Slow Burn by Michelle Roth

Heat Level 3
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Diamond and Diamond Private Investigators, 2

While working undercover in the Cynertex development department, Private Investigator Rick Diamond finds himself taking a very personal interest in one of the lab technicians, Tessa. He's completely shocked when he later discovers that he's falling for his prime suspect.

Tessa Fitzsimmons is immediately drawn to Rick Dante, the new intern at work. She's captivated by his charm and his nearly heart stopping grin. All it takes is one incredibly passionate night together and already she's beginning to see a future for them.

Rick knows he's taking a huge risk by dating a suspect but he can't seem to help himself. If she's guilty, it will absolutely tear him apart. And, if she's innocent? She might not be able to forgive him when she finds out who he really is.

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Tessa laughed as she pulled him toward the Twirling Teacups.

Rick groaned and asked, “You know they're gonna take away my man card, right? I just have to give it to the guy taking the tickets.”

“C'mon,” she said, nudging him. “We can't come to Centreville and not ride the teacups!”

She tried not to laugh as he made a big production out of it. He counted the tickets, then looked at the ride. Then he looked back at her and asked, “I can drive, right?”

Deadpan, she said, “I thought I would drive.”

He raised his eyebrow but said nothing. The slight smirk on his face spoke volumes though. It clearly said, “There is no way I'm letting a chick drive me around in a teacup.”

“Fine. You can drive.”

Rick grinned and handed the tickets to the ticket collector, who clearly overheard her complaint if the smirk on his face was any indication. He just pointed and said, “You folks can have the pink one on the right.”

Tessa laughed and said, “Oh good. My favorite color.”

Rick said nothing, though his look promised retribution. He merely slid into the tea cup and patted the bench next to him.

When she was seated next to him, her thigh brushing against his.

His tone conversational, he said, “So, this is the most emasculating first date I've ever had. This is a record.”

 “So, I guess that means no carousel?” Tessa teased, as the music started up and the ride began to slowly move.

In answer, he grinned and then spun the wheel so she swayed into his chest. She started to right herself, but Rick put a halt to that when he wrapped an arm around her. Most of her upper body was now pressed against his chest.

The look on Rick's face was a mixture of both amusement and desire.  As they continued to spin, neither of them manning the wheel, his smile faded. With a look of concentration, he slowly closed the distance between their mouths.

Tessa stretched up, pressing her lips against his. At the first brush of her lips against his, she felt a jolt of awareness run through her. When his hand came up to cradle her cheek, she let out a soft sigh of pleasure. He took the opportunity to deepen the kiss, his tongue exploring her mouth, twining with hers.

She couldn't stop the soft moan that rose from the back of her throat as his hands cruised lazily along her hips and back. Even through the layers of her sundress and the thin cotton sweater she wore, she could feel the heat of his hands on her body.

His hands moved to tangle in her hair as he gentled the kiss. But instead of backing away as she expected, Rick began to nibble at her jaw and then trace a path down the side of her throat with his tongue.

Tessa could do nothing but tilt her neck and enjoy the sensations as he swirled and nipped at her. Her arousal grew with every hot, open mouthed kiss he placed against her sensitive neck. It was clear he knew exactly what he was doing.

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Written by heidi on 6th Oct 2015

I was kindly gifted a copy of this smoking hot book in exchange for my honest opinion and a review. This is book 2 of Diamond and Diamond Private Investigators, which you can read as a stand alone or start with book 1 Shakedown. Private Investigator Rick Diamond finds himself going undercover in the Cynertex development department, But whilst he is there he ends up taking an extremely personal interest in one of the lab technicians, Tessa. He is complete and utterly shocked when he later discovers that he is falling for his prime suspect. Tessa Fitzsimmons is drawn right in and to the sexy Rick Dante, he is the new intern where she works. She cant help but to fall completely for his charm and his pantie dropping grin. And all it takes is one passionate smoking hot night together heating up the sheets. Tessa can already see the beginning of a bright future for them together as one. Rick knows deep down that he's taking a massive risk by dating one of the suspects but he just can't seem to stop himself from doing just that. He just knows if she is found to be guilty, it will completely tear him apart. And, if she is innocent? She might not be able to forgive him when she finds out who he really is and what he has done. Will she be able to move past this or will this break them both apart for good? OMG this may be a quick read but it had me on fire, Michelle Roth spins such a fab read I loved everything about it the characters the story line the twists and turns they were all so on point, which shows you what an amazing author she is. Rick he is a hunky PI who so doesn't expect his investigation to turn out the way it does when he finds and falls for Tessa, he is a stand up guy one you can trust and it shows through out the book even if he keeps some secrets from Tessa. Tessa is just a Lab technician going about her job when she meets Rick, she is struck by the Love bug at almost an instance. I found Tessa very endearing and sweet you could tell she was a lovely lady that just needed to find Mr Right. Fans Myself * My most favourite parts in the book was the hot interactions and omg that boat scene wowza....... it made my glasses steam up. It was a shear joy to read and review this awesome book. 5 Out Of 5 Hearts From Cariad Books

... stories that I am going to feel rushed or like I am missing something
Written by Siannaj on 19th Jul 2015

I worry with some of the shorter stories that I am going to feel rushed or like I am missing something. This is NOT the case with this book. I found the characters to be perfectly developed and still got an amazing story. I am looking forward to reading the next installment when it comes out.

Lovely short story.
Written by Dominique Willahan on 10th Jul 2015

I really enjoyed this book. It was about a man who was hired to go undercover at a job to see who was leaking their proprietary information out to their competitors. Will he find the culprit or will he find love. It’s a short story but it was very sweet. The undercover agent Rick Diamond is rugged, sexy and all business as he goes undercover. When he gets to his assignment he gets an unexpected surprise. Tessa. Tessa is who every woman aspires to be. Beautiful with heart and brains to back it up. She has her flaws and like everyone else she has family issues. She has to find her voice and be strong and stand up for herself. This book is funny, sexy and heart felt. I can’t to read more about these two. I am also looking forward to more from Michelle Roth.

You never feel like something is missing or that it was rushed
Written by SiK Reviews "~*Karen*~" on 2nd Jul 2015

Hired to find an employee who has been stealing company secrets, Rick goes undercover to find the culprit. He never imagined in a million years that one of the suspects would be the woman who would steal his heart. This is a quick read, but you never realize it because it is full of passion and action. You never feel like something is missing or that it was rushed.

I am really liking this series.
Written by Elizabeth N. on 1st Jul 2015

I am really liking this series. The stories are quick, yet you don't feel like anything is missing from the story. Sometimes things can be resolved quickly and feelings, real feelings, can develop between two people after a short amount of time. Slow Burn is the story of Rick, co-owner of Diamond and Diamond Private Investigators, with his nephew, Mike (hero in book 1), and he's going undercover as an intern to help the company's CEO find out who's selling their research to a competitor. Rick meets Tessa, a lab tech at the company, and likes her. Thankfully, Tessa likes him too. Of course, things aren't that simple. Rick has to rule Tessa out as a suspect and he's seeing and hearing some things that, when taken out of context, make her look guilty. Rick doesn't want to believe it because he's falling for her and it seems she's falling right along with him. Will they catch each other or will that fall be painful? Is Tessa guilty? If not, when she finds out the truth about Rick, will she able to forgive him and want to see what the future holds for them? One-click this now and find out. Happy reading.