Run to Love by Jules Dixon

Heat Level 3
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Triple R, 1

Personal trainer Jude Saylor’s sense of direction in life has always been a little questionable. After a move and new job, he seems to be on the right path—until a cautious and sweet new client enters into the picture. Soon Jude wonders if happiness isn’t as simple as a direction, but if it could be the woman he has next to him on the journey.

Presley Bradenhurst is a go-getter, as evidenced by her hundred pound weight loss, but the alteration to the outside didn’t quite transfer to the inside. When Presley’s trainer is fired and Jude steps up as the one who wants to make her sweat, will her instinct to run keep her from knowing a love she’s only dreamed about?

In the end, can a lost soul and a broken soul work it out?

This is a previously published work. It has been revised and edited for Evernight Publishing.

Be Warned: sex toys



“Did you invite me into your truck just to tell me you don’t want to be my trainer anymore?”

The green pools glistened like grass covered in morning dew, until rolling tears fell over the edge.

I lost all train of thought staring into her beautiful eyes.

She sucked in a jittery breath. “Fine! I get it. We’re done, professionally and otherwise. Have a good life, Jude.” She grabbed the door handle, yanked her bag from the floor, and swung her legs to exit the truck.

When I recovered my faculties, I reacted quickly. “Shit! Presley! Please wait.”

She kept moving. I jumped from my side of the truck to get to her. Her heels were just hitting the concrete when I rounded the truck to the open passenger door.

“Presley, stop, please!” I slid one hand to her waist and one behind her neck. She stiffened as our bodies pressed lightly against each other. When I had her complete attention, I brought my hand from her waist and wiped away her tears. “Presley, it’s a good thing. Because now I can kiss you like I’ve wanted to from the very first day I met you. And this way, I won’t get fired.”

I tipped her head and met her pouty lips with a soft, gentle kiss. Her eyes opened wide with surprise, then closed in surrender. She dropped her bag to the ground and slid her hands up my chest to the back of my neck where her long fingers tangled into my ponytail. She toyed with the trapped strands and my head spun at how sensual the touch was, and by her soft appreciative moan I could tell she really liked my hair the way it was.

I led the kiss, but everything she did in response was 100 percent better than anything any female had ever done to me. I deepened the kiss. Our tongues rolled in a slippery fusion that seared my memory and taste buds with her sweet essence. Each of us gave a little of ourselves to the other person, and at that moment I’d give her anything she ever wanted. Our bodies heated along with our mouths. My hands searched her back, pulling her closer to me until we were crushed in a passionate vice-like hold.

I broke the kiss, dropping my forehead to hers. “Presley, can we get back in the truck?”

She nodded. Her eyes remained closed and her body shivered lightly.

“Are you okay?”

Not answering, she turned around and jumped back onto the seat.

When I was seated back inside, she slid closer.

Now that’s better.

But her eyes still pointed down and her body tremored visibly. “Don’t hurt me again, please.”

With those broken and fear-filled words, I wrapped my arms around her. “I’m going to do everything I can to never do that again, and that’s a promise.”

Her soft eyes fluttered closed and my heart beat fast.

“Jude, I want to trust you, but like always my mind and instincts are telling me to run the other way.” Her eyes met mine. “But I think my heart is saying something else. I think it wants to stay and see what could happen.”

I guided her body closer. She’d opened her heart to me and I wanted her to know that I was doing the same.

“I like what your heart is saying, Presley.” 

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loved it
Written by undefined on 30th Oct 2016

loved the book

I would run to Jude!!!
Written by Romance Rendezvous Book Blog on 5th Oct 2016

Totally loved the chemistry and dynamics between Jude and Presley! This story revolves around Jude (personal trainer) and Presley (car sales person) and what they need to overcome to be with one another. Jude has a horrible sense of direction - both figuratively and literally, while Presley just can't seem to fathom while anyone would want her (self esteem). During the course of this relationship they do hit a few bumps and curves along the way, like most couples do. Good thing I read alone because there were parts in this book where I laughed, jumped for joy, and cried with the characters! The supporting characters are a hoot! I can't wait to see what Ms Dixon comes up with in the next book!