Scores by Kiru Taye

Heat Level 4
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Passion Shields, 3

His love possesses her, but will it protect her?

Benjamin Moss has proven how much he cares about his wife Selina. She pushed him to shred his iron control and bare his soul to her. In return he's earned her much guarded heart as well as her body.

But her past has finally caught up with her and scores will have to be settled before they can have a happy ending. Can Benjamin's love protect her from those who seek to destroy both of them? Or will she finally lose the man who's possessed her body as well as her heart?

Be Warned: BDSM, menage sex (MFM), public exhibition




"I know Selina can be stubborn," Chris said after moments of silence while the men drank. "But is she refusing to take the bracelet back?"


"No. She wants it. But I can't give it back to her until she knows everything about my past. I can't trust that she won't throw it at me when she finds out what my life was really like." Ben sighed, giving in briefly to the fear of what it would do to his heart if she spurned him again.


"I don't blame you," Kenny said, sympathy lacing his words.


"Shit," Chris muttered under his breath.


His friends understood his predicament. They were dominant men. Although Chris wasn't in a committed relationship, he had dated Selina before Benjamin met her. Kenny on the other hand had been married once. Still, they both understood his need for Selina, his overwhelming desire to have her submission.


She was a beam of light shining on the darkness that had lived in his soul since he was a teenager. He loved her. Wanted to possess her like no one ever did.


As a man who made a living from protecting others, no one drew out his protective instincts like Selina did. And he would make sure she was protected no matter the cost to him. If it meant taking down Tony Kana, he would do it in a heartbeat.


"I want to know everything Tony Kana does from now on. If he as much as sneezes, I want to hear about it." Ben tossed the rest of his drink down his throat as the need to be with his wife overwhelmed him. He stood and headed toward the door.


"You've got it." Kenny nodded as he stood too.


"Thank you," Ben said before punching the button to call the elevator. Chris stepped inside with him when the door opened.


"Why are you so bent on tracking this guy?" his best friend asked. "Is there something I should know?"


Ben had asked Kenny, who had contacts in West Africa, to help him find Tony Kana but he'd never really explained to his friends why.


"Kana is Selina's ex-husband," he said in a matter of fact tone.


"And?" His friend understood him too well.


"He's the reason she has body issues."


"Body issues?" Chris's face puckered in a frown.


"When you dated her, did you ever get to see her fully unclothed?"


His friend's dark brows drew together. "No. She always insisted on having those corsets on. They were damn sexy so I never minded. Although once I walked into the bathroom while she was in the shower and she nearly screamed the place down because she wanted me to get out."


Benjamin closed his eyes and sucked in a breath to stave off his rising anger. "Her abdomen is covered in scars. Someone cut her up pretty badly."


"Kana?" Chris growled the question.


"No." Ben opened his eyes and stared at his friend. He could see his anger reflected in his friend's eyes. "But he might as well have wielded the knife himself. He handed Selina over to the militia who wanted to use her as a sex slave. She fought back and they mutilated her for disobedience."


"And all you want to do is watch this guy? I want to put a bullet right between his eyes."


"Selina doesn't want any more bloodshed. I have to respect her wishes. Doesn't mean I can't take the guy down another way."


"Right." Chris nodded. "He has to pay."


"Oh, he's going to pay. No doubt about that."


They entered the bar and loud music erased the need for further conversation.




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What a perfect end to a awesome trilogy
Written by SharondaBrazenBabe on 22nd Jan 2015

What a perfect end to a awesome trilogy. And although, the issue between Ben and his "father" is unresolved...I'm still happy with the way Ben and Selina's story ended. But I have a feeling Kiru will be giving us more on the issue between Ben & his "father"...perhaps in someone else's book? **book provided by author for the purpose of an honest review**

Written by on 22nd Jan 2015

In book 3 we meet Benjamin's Uncle Leonard who is a White Supremacist and see the home Benjamin came from. We find out secrets about Ben's father that no one expected. This one delves even deeper into the BSDM scene and Selina gets her dream of a threesome and boy is it erotic without going overboard. And as the title suggests there is a few scores to settle. Selina is getting her brother back but don't forget about her ex Tony. He pops up and bad things happen to Selina when he's around. When Selina is told something devastating will she believe it or still hold on to her trust in Ben? This series may be short but I really enjoyed it and would like to read more about Ben and Selina. I cane to care for them very much and if there isn't any more to their story I'm going to miss them really sad to see them go. Ms. Taye ties it all together brilliantly at the end.

A great, hot finale!
Written by Bethany-Kris on 22nd Jan 2015

In the final installment of Ben and Selina's story in the Passion Shields, there are a few scores left to settle. They may love one another dearly, but sometimes love doesn't fix and shield all. Both Selina and Ben have pasts that catch up to them in Scores. Ben's "uncle" (no spoilers) comes into play with his White Supremacy attitude. Selina's ex-husband, the one who caused her to live forever with her scars, also comes into play with his own plan to get Selina back ... although his plans for her aren't exactly nice. Once again, this couple finds themselves needing to hand complete trust over to one another to get through this wave safely ... and together. Out of all three books in the series, Scores is my favorite. I'll lay that out there right now. Not only is Selina pushed to an extreme, but in my opinion, Ben was, too. That's not to say he wasn't before, but I think Scores was the first time it seemed as though he was being pushed out of his comfort zone. I'd explain why, but that would spoil a few things. Ms. Taye finishes with a bang in this book and I felt everything--except for maybe what happens to Ben's "uncle"--was tied up in a neat, hot little bow. Try to have a fan or water on hand for the threesome scene. All in all, I thought the series was sexy, well-written, and great. The pages were never filled with useless information to pump up the word count, as it wasn't needed. Each book was perfectly fine at the length it was, because by the end of it, all of the questions were answered. Those t's and 's I mentioned in my first review were crossed and dotted. True to Ms. Taye's style that I've really come to enjoy, the Passion Shields leaves me wanting to grab the next book from Kiru. Since I know exactly which one is coming next, my hands are very grabby.