Southern Drawl by Paige Warren

Heat Level 2
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Bryson Corners, 2

Carson Benson has wanted to be a cop for as long as he can remember, but there are some days that he doesn’t like his job. Like the day he gets called out for a domestic disturbance and finds a battered woman and terrified child. What Carson didn’t realize was that it would be a turning point in his life.

Peaches Malone and her daughter Daisy are very important to Carson, and he’ll do anything to protect them. Including taking them home—to his home, where he can watch over them. And if Peaches feels that same spark he feels when he looks into her eyes, all the better.


Drew eased up to the table. “You supposed to be drinking while wearing that badge?”

Carson glanced down at the badge clipped to his belt. Hell, he’d forgotten all about it. He plucked it off the belt and shoved it into his pocket. His job was still new to him, but he loved it.

“At least I ain’t on the clock,” Carson said.

“Chief Lumley would tear into your ass if he saw you drinking while wearing that badge,” Drew said. “You can’t afford to fuck up with this job. I know it’s something you’ve wanted for a while.”

Carson shrugged. “I just forgot about it. I’m not used to wearing it yet. If I was still in my uniform, I mighta remembered. Got called out after hours, so I just grabbed the badge on my way out the door.”

“You like the job so far?”

Carson nodded. “It ain’t quite what I expected, but it’s a good job. I got to help a lady the other day when she was broken down on the side of the road. Felt good.”

“And how are things on a more personal front?” Drew asked. “You haven’t dated anyone since we moved here.”

“No one interesting, I guess. The women around here are a little too independent for my taste. I want a woman I can take care of. Someone who will lean on me, not boss me around and go out drinking with her friends every Friday night, ogling half the cowboys in town.”

Drew grinned. “In other words, you don’t want Lexie’s friend, Shelly.”

Carson snorted. “Not hardly. Guess I’m just old-fashioned. I’m not saying I don’t want her to think for herself, because I do. I just want her to need me.”

“Lexie’s a strong woman, but she needs me, even if she won’t admit it half the time. But I get what you’re saying. You want someone quiet, someone who will come to you when they get into trouble.”

“Yeah, I guess that’s what I want.”

“She’s out there somewhere, Carson. You’ll find her. Probably not sitting in this bar, but you’ll find her.”

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Short, fast and very sweet
Written by D. Thomas on 22nd Jan 2015

Book 2 of Paige Warren 's Bryson Corners series is a very sweet story. What woman Hans't fantasized about someone coming to their rescue? Things might seem to move a bit fast, but just know.

but at the same time it was a good book none the less
Written by Tiffany K on 22nd Jan 2015

This book was a really fast read, but at the same time it was a good book none the less. It did feel a little rushed, but in a way I expected that because of the short page number. I would have enjoyed getting to know more about Peaches past, but it was a short book and there is only so much that can be included. With that being said I do feel like I got to know Peaches and Carson as a whole, and you could really tell where they were with their lives and what they had wanted. The connection between Carson and Peaches was instant, and that really helped the book along. They didn't fight their connection, and I appreciated that the author included Daisy, Peaches daughter, as much as she did. We really did get to see Daisy incorporated, and it was clear she was just as welcome as Peaches was into Carson's life. It would have been nice if the book was longer, but isn't that true about most short books that you love?

Short but, oh, so sweet!
Written by mouse on 22nd Jan 2015

After reading a prior comment, I feel it necessary to say that this is a novella and readers need to keep in mind that a short book must move fast to tell the story. As with all enjoyable reads, it makes you wish for more but isn't that what makes any book worth reading? If you are left not wishing for more, then the book couldn't have touched you. And, remember, it is a work of fiction so the "protocal" of a police department doesn't apply. Fiction should be enjoyed, not over analyzed. Now on to the story.... Carson is a police officer who responds to a domestic disturbance call and ends up meeting Peaches and her daughter, Daisy. Carson is the knight in shining armor and Peaches and Daisy are damsels in distress. It is a lovely story of trust, hope, new beginnings and love at first sight. I loved that the toddler, Daisy, played such a significant role in the story. She was consistently throughout the story...not just when it was convenient to the storyline. I hate reading a book where the child or children are mentioned and then never heard of if they were written in as an after thought. That doesn't happen here...Daisy is present throughout. Personally, I enjoyed and loved this sweet, adorable little story.