Snowbound by Ravenna Tate

Heat Level 3
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Nina Santangeles is lost in a blizzard as the roads become more treacherous and nightfall looms. She spots a light and knocks on the door of the house, but can’t believe who answers. 

She has two unpleasant choices. 

Freeze to death in her car, or wait out the storm with Cameron Easton and Alex Gable, the two men who seduced her, and then trashed her career three years ago.

Be Warned: menage sex (MFM), anal sex, spanking, bondage



“It’s okay.” Cameron’s lips nuzzled her neck, and a fresh wave of heat shot through her body. “That’s all behind you now. We’ll help you forget him.”

Alex continued stroking her calves. Nina watched his hands, mesmerized by their soft touch. She willed them to continue up all the way up to her aching pussy. He gently pulled off her tights, holding her gaze with his beautiful eyes. “Have you made love to two men at once since that night?”

“No. That was a first and once-only experience.” Nina bit her lip to keep from crying out. His fingertips on her bare legs sent spasms through her entire body. She was so close to coming all he’d have to do was touch her clit. How could this be real?

She’d dreamed about that night so many times since then, but she’d always pushed away the memories during her waking hours because they were all mixed up with leaving her job the next day.

“Well then, think of this as a belated Christmas present.” Cameron’s tongue flicked over her ear, then traced a line down her neck to her collarbone. He unzipped her dress, and Nina moaned. Alex gently parted her legs and stroked her upper thighs.

Cameron helped her to her feet and she let the dress fall. He smiled as his gaze roamed over her black bra and panties, making her glad she’d chosen this underwear for tonight. What a stroke of luck.

“You’re still absolutely fucking beautiful,” he said softly.

A tiny voice in her head screamed to stop this now, while she still could. Her last ounce of willpower hung on by a thread. She desperately wanted to lose herself in these two and forget everything else, even if just for one night. The horrible things she had believed of them for three years weren’t true, which meant everything had changed. Surely they deserved one more chance, especially on New Year’s Eve.

Cameron stroked her cheek again, his gaze soft and warm, as Alex moved behind her. His erection pressed into the small of her back, and Nina closed her eyes, letting the waves of passion course through her.

“It’s all right,” whispered Alex. “We won’t do anything you don’t want to do. You get to call the shots.”

Alex reached around and cupped her breasts, his fingers teasing her nipples through the satin. Nina moaned, and Cameron took her face in his hands. She opened her eyes as he dipped his head to kiss her. Alex unhooked her bra, and it fell to the floor. He took her breasts again, his strong hands kneading them while his thumbs played with her nipples.

Nina groaned into Cameron’s open mouth as his tongue slid in and out. His lips moved over hers in such a perfect kiss she felt dizzy. Alex’s hands moved to her panties and teased the edges with his fingers until she silently begged him to rip the damn things off already.

Cameron’s lips moved to her neck, over her collarbone, and down to her breasts. His breath was hot against her skin, and his soft kisses left a trail of fire. He took one breast in each hand and raked his teeth over her nipples, sending shockwaves straight to her groin. Nina tangled her fingers in his soft hair and pulled him closer.

Alex slipped a finger inside her panties and ran it over her swollen clit until she whimpered and rocked her hips against him, aching for release. The pressure was unbearable.

“Tell me what you want,” said Alex.

“I want your fingers inside me.”

Cameron looked up and smiled. “And what can I do for you, beautiful Nina?”

“You’re fine right where you are.” She could barely catch her breath, let alone speak.

He fastened his mouth on one nipple, taking as much of her breast into it as he could. Nina held onto his shoulders as waves of dizziness washed over her. She’d never been so aroused in her life. Every memory of that night three years ago came rushing back, but reliving it again was better than all her memories combined.

She didn’t want them to stop, and she didn’t want to think. She only wanted to experience this again.

Alex slid her panties to her ankles then slowly ran his hands back up her legs. She stepped out of them and opened her legs. He massaged her ass, working his fingers in slow circles over her cheeks and puckered opening, until finally he stroked her clit for long, delicious moments before slipping two fingers into her pussy. 

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Love In The Snow
Written by Liz Castillo on 29th Nov 2015

What do you do when you think that the two men you shared a glorious night with betrayed you? You leave and never look back. You may have gotten your heart broken, but you aren't going to hang around and let them hurt you again and destroy your career. But what if fate steps in and put those two hot, steamy, sexy men in your path again? Do you confront them? Believe them when they say they were framed? Do you give into your desires and give them a second chance? Nina dwells a little too much about what happened in the past. Cameron and Alex have been friends for years and they have longed to find Nina again. All this makes for a very seductive read. Sometimes you need a little entertaining after a long day, Cameron and Alex can satisfy your needs nicely. I mean, wouldn't you rather get nice and toasty with two devilishly handsome men then freezing out in the cold? I really enjoyed this sumptuous menage read. I look forward to more from these three.

Snowbound(romance on the go) by Ravenna Tate
Written by By Mis Thorne on 10th Jan 2015

I love the way the author gave love to these characters. And it also showed sometime good things come to those who wait.Thank you

Just Awesome!
Written by Kenna on 8th Jan 2015

A perfect way to spend an evening. Loved this book so much!!

Written by Trish on 7th Jan 2015

Short and awesome. It was emotional and endearing. Hot scenes. Yes I wished it was longer but it didn't lack anything.

Loved this
Written by Rhonda on 7th Jan 2015

I really, really loved this book. Short, steamy and sexy!! I'm looking forward to more books like these from the author!!!

Great story
Written by Homehair on 6th Jan 2015

Great story. Was well written. Wish it was longer, I hope there is more to come with these 3.