So Wrong It's Good by Jenika Snow

Heat Level 3
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At twenty years old Lake Heart has only been with one guy. She’s inexperienced in all things male related, but that doesn’t stop her from wanting Reese. He’s ex-military, powerful, and he makes her feel wholly feminine. 

Reese Jordan’s marriage was broken from the very beginning, but for the last two years he tried to make it work. When he signs the divorce papers he doesn’t expect to feel this intense arousal for Lake, and she is over a decade younger than he is. 

When one night of drunkenness leads to Lake and Reese sleeping together, the repercussions could ruin everything. But Reese wants Lake, no matter who thinks it’s wrong.

Be Warned: rimming


“Yesterday I couldn’t stop staring at you, Lake, couldn’t stop looking at the lushness of your mouth, the way you are so fucking beautiful,” he said close to her lips. He lifted his hand and touched her bottom lip, stroking it, as if mesmerized. “And then I couldn’t help but imagine what it would feel like to kiss you, stroke you, have my mouth on every part of your body.”

She was so wet, and her clit throbbed in time with her heart.

“I shouldn’t want you, not because you aren’t drop dead gorgeous, so fucking smart and sweet, but because of the many other things that stand in the way of this.”

Yeah, she knew what he meant, knew her age, the family, all of that could cause problems. But she didn’t want this to end.

“But I’m not going to stop,” he said, his gaze still on her lips. “I can’t.” He looked at her, his eyes at half-mast, almost drugged-like. “I want you, Lake.” He slid his hand over her shoulder, down her arm, over her belly, and finally stopped between her legs. She was frozen, stunned that he touched her so intimately. The move was so sudden, so powerful, that she actually pressed her body, her pussy, down on his hand, seeking more pressure.

“That’s it,” he said softly, leaning a little closer to her mouth until she felt his lips rub along hers. He pushed the material of her lounge pants down and cupped her pussy again. She still wore her panties.

He started moving his fingers gently over her clit and pussy lips, having a gasp leaving her at the amount of pleasure coursing through her. In an instant he had her panties pushed down her thighs. When he had his bare hand on her exposed slit her toes curled and a small cry left her. His fingers were thick, big and long, and his skin so very hot.

He moved them into her room by forcing her to walk backward using his body. When they were inside he closed the door, pushed her back up against the wall, and breathed out heavily.

“I want you so fucking badly, baby, even if it seems a little wrong.” He took possession of her mouth in a searing kiss. His tongue was like silk against hers, demanding, probing, dominating. And the hand he still had between her thighs was like fire, scorching her, inflaming her, and having her feel like she’d burn alive. He used his thumb to rub circles against her throbbing clit while he kissed her. This kiss was fierce and urgent. It was exactly how she felt at the moment.

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Night Owl Reviews
Written by Bookfreak on 14th Sep 2015

20 year old Lake has only ever been with one guy, but her ex-military step brother, Reese, makes her feels things she's never felt before. Reese's recent marriage was over before it even began. But going through a divorce opens his eyes to Lake and the feelings she stirs within him. Will they be able to make the relationship work, or will age difference, and Lake's dad and step-mom stand in their way? I am a longtime lover of Jenika's work. Her books are almost always automatic buys for me so when I saw this new book up for review I just had to get it. The book isn't that long so it was a relatively quick read. The characters were great, I could totally sympathize with both and could connect with Lake on a personal level. The plot was well written but I will say that the idea of the step-brother/step-sister romance has been really overdone lately. I don't think that Jenika really brought anything new to the sub-genre that has become the step-sibling romance. I will say though that it was well written and the characters were believable and well thought out. Jenika does a really good job at writing emotions and getting those through to the reader. I love books that have an older man/younger woman aspect so this was right up my alley and the difference was well written into the plot and added a great amount of kink to the story. Another great thing about Jenika is her ability to write sex scenes! Talk about steamy! Overall I think that this is a great, quick read for a lazy afternoon that will leave you flushed and wanting to find your own military man!

The Romance Review TRR
Written by Breann on 19th Aug 2015

Hot, hot, HOT. Lake lives with her father and his much younger wife. Her stepmom's brother, Reese, is recently divorced and is staying living there, too. Lake has always been attracted to him, ever since she was younger. Now that she's older, she can see that maybe he's attracted to her, too. After a drunken night, it's confirmed. Yup, Reese is definitely into Lake. Whew, they were hot together! While this is certainly an erotic romance, there was still quite a bit of buildup leading to them being together. Sometimes in a novella, it's hard to really feel a couple's connection and I felt it between Reese and Lake. Their chemistry wasn't jumping from the pages or anything, but enough to be believable and to keep me invested in them. They were living in Lake's father's house, so their first encounters didn't really go as Reese had hoped. You can imagine how that all turned out. It was hilarious and awkward; the scenes with Lake's dad were my favorite of the story. I love an uncomfortable scenario. I read this in one sitting. With the emotional buildup and sexy love scenes, SO WRONG IT'S GOOD is recommended for everyone who wants something short and hot. - See more at:

Loved it!
Written by Ash-Morning Books&Coffee on 12th Jul 2015

Jenika Snow knows how to cross the line with her books. So Wrong It's Good is not different. This one is not everyones cup of tea. I personally know Jenika's writing very well and loved the concept of this one. It was erotic yet sweet. The lovemaking was intense so very intense. Just like Jenika knows how. I recommend this read only if you like an intense story!!

Another Good Book
Written by Katrina R on 12th Jul 2015

This is another good story from Jenika. I haven't read one I didn't like. The Lake and Reese are well developed. There is definitely sexual content and some violence.

Written by Iola on 12th Jul 2015

Well Jenika Snow you did it again. The story of Reese and lake was beautiful the love they had for one another is what dreams are made of highly recommend

So very good indeed
Written by Doris on 11th Jul 2015

Jenika never disapppoints, and when I read the blurb for this one, it jumped straight at the top of my reading list. Read this is one sitting, and I'm still grinning. As you'd expect from this author, the sex scenes are scorching hot, but what impressed me far more was how emotional this story was. Fabulous read :-)

Fast and HOT!!!!
Written by Heather Cicio on 10th Jul 2015

I was gifted an ARC of this book by the author for an honest review. This was a quick, fast paced read. I really liked the main characters. I thought it was extremely sweet that Reese was not afraid to show his feelings for Lake once he realized what he was feeling. The sex scenes were hot and even though there was an age difference between the two main characters, the scenes were not inappropriate in any way. The situation seemed very realistic to me and I enjoyed their story very much.

Step-Uncle's never looked so GOOD!
Written by Ellie on 10th Jul 2015

Loved this book and couldn't put it down! Finished within hours... at work no less. Reese may just be my next book boyfriend.

I highly enjoyed this book
Written by Alyssa on 9th Jul 2015

I highly enjoyed this book, it definitely set the stage for high sexual tension, while adding the family affair into the mix. I must say now I have a little bit of a crush on Reese, and I LOVE the fact that Lake was portrayed as a real woman and not a model skinny girl. Overall, I loved this book, thanks for the ARC. ❤️

Getting the chance to read an ARC was great. I absolutely loved this story
Written by Mica Green on 9th Jul 2015

Getting the chance to read an ARC was great. I absolutely loved this story, the relationship and love between Reese and Lake was so passionate and strong. Even when worrying and having to deal with there families reaction they still stood up, never denied or hid what they felt for one another. Once again Jenika Snow has done some awesome writing''''''

A must read from Jenika Snow!
Written by Rose on 9th Jul 2015

I was randomly chosen for an ARC of So Wrong it’s Good in exchange for an honest review and just finish reading it. I have to say I love and enjoyed this book, short but well written! Jenika presents us Lake Heart and Reese Jordan in this endearing and sweet story of two people that are great together. They have a lot to face between the difference in age, through family members in to that mix and is too much to endure. But love conquers all!

Love story lovers.....
Written by agnese kohn on 9th Jul 2015

I just finished So Wrong its Good,and well it is so GOOD!!!!!!!!A very nice love story that got me entertained/enjoyed it....I can say that this tale let you know that in love there is nothing that cant stop you:the age/the family......when/where/how/,love is involve well nothing cant stop it...Its well developed/well characters described,fast pace,quick/short but good...The characters Reece&Lake,with others personage included(family members)...This relationship started fast after a down fall for Reece...they will face parent issue/make them understand,the heating scene,the determination to stay together,the compassion and so on with HEA....Love story lovers,well this book has it all....Well done...

So Wrong It's Good ...... So Good It's AWESOME!
Written by MrsKissmas on 9th Jul 2015

Even though this is a taboo tale in some peoples opinions and it is not the done thing, there is nothing wrong in this story at all and no intimacy between blooded relations at any point within it and every participant is of legal age and consenting. This is not a story of incest or anything of the kind. This story was a fantastic read! It sets the scene perfectly and shows some of the back history of the characters in the beginning and shows how Reese and Lake first come to meet each other and how their lives go from that point forward. So when Lake and Reese initially meet it is briefly when he is celebrating his wedding day to another but from that moment the ring goes on the finger of that woman you know she is no where near good enough for Reese and we only just meet him! Lake can see what us readers do straight away, she is an incredibly smart cookie that girl. Aside from his handsome face, chiselled jaw, muscular physique and all round perfection as time passes she can also see his unhappiness, his frustrations but also what a kind and caring man he is and how any woman would gladly snap him up for themselves. He would treat you as a princess without instruction to do so, it is a natural gift he has and embraces. So in case you could not tell I fell in love with Reese myself instantly and am totally #TEAMREESE!!! He is the perfect mix of Alpha, Hotness and Perfection inside and out that you cannot help but love him and feel for him as he faces his divorce and suffers the way that woman who is supposedly his wife who really is a complete troll to the gorgeous man treats him. Lake on the other hand is just what he needs. She gets him, they can spend time together and laugh or even share a companionable silence and feel happy, he would give her the moon and stars and support her in everything all he wants is to share it all with her. Also she sees him for him the real man that he is not the number of zeroes his bank balance contains. The sparks between them quickly ignite into a towering inferno as their chemistry simmers to a boiling point and once they both realise that the other has finally seen them for what they really are and they can no longer fight their feelings that spark quickly erupts and in no way can it ever be contained again. Thank the gods because in truth we would not want it to be. These two souls although not the typical match most would pick and not received with open arms initially show that if you love someone and are willing to fight for them and to be with them whatever adversity you face you can overcome it as long as you fight for it together. This Book is totally hot and sexy and very swoon worthy and I feel was written with thought and realism of peoples initial reaction to this type of relationship but also tells a beautiful tale of two unlikely souls falling in love and that bond that they share strengthening regardless of everything else around them and blossoming into one hell of a story. Highly recommendable and something to be re read as are all the other titles by this author! Enjoy my darlings I know I did! Happy Reading!

'Forbidden fruit' never tasted so good!
Written by Jamey on 8th Jul 2015

A wickedly good, almost tabooesque read. This story goes to show that love has no limitations and you are meant to love who you are meant to love. Reece and Lake know that being together could destroy the family that they share, but sometimes that 'forbidden fruit' is just too delicious. Jenika once again spins a tale of great love, great sex and all the emotions that go with it.

Written by Mlmayer on 8th Jul 2015

Received ARC for honest review and I have to say I love this book! Love all of Jenika's books. Loved it so much I went ahead and purchased the book and it is so worth it.

A beautiful love story
Written by Kindle Customer on 8th Jul 2015

With her typical flair for the dominant male Jenika Snow also showed us a vulnerable hurt man and a beautiful vibrant woman. Their compassion and love was heart warming. I loved this story and will recommend it to all for a soul lifting love story