Ride With Love by Jules Dixon

Heat Level 3
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Triple R, 3

Motorcycle shop manager Kanyon Hills prides himself on being an honest and upstanding guy until a past one-night stand walks into his life and lets him know that he helped create the bubbling five-year-old, Grace. Soon he’s given a choice—his child or his girlfriend, Willow. His choice haunts him every day.

Chef Willow Harper puts everyone’s needs and happiness before her own. When Kanyon announces they are over, he creates a deep fissure in her heart, but her sixth sense tells her that a love like theirs will never truly be over and her heart will wait. Can Willow learn to put herself first and find her own happiness with or without Kanyon? Will Kanyon grow from his past mistakes and return to the woman who fills his heart’s crevices, or will he sacrifice his heart to the woman who had his child?

Be Warned: sex toys, anal sex

This is a previously published work. It has been revised and edited for Evernight Publishing.



“Stop!” He was to me before I could move from the stool. His hand clasped around the back of my neck, and I stilled. His scent opened the craving fissure in my chest and the blood rushed from my extremities to fill the cavern, leaving tingles and trembles along its path. “Just fucking stop. I don’t want her. I don’t need her. I don’t miss her when she’s gone. I don’t think of her every minute of every fucking day. And I sure as hell don’t love her.”

I squirmed, and he lifted me against his body.

“Willow, I know you think you’re doing the right thing, but the only right thing is for you and me to be together.” His lips skimmed mine and his whispers lifted my heart. “Tell me you want me.” He skimmed again. “Tell me you can’t think without me. Tell me how much you miss me.” His forehead rested against mine. “Tell me I’m in your dreams. Tell me you love me ‘cause there’s no way in hell I’m going to love any woman who isn’t you.”

There was no telling, only showing. I pulled his head down until our lips crushed together. Our tongues tangled, sharing feelings that, if I thought I could deny, he’d see straight through anyway. His lips made their way to my neck as his hands lifted my t-shirt over my head.

My brain started to comprehend what was going to happen.

I wanted to stop him.

I needed to stop him.

But I couldn’t stop myself.

He was a natural drug that I craved.

Kanyon lifted me and my legs gripped around his waist. My nails grazed the skin of his neck and into his hair. Every strand skimmed through my fingers and satisfied a hunger I tried to deny was there. Cupping my ass, he ground his growing hardness against me while our tongues fluttered against each other’s. I whimpered into his mouth as every touch, scent, and sound led me down a path toward wanting every inch of him. Our journey was a one-way street I couldn’t turn around on. Without regret, I gave into the direction we were headed. 

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good read
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enjoyed the book