you have an incendiary mixture ready to burst into flames. The flashpoint appears imminent. How will Phenex and Meghan react? Can they put aside their pasts, their differences? Is there any trust left in either? That's what it will take. If Meghan and Phenex can't learn to trust and believe, how can they ever move forward? With the future of Scotty's and the MC in doubt, is it even possible for Phenex and Meghan to build anything? Will they chance it? Or will they remain forever in limbo, never knowing what might have been? Ravenna Tate's incredibly talented. To give you some idea of her abilities, she's written an MC series that I love. I absolutely DO NOT knock anyone's choices when it comes to reading. But I'm not a fan of MC books. And every book in this series has been remarkable. The characters, storylines, and detailed descriptions of every aspect of the MC lifestyle give incredible insight and perspective that I've never before considered. There's intrigue, suspense, and, of course, erotic romance, throughout each book, including this one. I love the plots and settings. But what really makes this story special are Meghan and Phenex. Their shared traumatic pasts and the struggles each has to face trying to come to grips with them pulled totally unexpected emotions from deep within me. Their first meeting, their heartrending pasts, and their struggle to move forward against incredible odds, all set against the backdrop of ongoing life and conflict at Scotty's and in the MC, all captivated me. It's like Ms. Tate knows exactly how to grab a reader's heartstrings in ways you never expect. The pain, tension, uncertainty, joy, fear, potential for love, and ultimately the care and warmth of the MC family are real. The relationships in this book are what hooked me, none more so than Meghan and Phenex's. I give Phenex's Retribution five stars. This is another great book in a series that's surprised me in many ways. Thank you, Ms. Tate, for another look through the windows into this intriguing lifestyle! One final note. Please be an informed reader and consumer! This is an ADULT book. It contains explicit language and sexual scenes. If you don't enjoy this genre, think hard before buying any book you know you won't enjoy. There are book synopses and reviews available on Goodreads and all booksellers' websites. Use these resources. DON'T LEAVE A NEGATIVE REVIEW WHEN YOU KNOW YOU WON'T ENJOY THE BOOK. It's not fair to the author! She works extremely hard to provide a quality work product. If you know you'll object to the book's subject matter before you buy it, you're doing yourself and the author an extreme disservice. Thanks for reading my review and happy reading!