The Taste of Blood by Jenika Snow

Heat Level 4
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Dark Lust series

Sophie is an escort, offered a once in a lifetime chance to entertain a wealthy and prestigious party. It isn’t until she finds out whom and what she will be entertaining that she understands why none of the other girls took the job. It isn’t just one man she will have to entertain, but four fully grown male vampires.

It isn’t until she actually meets the four vampire brothers that she realizes she is in way over her head. Not only does she give herself to them, but they have an offer for her, one she may not be able to refuse.

Be Warned: menage a cinq romance, menage sex.






The fire in front of us did nothing to heat his cold body, but I didn’t care. The alcohol, along with the flames beside me, kept me warm enough. If this was what they planned for the evening, dancing and drinking champagne, I was not going to complain.

In the back of my mind, I couldn’t help but think about what it would feel like to be under them, feeling their cocks sliding in and out of my pussy, my mouth, even my ass. The illicit thoughts alone had my cunt clenching in need and a soft moan escaping me.

“You feel so soft, so warm. I could hold you all night.” The sound of his deep voice rumbling through his chest had moisture seeping from me in a rapid gush. I could blame my intoxication for how aroused I was, but it would be a bold faced lie. From the moment I had seen the four of them I had wanted them, feverishly.

Benjamin’s hands stroked up and down my back and I pressed closer to him. I was acutely aware of the other three men in the room, actually felt their stares. I slowly opened my eyes, my vision slightly blurry but focused enough I could see they were doing just that. My breathing increased and I felt Benjamin pull back. I looked into his eyes, saw his gaze roaming over my face a second before I felt his mouth upon mine. Even his lips were cool, but my body was so heated by this point that I relished it.

His tongue stroked along the seam of my mouth and I opened for him, eager to feel the caress of his tongue against mine. He pushed in, teasing and thrusting his tongue in and out which reminded me of what I wanted down between my legs. I could still sense the others watching, knew that they enjoyed it. I had no idea how I knew this, but I felt the affirmation down to my very bones.

The music still played above us, but we were no longer swaying to it. Our lips were fused together, the kiss hungry and aggressive. He broke away and started trailing kisses along my cheek and down to my neck. I wasn’t that drunk that I didn’t remember what he was, what they all were. The feeling of his fangs along the sensitive flesh of my throat had me burning hotter.

“Do we frighten you, little one?”

They did, but not because they were vampires. I was afraid of these emotions, this arousal that was coursing through me at a rate that left me breathless. Never had I felt this kind of eroticism and, although we hadn’t actually gotten around to doing anything, I ached to. These were quite possibly the most feral and compelling men I had ever met.

Benjamin walked me backwards and I felt the wall press against my back. His hands slipped down my waist and landed on my hips. He pulled the lower half of my body forward and I felt the rigid outline of his hard cock press against my lower belly. He felt big and long, thick and ready to take me right here, right now.

“Do you like it when my brothers watch you? Watch me seduce you?”

I shivered as his words sunk in. His breath teased tendrils of my hair and caressed my neck. I licked my lips, tasting him on my palate, a flavor like an aged whisky, potent and intoxicating. I knew the others were like that, knew I wanted to experience it for myself. I didn’t even hesitate to answer, “Yes.”

“Do you want them? Do you want them to watch while I fuck you?”

I glanced at the men behind Benjamin, saw the lust in their glazed over expressions, and knew what was about to happen. I could have said no, but I’ll be completely honest, I wanted to be fucked by all of them, at the same time. Never had I been so daring, so bold. One lover at a time was all I had experienced, but the very thought of these four commanding and omnipotent men had my knees buckling and my pulse racing.

My mouth was dry when I turned my attention back to Benjamin. He watched me with a look that was part excitement, part anticipation. The heat in the room doubled and I felt my skin become warm, my palms sweaty. This was it. I was either going to say no, walk away from them and quite possibly the most daring experience of my life, or I would accept what they offered, danger and all.

I didn’t know these men, didn’t know if they would drain me dry while they fucked me. You would think that would have been the most important thing on my mind, but to be honest, I didn’t even give it more than a passing thought. I knew what I wanted, knew what my body wanted, and I was going to have it.

“Oh God, yes, I want them to watch and then I want them to fuck me.” I saw surprise flicker across Benjamin’s face. Either he was shocked that I had actually agreed, or he was surprised that I wanted his brothers to fuck me as well. Either way, I knew they wouldn’t deny me.




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The Romance Reviews
Written by Vixhen on 16th Nov 2011

TASTE OF BLOOD is an erotic fantasy that should come with the warning sticker: "Caution: this book will set you on fire!" Sophie is an escort who goes on one final assignment before leaving the business behind. Her companions for the evening: four hot vampire brothers whose looks alone leave her weak in the knees. While indulging in carnal knowledge of her clients was never her thing, these alpha males quickly have her thinking of all the ways in which she would love to be compromised. Her one wild night with these men leaves her craving a future she never thought possible. However, when she's offered a chance to enter a realm unknown, will she accept the invitation or let her fears get in her way? First off, this is a short, seriously HOT story. I am always drawn to a story where the author writes in the first person. Ms. Snow's writing style was so engrossing that when she described the meeting of Sophie and the four brothers, I could picture them as if they were standing in front of me. This book was a fantastic fantasy at its finest. The story holds you in a hot embrace and never lets you go. In fact was so good I didn't want it to end. I found myself wanting to know more about Sophie and the brothers. My plea to Ms Snow: "Please give us more. This book was fabulous."

Book Wenches Reviews
Written by Clea R. Gellar on 13th Sep 2011

Sophie started her career as an escort with the goal of creating a nest egg large enough to live the rest of her life without having to worry about money. When she is offered a highly lucrative job, she wonders why the other girls haven’t jumped at the chance, but she quickly realizes why when she shows up on her clients’ doorstep. Sophie has been sent to entertain for vampire brothers. Swallowing her fears, Sophie leaves her inhibitions at the door and offers herself up to them, and in return they make her an offer she may not be able to refuse. ******** The Taste of Blood is an exciting, steamy and quick tale of graphic sex and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. This is Sophie’s story, as it is told from her point of view and we read only her thoughts on what is happening in this erotic tale. Sophie is a strong woman who has found herself in some difficult circumstances in her life, but she can take care of herself and is discovering her need for a little bit of adventure. As you read, you can really feel her trepidation regarding what has happened in her life and about finding herself in a room full of gorgeous and deadly vampires. As she begins to give up her uneasiness and lets go of her need to control what is happening, you can sense a feeling of almost relief within her; that is when things really heat up. The vampire brothers are dark, broody and mysterious. They definitely give off a vibe of danger, but that is part of their appeal. They don’t make any promise of being sweet and gentle, but they also aren’t about taking Sophie against her will. They are take-command kind of creatures, and each one of them gives Sophie an experience of a lifetime. The Taste of Blood is a short story that can be read in one sitting, but you’ll find yourself going back to it over and over again because it is a hot, carnal ride that no one can resist.

5 star erotic vampire novel!
Written by Kassie on 29th Mar 2011

Loved, loved, loved this book! It had hot vampire brothers, steamy sex, and of course a happily ever after. Can't wait for the second story to come out in the series!

Coffee Time Romance
Written by Delane on 12th Mar 2011

Sophie is offered a chance of a lifetime just in time since she is about to die. Her dreams are shattered, and she starts a whole different profession. Determined to make enough money to go away for her remaining days, she agrees to the unthinkable. Her mission for the night -- to keep four healthy vampires entertained. Nothing but stimulating conversation required, but she is no fool. Who could pass up four men focused on her pleasure? The opportunity to spend time with four healthy men is more than Sophie can resist, especially since it will probably be her last chance to be with a man. The four sexy men are unable to let Sophie go so easily. What should one woman do when faced with death or eternity? The Taste of Blood is an excellent beginning to what promises to be a hot series. The characters and Sophie’s ability to face death with such grace fascinated me. Jenika Snow left me wondering where she will go next. I look forward to reading the rest of the Dark Lust series and recommend that you pick up The Taste of Blood and get hooked.

Happily Ever After Reviews
Written by Clare C on 4th Mar 2011

Jane/Sophie is dying of cancer, so she decides to spend her time working as an escort to save up enough money to get away from it all. When she accepts a call none of the other girls would take, she finds four horny vampires who aren’t really looking for arm candy. The sex scenes, which make up the majority of the narrative, are hot in a typical Jenika Snow fashion. The vampires are all handsome and they definitely appeal to Jane/Sophie. For some reason, one night of sex makes them decide she’s a forever kind of woman. I wasn’t really sure what they saw in her or what she liked about them (aside from the eternal life/not dying of cancer thing), and the narrative lost me a little in the middle, but it was a cute story and a fun read. Fans of Ms. Snow will not be disappointed. Anyone looking for a hot, short read will enjoy this offering.

Dark Diva Reviews
Written by Karyl on 28th Feb 2011

The Taste of Blood from the Dark Lust Series by Jenika Snow is a very sexy short story. In only 38 pages, Ms. Snow is able to weave a seriously sensual story that left me wanting more. As great of a short story as this was, I could have read more. The story line was good enough to have been turned into a novella or full length novel with additional background on the characters. As it was there was enough background information on the heroine, Sophie. Sophie is offered a job at an escort service and decides to take it. She really has no problem with it because she’s paid to be arm candy and nothing more. Since she needs the money and plans on quitting her escort job the next day, when Sophie is offered her final job at the escort service to entertain four hot and sexy vampire brothers, she takes the leap of faith and enters their domain. Not only does Sophie find four gorgeous men waiting for her, but she has the chance to sleep with all of them. She finds a true connection with Mikael, the eldest brother, but doesn’t want him to turn her into a vampire just yet. The Taste of Blood by Ms. Snow made me wonder what was next. I think that is important for an author to keep their readers wanting more, especially considering that it’s one of the primary reasons that readers will continue to search out and read their stories. Ms. Snow has made me want more, more, more! I cannot wait to read the rest of the series.

Suprising twist at the end
Written by Melody Harris on 28th Jan 2011

I bought this story on a spur of the moment kind of thing. Didn't know if I would like it, but I was pleasantly shocked at how much I did. The chemistry between the characters was tangible, and the twist at the end took me for a little loop. Oh, yeah, the sex scenes were pretty scorching. This is the first story that Ive read by this author but I plan on reading her other works.