Shakedown by Michelle Roth

Heat Level 3
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Diamond and Diamond Private Investigators, 1

Private Detective Mike Diamond is the low man on the totem pole. More often than not he finds himself investigating insurance fraud or cheating spouses. When he's assigned a dog-napping case, he is on the brink of refusing until he meets the client. One look at her changes everything. 

When the police refuse to investigate her case, Cassidy Werner turns to Diamond and Diamond Private Investigators. Despite the bad first impression he's given her, Cassidy still hires Mike to help her find her prize Tibetan Mastiff. As she gets to know him, she realizes that he's not only dedicated to getting Roddy back for her, but also a pretty great guy. 

Right after she receives a ransom demand, things begin to heat up between them. Will Mike be able to crack the case and save her dog? And if he can, does that mean that he gets the girl too? 



He was relieved to find the lobby was empty, so he stopped back at Lara's desk and asked, “Can you believe that shit? A dog napping?”


He didn't think for a minute she hadn't overheard every word. That woman was like the KGB and Secret Service all in one. Anything happened in this office, she had it under immediate surveillance.


Lara cuffed him on the arm and said, “She's in the bathroom, idiot.”


Mike winced, feeling bad he'd probably been overheard. But, seriously, who hired a PI to find a lost dog?


Seconds later, the bathroom door slowly opened. He almost did a double take as the woman stepped out. Aside from red eyes that had clearly been crying, she was a looker.


She was elegantly dressed and somewhere near his age, with a riot of auburn curls trailing down her back, like some sort of mermaid siren. All ripe, lush curves. He'd always liked his women soft.


And, he was ogling this obviously distraught woman like she was a steak. Not that he wouldn't be more than interested in taking a bite, but it was clear that now wasn't the time. So instead of voicing his thoughts, he stuck his hand out and said, “Mike Diamond. And you are?”


“Cassidy Werner,” she said, not bothering to stick her hand out.


Well, apparently she'd heard him. He'd need to apologize, if the look on her face was any indication. He dropped his hand and said, “My office is this way.”


She gave him a look that screamed 'You're on thin ice, buddy' but moved toward the open office door that Mike had gestured to. He followed her, once again appreciating the hourglass waist and full hips. Damn.


He moved behind his desk and gestured to one of the worn chairs. When she had settled in, he asked, “So I understand your dog has been kidnapped?”


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The TBR Pile
Written by undefined on 20th Jul 2015

I did like the push and pull between Cassidy and Mike simply because their backgrounds were so different. It’s enjoyable and sweet. Not very spicy (aka sexy), but that’s okay. It was an engaging story and I recommend anyone who likes romance and mystery mixed together.

Yummy Detective!
Written by Books4Life on 30th Jun 2015

This was my first book by Michelle Roth, but it definitely won't be my last. I LOVED the detective. He was a little bit gritty and a whole lot sexy. This was a nice blend of romance and suspense, and I'm very much looking forward to more of this series.

Another Winner from Michelle
Written by Siannaj on 30th Jun 2015

Sitting on a train for 12 hours having this book to read was a wonderful treat! I loved the story and even giggled out loud a few times even with all those people sitting around me. I loved the story and can't wait to read the next story and find out what's going to happen next in the series.

This was a totally awesome short read
Written by Kerry Reads on 22nd Jun 2015

This was a totally awesome short read. I really loved Mike and his chemistry with Cassidy. Wonderful job Ms. Roth, I'm looking forward to more in this series.

Fantastic Writing!
Written by Barb Pond on 12th Jun 2015

This story was a very cute read. I love just about any book that has animals in it and this one put a smile on my face. The characters are so likable even though I wish a little more about the dog was mentioned but otherwise it was good. Cassidy Werner's prized pooch Sir Roderick Von Liechtenstein, otherwise known as Roddy. Roddy is a Tibetan Mastiff and a great showdog worth plenty of money. Cassidy hires a private detective to find her beloved dog. Mike Diamond is that PI and I could feel the chemistry coming off the pages between Cassidy and Mike. HOT! The story flowed smoothly and never a dull moment in the whole story. I couldn't turn the pages fast enough to see what would happen. Can't wait to read more from this author.

Written by Marie Brown on 12th Jun 2015

When I first got a glimpse of this book by Michelle Roth, I knew right away that I wanted to read it. I really like the theme: a Private Detective agency, Diamond and Diamond Private Investigators, who will help those that the cops refuse or won't do anything for. Shakedown is about one of those investigators, Mike Diamond who got a case for a kidnapped dog. When he meets the owner, sexy Cassidy, he feels instant attraction to her and soon starts to feel more for her as they look into who kidnapped her dog. I found at times, that the tension between Mike and Cassidy to be almost sizzling and crackling as they race to save her cherished Tibetan Mastiff. The one thing I wish there was more of was suspense. I felt like things happened a bit too quickly and then kind of slowed down. I think if things were stretched out a bit more when it came to finding the dog and the rescue, I think this could of made things a lot better with the story. I did like the characters and the general plot, but if there was a bit more to the story, this book would of been absolutely perfect. Even though I wouldn't rate this a Five Stars, I definitely think it deserved a THREE AND A HALF SHOOTING STARS! With a bit more suspense to go with the romance in future books, I think this series could easily take off and become a huge hit! For a first book in Michelle Roth's new series, it was pretty good and worth reading. I love the idea for this new series and even though I gave it a THREE AND A HALF STARS, I still liked it and am curious to see what will happen in future books and I know Michelle Roth will only get better with each new one.

Fun, short, and HOT
Written by Erin Pollock on 11th Jun 2015

What a fun, hot read by Michelle Roth. Again her sense of humor shows through in her characters. That hot chemistry between her two main characters is once again prominent throughout the book. I love the new deceptive series and look forward to the next one. If you are looking for a quick, hot read then this is the one to read. I can't wait for the next one in the series!!!

Nice short story
Written by Reading Mama on 10th Jun 2015

Nice short story. When the love man gets a missing dog case he is angry, until he meets the owner. One night of passion and he is hooked on her.

Humour and intrigue, attraction and betrayal.
Written by CA Knoble on 10th Jun 2015

Michelle Roth writes with a snappy crackling wit that seizes your attention immediately and never lets go. Shakedown is a fun ride, full of humour and intrigue, attraction and betrayal. Fast-paced and unrelentingly sexy, Roth's story negotiates a world of dog-napping and extortion, peppered with a truly lovely romance. With an alluring heroine, a flawed but lovable hero and a Tibetan Mastiff, this is a superb tale that will have you laughing, cheering and sighing in romantic bliss.

I loved this book
Written by Gayle Cranfield on 4th Jun 2015

The story revolves around Mike Diamond a cheeky PI who has a great sense of humour and Cassie, the client who has had her prized mastif dog-napped. Mike is not happy about taking on her case as he normally deals with cheating spouses and fraud. Although Cassie is very upset about loosing her dog, you really get the feeling that Mike is not abusing her emotional state and get a real sense of attraction between the two. I loved this book and read it straight through, leaving me wanting more...come on Michelle we need another instalment and quick.