Rest, My Love by Jules Dixon

Heat Level 3
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Triple R, 2

Ex-soldier Rahl Vendetti returned to his hometown after watching three of his friends die. He should’ve died too. The guilt weighs on him and every breath is fed by a demon of war that taunts his future.

Singer and interior designer Sage Whiteman hit a genetic jackpot when it comes to dying young. She’s living on borrowed time, so letting people in isn’t easy, but the bartender with teddy bear eyes makes her wonder if it’s time to open up.

They have plenty of chemistry between the sheets, but do they have the ability to be what the other needs outside of the bedroom, too? Sage may be the angel to bring out the gentle giant in Rahl, but can he be the strength she needs to face her uncertain future? Will they save each other and create something unexpected?

This is a previously published work. It has been revised and edited for Evernight Publishing.



Approaching me, he slowly ran his warm hands up and down my arms, which only made me shiver again, but for a different reason. I closed my eyes and planted my forehead into his chest. He was a fireplace in the zero degree air. Without questioning, I snuggled into his warmth.
“Your singing … it does something to me.” His arms rounded my back, criss-crossing low and tight.
I took in his cologne and sighed.
“Sage, what really happened last night?”
“I don’t think you understand what being part of my life long-term means. It’s constant worry that the cancer is back and when it does come back it will affect everything. Relationships, schedules, and finances.” I cringed and lowered my voice, “And sex.” I gazed into his soft brown eyes, deep pools of care that made me waver when it came to him and me. I stepped back to get space and perspective. “Lots of things become secondary to fighting a monster that is unpredictable and merciless. I … I can’t…” I turned but he slipped his hands into mine, stopping me.
“Can’t let me get to know you? Can’t take your past out of the equation? Can’t let me decide for myself what I want? I don’t care about the past or the probability of what might happen in the future.”
“Rahl, cancer breaks hearts all the time. You don’t want—”
“I can decide for myself what I want. And I want you, Sage. Cancer or no cancer. I. Want. You.”
He didn’t know cancer like I did. I’d had the monster dig deep into my soul. “I wanted a long life, a family, someone to love forever, all things that won’t happen. We don’t always get what we want.” 

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Rest, My Love
Written by xrayer on 19th Oct 2016

Two people with tragedy in their past. Can they open up to each other and show their scars. I fell in love with Rahl and Sage. I felt they were meant to be together from the start. Even after the scars were revealed they fell in love. Along the way there were some bumps in the road. Some of these bumps were mountains but I still cheered for both of them to heal and love. Just the right amount of love, angst, and twists that you didn't see coming.

Highly recommend
Written by Nanette on 14th Oct 2016

I finished Ms. Dixon's Run to Love and immediately reached for Rest, My Love -- but I’m so torn up over this novel (in a good way)! Rahl and Sage have scars that run deep -- deep deep! But we discover them only as the characters open up. Ms. Dixon masterfully lets these insights into the characters surface, and I really felt that connection to their thoughts and feelings. Yet the author still manages to interject humor, effectively balancing those gut wrenchers. The sex scenes in this one are intense (as in have a cool glass of water nearby...or maybe even an ice-cold shower. Yowza!). Ms. Dixon combines the angst of new adults with authentically flawed characters to create a story about the healing that happens when you find the right person. Highly recommend!