R.I.L.Y Forever by Norah Bennett

Heat Level 2
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Remember I Love You Forever...

When Julia Walker unexpectedly runs into Dr. Ethan Sullivan, the man who stole her heart twenty-two years ago and whose heart she shredded in return, their reunion is emotional and explosive. While sparks fly and their passion reignites, the past rears its ugly head and the lovers soon discover that a foundation built on secrets and lies will always crumble. Can Ethan and Julia overcome their painful past and learn the lessons of honesty, trust, and forgiveness in time to save their love?


Julia stopped walking, thinking, breathing! Her world narrowed to him—his tousled, thick, brown hair, his mesmerizing gray-blue eyes that changed with his every mood,and his long, thick lashes that were the envy of every girl in high school. Julia devoured Ethan with her eyes. She couldn’t help herself. She was starved. He was taller and more built than she recalled, but his handsome face with its square chin, slightly crooked nose from years of playing football, and full, sensuous lips, was the same image that visited her dreams nightly.

Julia knew the instant he became aware of her. He stopped answering Aimee as his gaze shifted and centered on her. His pupils widened and his eyes darkened to a smoky gray. Aimee followed his gaze. Her brows furrowed and she took a step toward Julia. But Ethan grasped her elbow and shook his head.

Julia’s eyes never left Ethan’s tall, muscular frame as he walked toward her. The room and all its inhabitants fell away until there was only him. The soft caress of his eyes touched every inch of her. She studied his face, but his expression was neutral. He stood silently examining her and it was left to Julia to break the silence. The problem was she had no idea what to say. No words were adequate to express how she felt. But as her eyes locked with his, she hoped they voiced what her lips couldn’t. She missed him. Missed him every second, minute, and hour they were apart. When he was hers, he was her best friend, her lover, her confidant. He was her everything. When she lost him, the ground beneath her feet shook so violently, it brought her to her knees and it took years to learn how to stand on her own, without him.

Tears pooled in Julia’s eyes and spilled down her cheeks. She wrapped her arms around herself. Ethan’s assessing gaze tracked her every movement and then his eyes, followed by his mouth, softened.

He remembered. 

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Wonderfully written romance novel
Written by Stephanie on 20th Jan 2018

Wonderfully written romance novel. I felt like I really got to know and understand all her characters. A must read. Can't wait for future novels!!!

Sweet Second Chance
Written by MssPnda on 20th Jan 2018

This is a sweet second chance romance. A good lite read. I would have liked to give five stars, but I had a hard time getting into it. The pace wasn't quite right for me and the amount of conflict (or lack thereof) bothered me a bit but overall a good story. I'll read the next in the series.

Loved it!
Written by undefined on 24th Nov 2016

RILY is a sweet, feel good romance by debut author Norah Bennett. Her characters are well written with complicated pasts that have you rooting for them till the end. I'll definitely be watching for more books from this author! Recommend for anyone who enjoys a sweet romance with an ending that makes you melt :)

Kimmer's Erotic Book Blog
Written by Julie on 5th Nov 2016

R.I.L.Y. Forever, by Norah Bennett, is definitely a four heart read that I will be recommending to my friends. R.I.L.Y. stands for “Remember I Love You”. R.I.L.Y. Forever is a great love story with a virtual roller coaster of emotion. For those of you who are crier’s like me I recommend you have Kleenex close by. Norah Bennett's writing absolutely makes you feel for her characters. This is the love story of Julia Walker, Ethan Sullivan and Julia's two year old daughter, Lilly. For readers who have dealt with a willful two year old, you will definitely relate. Julia and Ethan first met in high school and fell deeply in love. Due to unfortunate circumstances, Julia leaves Ethan right after graduation causing them both to be forever heartbroken. But not before Ethan gives Julia a a special locket, which holds meaning and ties to the story. Now, 22 years since the pair have seen or spoken with the other it’s as if fate has intervened when Ethan moves to the town where Julia lives and begins working at the same hospital. Once they become reacquainted Julia and Ethan find themselves navigating whether to be friends or pick up where they left off all those years ago. But Julia has a lot more to risk now if Lilly becomes too attached and Ethan should walk out. Feelings that any parent can understand. For a hopeless romantic like me, this was a wonderful read. It made me feel positive about the good people in this world and left me believing in true love. To find out if Julia and Ethan finally get their happily ever after you’ll have to give this one a go! A copy of R.I.L.Y. Forever was provided to Kimmers Erotic Book Banter, by Norah Bennett , in exchange for our fair and honest opinion.

5 Stars
Written by undefined on 9th Oct 2016

This is such a sweet love story. I loved how after all the years apart their love never went away. This was a great story and I look forward to reading more from the author.

Written by 4 stars on 9th Oct 2016

I loved reading Ehan and Julia's love story. I could not put this book down and found myself quickly attached to the characters. This was a fantastic, hopeful love story. I look forward to reading more books by Norah Bennett!

A beautiful romance
Written by Bgh on 9th Oct 2016

I love a good story that you can really get into. I love the characters and that they are relatable. The characters age, occupation, and lives are believable. In my opinion, the book is a good read if you can visualize them and there lives. A beautiful romance is one in which you believe in. While I don't mind a far fetched fantasy about 20 something men who are mega rich and get everything they want, I prefer men who make something of themselves and learn life lessons. Both characters are smart, strong, and mature. I love that. Julia, a single mom with all the challenges and a forgiving soul, had me hoping that Ethan would turn out to be deserving her trust. For so many single mothers, finding love means trusting the person you let in, will be careful with your child's heart. I loved how this book didn't gloss over the little girls heart that was very much part of this romance. Good job Ms. Bennett. I look for your other books

good read
Written by undefined on 6th Aug 2016

loved this book

Great love story combined with mystery
Written by Susan M Wulff on 1st Aug 2016

Captivating novel. I couldn't put the book down. Has to see what secrets Julia withheld from Ethan. Great love story combined with mystery. Can't wait for the next book from Norah.

4 Stars from Sammy's Book Obsession!
Written by Samantha Kurtz (Sammy's Book Obsession) on 22nd Jul 2016

Emotional Impact 5/5 Stars There are emotional issues throughout the entire story. Some are handled well, some not so much. Regardless though, they all leave you thinking. Grammar 5/5 Stars Well written. Story Pace 5/5 Stars The pace is pretty steady throughout. It moved right along. Twists, Turns, & Unpredictability 3/5 Stars I didn't find much unpredictable in this book. I won't say much here though, because I don't want to spoil anything. Likeliness to Recommend 5/5 Stars I will recommend this book to those that enjoy second chance love stories. Likeliness to Read More from Author 4/5 Overall 4.4/5 Stars

An EXCELLENT first book!
Written by sarah on 18th Jul 2016

This is an excellent first book by Norah Bennett!! I was instantly engulfed the the world of Ethan and Julia that I simply couldn't put the book down. I was so easily attached to the characters that I just had to know what happened next. I can't wait to read more from Norah!

Written by Angela Marie on 13th Jul 2016

I loved this book!! Julia and Ethan are just so perfect for each other!!! Hopefully they can deal with their traumatic pasts and learn to love each other again.