Protected by the Bear by Vanessa Devereaux

Heat Level 3
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Kalispell Shifters, 9

Chloe Davis doesn’t know a lot about planes but she knows there’s something wrong with the one she’s traveling on.  When it crashes and she’s trapped beneath an overhead bin, she doesn’t count on ever being found. Her rescuer, Ash McWilliams, isn’t only a doctor but a bear shifter. When she goes into premature labor she knows she can’t risk going to a hospital because someone might find her.  However, it seems it really is her lucky night because Ash has the perfect place for her and the baby to hide. 

Ash feels the need to protect Chloe and her baby, but when she runs away, he knows the only way she’ll feel safe is to reveal the truth about himself and the rest of the Kalispell Shifters. Can Chloe live with the group and keep their secret or will her impulsive decision be the end of them all?



Ash slung it over his shoulder and made his way around the wreckage. The plane’s logo hadn’t even been scratched and it was almost like someone had cut the back section away. He ventured inside, hearing broken plastic crunch under his feet. It was dark, so he got out his flashlight. Didn’t look like anyone had been sitting in the back of the plane. He’d remember to definitely choose a back row seat next time he traveled by air. Looked empty with no causalities, so he turned off the light and was about to make his way out to go help Bear when he heard something.

“Help me, I’m trapped.”

It was faint, but he knew it was a woman’s voice. He turned on the flashlight again, but didn’t hear another word. However, with his bear’s sense of hearing, he knew what direction he’d heard the voice. Ash climbed over one of the seats that was now on its side.

“Help, can anyone hear me?”

The woman’s voice came again and to his left. He climbed over another seat and shone the flashlight toward the back wall. The beam illuminated the prettiest face he’d ever seen.

“I’m trapped and no one could hear me,” she said before she burst into tears.

“Just hang on and I’ll have you out in no time,” said Ash.

Ash climbed over another seat and shone the light directly onto her. Her shoulder was wedged under an overhead bin. He knelt beside her.

“Hi, I’m Dr. Ash McWilliams. What’s your name?”

“Um, Chloe. Chloe Davis.”

He shone the flashlight over the rest of her body just to make sure nothing else had fallen on her. She was pregnant and, judging by the size of her bump, she was in her third trimester. How they’d let her travel on the airline this late into her pregnancy he didn’t know.

“Hi Chloe, how far along are you?”

“Thirty-one, almost thirty-two weeks.”

“Does the baby feel okay in there, moving around a lot or anything like that?”

“I’m getting some cramps, but I’ve had those during the whole flight. Right now, it’s my shoulder that hurts so bad.”

Ash rested the flashlight on the seat and then pushed the bin up. Shit, the thing was heavier than he’d anticipated. One plus—he was part bear, so he didn’t need to go get anyone to help. He lifted it up and moved it away. He saw her shoulder sat at a strange angle. He guessed it was dislocated, broken even.

“Okay, Chloe, I’m going to take a look at your shoulder and I’m going to be as careful as I can, so hold tight.”

Ash tried his best not to hurt, her but it was going to be tough to make a proper diagnosis without touching her. He put his fingers on her collarbone, hearing her draw in her breath.

“Sorry,” he said.

When he touched her shoulder, she screamed and burst into tears. Just as he’d thought—when the bin had fallen on her, it had put her shoulder out of place.

“I can fix your shoulder here. It will hurt like hell, but it’s real quick. I’m here with Bear…that’s Dr. McWilliams, my cousin. He’s an obstetrician, so I’d like him to take a look at you. Together, we can get that shoulder back to normal. I’ll just go get him.”

“No, please don’t leave me.” She grabbed his hand and squeezed it. Such a small, delicate one, but it had a viselike grip on him. Chloe was trembling, and he guessed it wasn’t just from the cold.

“It’s okay, I’ll be right back,” he assured her.

“What if you can’t find me again?”   

He wanted to tell her he was part bear and, therefore, his scent would lead him back without any problem, but he couldn’t.

“I promise you I’ll find you. You have my word on it.”

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Night Owl Reviews
Written by DebA on 9th Aug 2015

Protected by the Bear gets 5 stars and a just WOW. What would you do if your fetus had Down Syndrome? The heroine of this book is a surrogate mother. She is very upset when she overhears the biological family and doctor of the baby she’s caring discussing a termination. She could keep the money after the termination, but it didn't feel right to her. She runs away without telling the biological family. She ends up taking a plane ride. The weather is bad and the plane crashes near a shifter town. She goes into labor…who will rescue her? Will they be able to save her baby too? Will they be able to keep her secrets? What will they do if her past comes for them? I finished reading Protected by the Bear with a smile. Vanessa Devereaux did a great job with writing this. I found it to be a fun and exciting to read. I was caught up in the fascinating and truly original storyline…shifter from outer space. Readers get a solid romance with suspense and drama. There was never a dull moment while reading Protected by the Bear. Our heroine, Chloe Davis (human) almost got all the right messages from Ash McWilliams (doctor, werebear, Kalispell Shifter). He and the Kalispell Shifter Community helped her in so many ways. The story was great and characters' dialogues were good. The story setting was realistic. The chemistry between Chloe and Ash rang true. Expect this book to be spicy. I could imagine myself at the shifter hospital or watching Ash shift for the first time. Chloe is prone to making hasty decisions, so you should expect her to do things unexpected. That’s just in her nature. I finished the story in one sitting. This is an author that I would buy more books from. I highly recommend Protected by the Bear (Kalispell Shifters Series, Book 9) by Vanessa Devereaux.

The TBR Pile
Written by undefined on 6th Aug 2015

I really enjoyed reading Protected by the Bear. It was not overly heavy or deep and it was full of warm fuzzies...even the Grizzly kind.

A super choice for Shifter lovers, especially Bear Shifter lovers like me!
Written by Liberty Ann Ireland on 28th Jul 2015

With this being the 9th book in the series, I wondered if I would be missing out on part of the story having never read any of the Kalispell Shifters novels before. My concern was short lived. This story introduces Chloe, a young pregnant woman whose plane crash lands near Flathead Lake in Northern Montana. Frightened, hurt and on the run, she goes into premature labor while pinned under some of the wreckage. Thankfully she is rescued by a bear shifter Dr. Ash McWilliams and his friends and delivers her baby daughter Sophie without problem. The Shifters have a hospital nearby and are pros at keeping secrets so they offer to take Chloe and Sophie there to allow them to recuperate in peace. While there, Chloe and Ash find a growing mutual attraction and by the time the girls are ready to leave the hospital, it's been decided they will stay nearby. The Shifter community is close-knit and welcomes Chloe and Sophie as their own. Eventually Chloe's past comes back to bite her though and she is taken from both Sophie and her safe haven. What can Ash do to save them all? I really enjoyed reading Protected by the Bear. It was not overly heavy or deep and it was full of warm fuzzies...even the Grizzly kind. :) I liked Chloe as a person and that she stood up for what she believed in. When Ash's bear was drawn to her I figured he had one smart bear. Truthfully, they are good together and he is adorable with Sophie. And their intimacy was hmmm...yummy! Another character I really liked was Hannah. She was so helpful and good to Chloe...kind of like a big sister. I plan to look into the books in the series to see if one tells more of Hannah's story. In the end, it all felt a little rushed, a bit of a Star Trek ending and it was certainly a Happy For Now rather than Happily Ever After. The Epilogue made it very clear that Brady is a trouble maker who will be back and we have not heard the last from him to say the least. I'd say this is a super choice for Shifter lovers, especially Bear Shifter lovers like me but not for the under 18 crowd due to the erotic nature of the sex scenes.