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Playing with Fire by Jenika Snow


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Ecstasy, Colorado, 1

Ecstasy, Colorado, a town full of beauty and secrets...

Jane Silver has a past that rivals horror stories, but she prevails, because with the Holden twins by her side she knows she can get through anything. The only problem is she loves not one brother, but both.

Two brothers in love with the same woman...

William and Rys Holden, twins, have been in love with Jane since they were young. But the brothers know she deserves so much more than what they can give her. With one brother reserved and the other the town playboy, a platonic relationship is the safest for all of them. But soon the three are involved in a love triangle with no intent on stopping. When a scandal threatens their newfound relationship, the brothers will do anything to make sure nothing stands in the way of claiming Jane Silver as theirs.

Be Warned: menage sex (MFM), anal sex, light bondage, public exhibition


William continued to kiss her, but growing bolder, he cupped her breast through the thin material of her tank top. A groan spilled from her, and he broke their kiss. Resting his forehead against hers, he kept his eyes closed. His breathing was ragged. The three of them sounded like they had run a marathon. A cock was pressed against her stomach and one against her back. What would it feel like to have one in her pussy and in her ass? At the same time?

The feel of Rys gently thrusting his cock into her lower back drove her arousal higher. He tangled his hand in her hair and lifted the heavy weight off her shoulders. He held the locks up, and his lips found the back of her neck. Chills popped out along her body at having both Rys and William touching her, bringing her to new heights. They hadn’t done more than touch her over her clothing and kiss her, but her pussy was soaked and her nipples were harder than hell.

“You smell so good, baby,” Rys whispered against the moist flesh at the nape of her neck, and she shivered. “And you taste even better.” An involuntary groan of pleasure left her, and she thrust her ass against him, loving how he reciprocated the act by pressing his shaft further into her, grinding the hard length against her body.

“God, Jane, I want you so bad,” Rys murmured.

William all but groaned, “We want you so bad.”

Hearing their proclamations and the heat of their touches were loosening all of her resolve. “I want you both too, so much.” God, did she ever. She felt Rys’s fingers snake between her and his brother’s body, expertly unsnap her shorts, and pull down the zipper. A second later the denim was pooled around her ankles, and she was stepping out of them. William gripped the bottom of her shirt, his fingers brushing against the bare skin of her belly. He moved away just an inch so he could pull the material over her head and toss it away. She stood in her bikini while they still had on their T-shirts and trunks. Even though she was technically not naked, being sandwiched between them made her feel completely bare.

Rys moved his hands to her hips, and he pulled back again, pressing her ass against his erection. William moved away from her, and in the next instant, she was spun around and Rys was kissing her passionately. He cupped her ass, gripping the area right where her leg and bottom met. He lifted, and she instinctively went with the movement and wrapped her legs around his waist. Her pussy came into direct contact with Rys’s throbbing erection. He felt it too if his guttural groan was anything to go by. Without breaking their kiss, Rys started moving with her wrapped around his body. Her arms were tangled around his neck, her fingers woven into his thick hair. The sound of a door opening pierced her sexual high, but she was too lost in the feeling of Rys’s mouth on hers, of his tongue pushing in and retreating, reminding her of what she wanted him to be doing between her thighs.

A soft bed met her back, and she arched into his body. She knew he was going to break their kiss, so she held on tighter with her arms and legs. Everything inside of her was alive with sensation, and she didn’t want it to ever end. Rys moaned and pressed his pelvis harder into hers. Over and over he did this, driving her desire to a critical point. He broke the kiss and started trailing his lips down the side of her face, over her neck, and continued to trail down south until his warm breath was fanning the expanse of her belly. Her hands were still in his hair, tugging at the strands, pulling him closer. He lifted his eyes to hers, and the inferno of desire she saw within the blue depths left her breathless. He looked to the side, and she followed his gaze, seeing William standing a few feet away, his lids heavy, his lust as clear as the sun pouring in through the window.

William stalked forward, and really any other word to describe how he was moving wouldn’t have described it well enough. Gentle and calm William looked like he was on the edge, like he wanted to eat her alive. Feeling a lot braver then she initially had, she reached out for him when he stopped at the edge of the bed. This close to him she could see his ragged breathing. His chest rose and fell under the thin cotton of his shirt. William didn’t move any closer to her, but at that moment she couldn’t protest because he hooked his fingers under her bikini bottom.

Dragging her eyes back to the man kneeling beside the most intimate part of her, she watched with parted lips as he urged her thighs open even wider with his free hand. He positioned his wide shoulders between her legs and held her gaze as he slowly pulled the crotch of her bikini bottom to the side. Her nipples felt like they were about to tear through her bikini for how hard they were. Although her pussy was now bare, Rys kept her gaze for another suspended moment. When he finally did look between her legs, it was like he had physically touched her. The sensation that he was looking at her down there, a spot only one other guy had seen, was exhilarating. If she was being honest, though, the fact that it was one of the Holden boys looking at her with such carnal appreciation was a hell of a lot headier than when she had lost her virginity. He had yet to touch her pussy, but she felt his warm, humid breath coasting over her folds and let her legs fall completely open. She started to turn to look at William, but Rys’s words stopped her.

“Watch me, baby.” When she looked back at Rys, warmth spread through her as she watched his tongue peek out and touch her folds. He spread her as he ran it up her cleft. When he got to the top of her mound, he circled her clit before sucking it in his mouth.

“Ahhh.” Her head fell back against the mattress, but before she could close her eyes, she lifted her head again and watched the erotically wicked things Rys was doing to her. His finger was still holding her bikini bottom out of the way, and the fact that his mouth was on her pussy but she was still technically clothed had her arousal climbing even higher. He sucked on her clit until she could feel the tendrils of her climax rising to the surface, but right before she went off, he moved down her slit and started probing the opening of her body with his tongue. She should have felt mortified at the way her inner muscles clenched down on his tongue, seeming to drag him further into her body, but he started rubbing her clit in slow, deliberate circles. Again she started to climb to the precipice of orgasm, but as she was about to go over, Rys stopped. 

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Product Reviews

  1. Really enjoyed!! 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Nov 2014

    Jane, William and Rhys have been friends forever. The twins find Jane walking along the road and make her tell them what happened to her. All three are tired of fighting their attraction for each other. So Rhys and Jane make a bet and they all realize they want the same thing. Some one from Rhys's past shows up and tries to break them up and it's interesting to see how all three of them work through what has happened.

  2. Night Owl Review 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Mar 2014

    Jane Silver came from a home that to call it dysfunctional was to put it mildly. It has been more than eight years since her abusive drunkard of a father ran off with any money they had, leaving her and her mother a pile of debt and bruises to heal. The town of Ecstasy is not about to let her and her mother forget their past. Now the loss of brain function has made her agree to a date with Trevor Lane. He wasn't taking no for an answer during his drunken advances. As she walked home along the side of the road who should drive up but none other than her best friends, the Holden Twins, Rys and William. They had watched over her and kept her safe since she was a small child. When they catch Trevor outside the bar mouthing off about Jane they teach him the manners his parents should have and give him a few bruises to remind him to never lay a hand on Jane again.
    Rys and William have loved Jane forever. First as a little sister and now as the woman they want to protect and share. Only they are afraid they will lose her if they tell her they want more than friendship. Jane is afraid to tell them that her love has changed and matured over the years. She is afraid that they, like the rest of the town will think her nothing more than white trash and unworthy of their friendship or notice. All that changes one day and the trouble quickly follows in the form of slurs and lies. Can their love survive the past that Jane has hidden from the twins or will the twins past sexual encounters come back to tear them apart?
    Playing with Fire is just like Jenika Snow's other stories. In a word fantastic. She has offered us a scenario when we can sympathize with Jane. Most of us have something in our past we rather stay hidden. Our hearts often lead us where society says we should not venture. Overcoming obstacles in the name of love is something that pulls at our hearts and Ms. Snow is a genius at tugging at our heartstrings. She gives us stories with conflict, hidden secrets and a romance that will all but burn the pages as you read them. Pick up a copy today to warm up your quiet time. This book may even give you a few ideas to try out.
    Sensual Level: Explicit

  3. The Romance Studio 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Aug 2013

    Ever since they were young, it has always been Jane and her two best friends, Rys and William Holden, against the world. With her two best friends in her life, there isn’t anything she can’t overcome, even the horrors and secrets that make up her life. Jane does have one small problem; over the years her friendship has turned into a deep and binding love for both brothers equally.

    Rys and William have loved Jane for what seems like forever but they both think that they aren’t good enough and that she deserves more than they can ever give her. It’s better to be platonic friends than to ruin a lifetime of friendship. Or is it?

    Author Jenika Snow packs quite a punch in Play with Fire, a story that is filled with steamy, poignant, sobering and surprising action, dialogue ,and well-crafted characters who are so fascinating and likeable that they make the reader’s heart race in anticipation of each new scene. The author superbly ventures into deep waters with the childhood abuse and humiliation that Jane has lived through at the hands of her father and to the townspeople but the author writes in such a way she captures the heartache and despair but doesn’t let it overshadow Jane’s character. Readers will adore Jane’s remarkable, realistic and giving personality as well as the two brothers who want nothing more than to take care of and love the woman of their dreams. It’s Williams touching and emotional traits along with Rys take charge, kick-butt personality that Jane needs and loves that works to help heal her soul. The bond between Jane, Rys and William is portrayed realistically, giving the readers glimpses of childhood memories the friends have shared along with the growing sexual tension and feelings that have developed as they all got older. The twists and turns the story takes makes are necessary to put some old ghosts to rest as well as to strengthen the relationship between Jane and her men.

    I can’t wait to see what’s next in this exciting series!

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