Retribution by Azalea Moone

Heat Level 4
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Operation Wasteland, 3

Left to fend for himself, Leyton is dismissed from the military with Preston at his side. Their only retreat is the horrid and shattered city the military once tried to create as a safe haven from the wasteland. Just as Leyton resigns himself to life there, Preston has other plans: to organize a raid of the military base and retrieve Randy, the man they left behind.

Yet, survival in the city isn’t so easy. Not only must they contend with the corrupt military and their new laws, but Leyton also deals with his returning affection for Preston—the young man he once saved from the wasteland years ago. Love is possible in such tragic times, but can they rescue Randy and attain their freedom once and for all?

Be Warned: m/m sex, menage sex (MMM)



The night wore on, long and tiring. I still didn’t have an explanation of the plan, but I figured Preston was preparing for another raid of some kind, or a rescue mission perhaps. And while we continued to work throughout the night, I’d made my conclusion: I would help him gather what was necessary in this assault of his, but if he expected my help in the raid, he had another thing coming. I would never enter back into the base again. And I didn’t want him to go, either. Call me fearful, call me selfish, but it was my conclusion. I just hope Preston will understand my reason.

We worked with only a half-burned single candle to light our station. Roger snored away the night behind us, the noise drowning out any worries niggling at the back of my mind.

At last, Preston dropped what he was working on and lowered his head. His eyes were shadowed, and his breath heavy with the slight wheezes that came from his lungs. He dipped over the table. I caught him before he passed out.

“Maybe it’s time for you to rest.” I coaxed him into my arms and held him tight. He twitched and glanced up at me with red and swollen eyes. “Yeah, definitely time for bed.” Wherever that would be.

“Not tired,” he lied.

I smiled gently. “Yeah, right.”

I lead him to the opposite corner of the room diagonal of Roger’s couch and laid him down on the floor. The air was still too warm and humid here to use a sheet, but I wished we had something more comfortable to lie on. He curled up around himself immediately and had seemed to already fallen asleep. I ran my fingers through his hair, like I used to do when we lay together in our bunker. He was much younger when I first rescued him.

I pulled away.

He’d grown so much.

My heart panged. He wasn’t the kid I’d saved anymore. He was a man who’d been through a lot more than I could ever imagine. He worked to retain my way of life. He watched our people die. I couldn’t do anything like that. Hell, I didn’t even know what I was going to do now that I was here in Ailton. How would I eat, drink, sleep? After so many years of life in the military, I was too accustomed to it. The wake-up call of the morning announcements and the stomping of a droid’s mechanical feet all ran through my memories as if I were still laying in my cot back in the office.