Stockings and Suspenders

Heat Level 3
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As the temperature drops, the women in this collection of stories find naughty and delicious ways to warm up for the holidays.

A boss with a proposal to make her sweat, a promise from an Italian assistant, a cabin in the middle of nowhere with two men waiting to cater to her every desire, a special surprise for a lonely solider...

All of these encounters and more from ten talented authors. Get ready for some holiday loving...Evernight style.



10 Author Anthology:

The Proposal by London Saint James

Chasing Miss Kringle by C.R. Moss

Snow Angel by Jezebel Jorge

Naughty & Nice by Lila Shaw

Making the Naughty List by Seleste deLaney

A Very Naughty Christmas by Carolyn Rosewood

Promises by Xondra Day

Santa's Little Helper by Kelly Yeakle

Mistletoe Masquerade by Alaska Angelini

Letter to Santa by Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy


Excerpt from The Proposal:

        “I expect nothing but whatever you want to give me. And maybe this,” he added, placing his mouth to mine.
        It was persuasion of the deepest kind. His tongue tangled with mine while his hand made its way to the back of my neck, under my hair, massaging. His mouth moved and swayed against my mouth, his tongue caressing, lapping then lashing mine harder, deeper. I realized in this moment, as my body melted into a puddle, I would give him anything he wanted. I would indeed accept his proposal.
        Dravin pulled back from my mouth and allowed his breath and his words to fall upon my moist lips. “So then, do you accept my proposal?”
        “Yes,” I muttered.
        “Will you do something for me?”
        “Good,” he said. Carefully he caressed the hollow of my throat with his fingertip then whispered, “Take off your stockings.”
        “Is this the, ‘among other things?’” I asked.
        Dravin licked his lips as if re-tasting our kiss. “Yes, Grace.”
       I wanted to tremble at how he said my name. He had a way of making my name sexy. It almost sounded naughty, forbidden, perhaps a secret told to a lover.
        I reached for the bottom hem of my skirt, inching up the left side until I found the garter.  Dravin’s eyes flashed. I unhooked the garter and slid the left stocking from my leg, lifting my foot, removing my heel and pulled the stocking off, completely. Unable to fully maneuver, I was forced to inch my skirt up a little higher in order to remove my right stocking, nevertheless I finally managed the task. I placed my bare feet back inside of my high heels and wadded up the stockings into my hand before tucking them into my purse.
        “Leave your skirt lifted,” he said in a hungry voice. He removed his suit coat and placed it over my lap to cover my bare legs.
        “Your burgers,” the waitress announced. She placed our food, the ale, and the massive basket of hot wings on the table. “Can I get you anything else?”
        “No,” Dravin said.
        When the waitress left, Dravin’s hand made its way under his suit coat to find and conquer my bare knee. He lingered there before inching up my thigh and stopping within a breath of the silken crotch of my panties. I was so glad I had taken the time to shave my legs this morning. He caressed my thigh. I shivered. Dravin smiled then moved his fingers along the front of my panties, causing a delicious friction against my clit. Unable to stop, I bucked forward into his hand which cupped my womanhood. He was holding me with the palm of his large hand like I was a gift to be unwrapped, slowly.
        “Eat,” he told me.
        “I’m not sure I can eat with your hand on my—”
        “Eat,” he said again, interrupting me.
        This was his game, I decided, so I picked up my bottle and took another long swig of the ale. Clearly, Dravin had no intention of moving his hand from between my legs. When I picked up a fry, his fingers moved against me. I placed the golden fried string into my mouth and chewed. His fingers stirred some more. If I stopped chewing, he stopped touching. I picked up another fry, placed it into my mouth. His fingers brushed across my panties. I ate another fry. He massaged me intimately, and when I went to take a bite of my burger his hand and his fingers became much more eager. 
        I made it halfway through my burger when he moved aside my panties, exposed my folds and began exploring the most secret part of my body.
        “Um,” he groaned, “you are wet.”
        I managed to say, “Yes,” when he slipped a finger inside of me. “Oh…” I mumbled.
        Dravin watched my face, intently, as he slid his long finger in and out of my moist pussy.  I shook. As if this were his cue, he began fingering me in earnest.
        I put down my food, clutched at the edge of the table and closed my eyes. Two of his fingers delved deep inside of me. 
        “Yeah, Grace. That’s it,” he said. “Spread for me.”
        He hit my sweet spot with unerring ease. My right knee hit the wall. He probed, testing the tightness, tapped against that bundle of nerves inside my body which made me twitch in pleasure. My pussy wanted to purr. I wondered how he had found my spot so easily. The last man I was with struggled with my body. In fact, I had been sleeping with him for over six months before he made me cum with a fizzling pop. No great fireworks, no bang, just a modest pop. Dravin on the other hand was without doubt going to make me come. I realized quite quickly I might implode, explode, and detonate with a world class body rocking blast.
        As Dravin moved inside of me, my feminine juices flowed. I was so freaking wet. He glided in and out, in and out, hitting my mark with each inward thrust before pulling out and twirling my now bloomed clit between his fingers. I wanted to say, fuck yes, where have you been all of my life? But I held it in. I couldn’t forget where we were. In truth, I would never be able to come to The Fireside Grill again without becoming flushed.



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Booked Up Review
Written by undefined on 18th Apr 2012

4.5 Stars The Proposal by London Saint James Grace Hale is having a bad day. For the first time in two years, she's late to work and she receives a write-up along with a stern scolding from the wicked witch, aka her boss, Charlotte Saxton. Soon after, she discovers an impressive run in her new black silk stockings; that’s when Dravin Hall, partner and advertising hot shot appears and invites her for a drink. Later, when she broke a nail, Daven helped her. But when she arrives two and a half hours late to her date with Daven, will he still be there? Marvelous story!!! Ms. London Saint James use of delicious irony, made me laugh over and over again. It also has a very hot scene, so you won’t be disappointed. 5 stars for her story, she deserves it. Chasing Miss Kringle by C. R. Moss Jack Vorst is a private detective and his latest case is to find an elf… or whatever it is, that's helping people using some kind of magic. He asks Kristina Cristkindle, a woman he meets in the gym, to go out with him. After a few scenes of hot mental sex, he realize that the elf has to be Kristina. Will they have a future together? It's a hot story. I loved the mental scenes. Magic exists in the world if you know where to look. I give it 4.5 stars. Snow Angel by Jezebel Jorge Minerva Madison is driving to her sister's when she has a car accident and gets stuck in the snow. She is rescued by Brian Carson who recognizes her as the erotic writer she is. I loved Brian’s home… It’s a hot story, perfect to be read in front of a fireplace; if you don’t have one, improvise. It deserves 5 stars. Naughty & Nice by Lila Shaw Chrissy is a succubus and she works for Santa. On Christmas, she gets a list of who's been the nicest of the nice and she pays them a visit. And now it's time for Lt. David Ramsey to enjoy his reward. However, there is some kind of confusion and she beds the wrong man. I loved the story. Capt. Marcus Torino switched identities with Lt. David Ramsey and he got the junior officer’s special Christmas gift. I really enjoyed their meeting and the end was a surprise… Santa sees all, Santa knows all… and Santa gives presents if you are nice. I rate it 5 stars. Making the Naughty List by Seleste deLaney Daisy Duke was saved from the streets of Detroit by Brady, one of Santa’s elves; now she too works for Santa. Her last assignment is to bring Gage Thomas to his senses; he was on Santa’s naughty list for several years. But her boss didn’t tell her the whole truth… Wonderful! Ms Seleste deLaney did a great job. I fell for Daisy and Gage, they are amazing characters. And the humor added to the story takes it to a new dimension. It deserves 5 stars. A Very Naughty Christmas by Carolyn Rosewood Nita is going to her Aunt Susie’s new house in the wilds of Portage County; but she gets lost in the snowstorm. She finds a refugee with Alex and Cameron. They fell for her two years ago, when they saw her for the first time; her visit is like a dream coming true, but will Nita stay or she will leave the only happiness she found in a long time? Sweet and hot at the same time, this story is about lost and second chances. It’s about every women’s fantasy, finding two men who show their love and passion. I can’t give it less than 5 stars. Promises by Xondra Day After a traumatic childhood, Leda James doesn’t do relationships. However, Joey has decided to have her and when both of them were caught by the snowfall in Leda’s bakery, he decides to go for it. I liked the story. The story line is simple, but it is a short story. I rate it 4 stars. Santa's Little Helper by Kelly Yeakle Miranda Wilson is a rich and vain young woman until her father temporarily revokes her access to her trust fund. He tells her that she has to find a job or she will lose everything. And the only job she gets is in O’Hurleys, as one of Santa's little helpers at the photo kiosk. Craig Davis, her boss, changes her by making her falling in love with him. This is a story about redemption… you can change if you want. And like always, love is the deciding factor. Miranda is a smart woman, I liked her character. 5 stars for it. Mistletoe Masquerade by Alaska Angelini Jeanie has a secret admirer who invited her to a masquerade. There, she followed the sad and beautiful music and she finds Jared. Jared and his best friend Edward Collins sent her the invitation. The hot scenes between them are very well written and very good for a short story. I give it 5 stars. Letter to Santa by Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy Elise writes to Santa asking for a lover. When Nicholas knocks at her door just after she drank her third glass of wine, she thinks he is her present. After a night full of passion, he tells her who he really is. I enjoyed Elise and Nicholas’s story. Love can give your deepest desire if you believe enough and Elise believed. And who doesn’t want a hot and attractive lover? I give it 5 stars.

Sizzling Hot Book Reviews
Written by undefined on 17th Apr 2012

The Proposal by London Saint James is a story about Grace a woman who seems to be down on her luck. All of that is about to change when she is asked out to dinner by Darvin Hall. Grace works at Smith Cline and Hall under the ever watchful eye of a bitch boss. One that could care less and seems to be trying to get her fired. When she is approached by Darvin Hall she is surprised to say the least. He says he has a matter he would like to discuss with her but they need to go to dinner first. She accepts his offer reluctantly because she is curious about what he has to say. What will be the outcome? Will he make and offer that she can’t refuse? Will she take him up? Or will she refuse and spend another Christmas lonely? Chasing Mrs. Kringle is a supernatural story with a magical ending. Jack was a police detective but one night changed his world forever. He closed himself off to the world and the possibility of love and happiness. He now works as an investigator and he basically gets to pick and choose what jobs he will take. When he is assigned a job to find a magical elf that seems to grant wishes he is not thrilled at the prospect. He didn’t believe in this kind of stuff and the people who did were different. Then he meets Kristina and he is instantly drawn to her for some reason. He wants nothing more than to be around her and she wakens a part of him that has been dead. When he realizes that she is exactly who he has been looking for it may be too late. Will he miss out on what he wants? Or will they be together? Will her secret come between them? Or will it be what brings them together? Snow Angel by Jezebel Jorge is a wonderful story about a woman who gets lost on her way home but ends up finding what she was looking for all along. Minerva is a best selling author. She writes romances and they are steamy. Lately though she has lost her inspiration. She needed a new muse beacuse she was only writing love scenes instead of living them. Minerva decides to go home for the holidays even though she knows she will face a barrage of questions. When she ends up lost in the middle of nowhere with a car that won’t start, she feels all her luck has run out. Then Brain shows up and he offers to help her out. She is whisked away to his home and they seem to have good chemistry, but she has been hurt and isn’t sure she wants to go there again. Will she choose Brian and ultimately happiness? Or will she choose to stay unhappy and lonely? Naughty & Nice by Lila Shaw is a Christmas story with a surprise twist at the end. Chrissy is a succubus that works for Santa Claus. Everybody knows that Santa compiles a naughty and nice list every year, but what they don’t know is that Chrissy and her brother’s and sister’s get assigned to give the nice list an extra special gift. When she is assigned Lt. Ramsey she knows it may prove to be difficult. He is in the middle of nowhere and she must get him away from his commanding officer, who is on the naughty list. When she meets Lt. Ramsey she is attracted to him and that should make her job easier. She however did not expect to feel bad for Lt. Torino as well. She couldn’t see any reason why he would be on the naughty list. What she doesn’t know is that Lt. Ramsey and Torino are hiding something from her. Is she in too deep? Will she end up on Santa’s naughty list? Or will she find what she has been looking for? Making the Naughty List by Seleste deLaney is a story that starts in the North Pole. Daisy is an elf that works for the big guy. She has been there for a while now and has some years of service to go. She is happy there but feels that she is lacking something in life. What exactly she doesn’t know. She has tried to date other elves but that never seems to work out. So she just pours herself into her work. When Santa checked his naughty list he sends Daisy, whom he feels is a special elf, to deal with Gage Thomas who has been on the naughty list quite some time. Daisy is not sure why Santa sent her to Gage or why he is on the naughty list but she is itching to find out. He is attractive and seems to have everything. For some reason she would do just about anything for him and if that put her on the naughty list so be it. What she doesn’t know is he is hiding a secret that could ruin them. What will she do when she realizes who Gage really is? Will she be able to help Santa save Christmas? Or will everything fall apart? A Very Naughty Christmas by Carolyn Rosewood is a Christmas ménage story. When Nita loses her job and the life she knew she feels abandoned and lonely. She decides to go to her sister’s house for Christmas even though she doesn’t really want to, it beats the alternative…to be alone. When she gets lost she ends up at the door of a nice cabin out in the middle of nowhere. What she finds inside is both warm and comforting. At first she thinks that she has stumbled into a gay couple’s happy Christmas, but things are not what they seem. Alex and Cameron are best friends and they are all about her. They want to fulfill her every wish. Is she dreaming? Is this for real? Alex and Cameron have adored Nita from afar for the past couple of years and can hardly believe their luck when she shows up at their door. Can they convince her that they are what she needs? Or will they be left empty handed? Stockings and Suspenders has four more fun and delightful stories by Xondra Day, Kelly Yeakle, Alaska Angelini, and Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy. I would highly recommend Stockings and Suspenders. There is a little magic for everyone. I look forward to reading other stories by these authors.

Reviewed at The TBR Pile
Written by on 22nd Dec 2011

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