Serenity Snow's Complete Book List

Serenity Snow's Complete Book List


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Midnight's Jewels TM




Zhara's Fire


Assassin's Trilogy TM

An Assassin's Kiss

Burning for an Assassin

Claiming an Assassin


Windswept TM

Taken by the Wind

Heat in the Air

A Northerly Breeze



Fairy Mafia TM

Diamond Rough

Diamond Cold

Diamond Black

Diamond Hard

Diamond Cuts


Coyote Bound TM 

Grinding for the Coyote

Taking it Off for the Coyote

Getting Nawty with the Coyote

Catching a Coyote

Claiming a Beta Coyote

Claiming a Snow Cop


Law and Love TM

Caroline's Heart

Caroline's Choice


Assassin's Core TM

The Madam's Lover

The Madam's Criminal Intent

The Nefarious Madam

No Negotiations

The Madam Never Surrenders


Cozy Bend Romance TM

The Butch of Cozy Bend

Romance With an Heiress

A Faux Fauxmance

Coming Home to Love

The Poison of Bitterness

She's Irresistible

The Heart of a Nymph

The Grass Witch's Song


Stand-Alone Titles

The Boss's Daughter

Mad About Her

Blood for Her