Scarred Mate by Maggie Mundy

Heat Level 3
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Romance on the Go ®

A drug lord wants Rosie dead. Making friends with a werewolf may be the only way to stay alive...

Rosie had everything. A job as a cop, a lover, and a great future. That was six months ago. Now she has a scarred face, no job, and has lived through betrayal. Her only choice is to head for the hills when a drug lord comes after her. If not, others could get hurt. 

Connor doesn't fit in with his wolf pack and his scars mean he has never found a mate. Rosie could be that mate or she could be the death of him.



Rosie held her breath as the steps got closer. This was ridiculous. Whoever they were had helped by pulling her van out of the ditch. For reassurance, she kept her hand on the cool metal of her gun in the bag. Why would they hurt her? That was easy to answer. There were idiots everywhere who wanted to hurt people because someone had done them wrong. Rosie glanced out the door to see the shadow of huge person on the road, or maybe it was the light playing tricks on her. Nope, it was real.


Nothing could have prepared her for the sight of the man who stood next to the open door. He had to be six feet tall and looked like a wall of muscle in his tight t-shirt.  Even his jeans encased well-built thighs. His brown hair was cropped close to his head and his face was unshaven.


Rosie had seen enough tough guys on the beat as a cop and his menacing look and piercing brown eyes should have intimidated even her. It didn’t. For some reason, calm oozed through her as she let out a long breath. It must be the knock to the head sending her loopy. She even took her hand off her gun.


Rosie left the van with clenched fists, ready for what was to come. As usual, things didn’t go to plan. Her legs went to jelly when her feet touched the ground. Everything went fuzzy and the world tuned to black.



Conner moved fast to grab the woman before she hit the road. His whole body responded to touching her. Tingles zoomed through him as if electric shocks were spreading out to his fingers and toes. As he stared at her, Conner could almost envision the bond between her chest and his like a shining white cord.

What the hell. He was imprinting. Connor hadn’t thought it would ever happen, and if it did, no one would want him. He was a loner, with a body covered in scars. Any female wolf would be repulsed by him and fight the attraction. The thought of a woman being tied to him and staring in pity would be too much to bare.

All of that aside, he could not tear his gaze away from the woman in his arms. Her face was scarred. 

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Long and Short LASR
Written by Fern on 15th Dec 2017

Six months ago Rosie had been enjoying her life – a good job as a cop, a lover and a bright-looking future. Now, about to leave her apartment and go into hiding, the only good thing in Rosie’s life was the orgasms she had while she slept and dreamed of her imaginary lover, a stud who was scarred same as her. When Rosie escapes to a small log-cabin in the middle of nowhere, she never expected to meet six-foot tall handsome stud Connor, who has scars – and secrets – of his own. I found this to be an interesting and slightly different take on the usual “man meets woman in a cabin in the middle of the woods” style of story. I admit I was expecting quite the cliché and was delightfully surprised. Rosie might have her own baggage and problems, but is determined (and not in a pig-headed manner either) to rely on herself to fix them. Connor carries his scars (internal and external) but doesn’t wallow in pity or act over-aggressive to compensate for them. Indeed, considering their genuine problems, I was impressed with how well-adjusted both Rosie and Connor were. It helped me really relax and enjoy their story and quite early on I was thoroughly invested in them both together as a couple and individually as characters too. That made reading this story both a delight and a pleasure. I loved how despite being determined to solve her own problems, Rosie was mature and sensible enough to know when to ask for help. I loved how Connor knew that despite them being mates that imprinting himself on Rosie before they got to know each other wouldn’t go down well – and I was even more impressed how while he acknowledged these things his wolf-self couldn’t help but imprint on her anyway. I found it just so refreshing that Connor and Rosie both were just so sensible and realistic – it let me enjoy the plot and paranormal world the author had built without wanting to roll my eyes or disconnect my brain and “just roll with it”. My only real complaint was I noticed quite a few typo’s throughout the story and felt the editing could have been a bit tighter (“bate” instead of “bait”, “branched” instead of “branch”, “t-towel” instead of “tea-towel” and few more on top of that). Readers looking for an interesting and somewhat different style of werewolf romance will likely be pleased with this short story. The sex is steamy, the characters complex and fresh and the pacing goes along at a good clip. I found this to be a fun and well-written tale.