Taking a Chance by April Zyon

Heat Level 3
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Massey, TX 4

Disheartened with a career he no longer loves, Travis Carver is seriously considering returning home to Massey, Texas. While he’s unsure what his role in the future might be, he finds it doesn’t matter once he’s reconnected with an indescribable beauty.

Cassidy Milner only has fond memories of Massey, Texas. At one time her home, before a horrific tragedy forced her to move. Returning to her birthplace after losing her job wasn’t quite what she expected. Especially once she ran into an old neighbor looking just as lost as she felt.

Their connection is instantaneous, but with her former boss dragging her into trouble how can Cassidy dare to hope? Travis isn’t about to let the best thing in his life get away. All he has to do is convince her that their love is worth taking a chance.



He couldn’t breathe. Quite literally, Travis couldn’t breathe. His mother was crushing his ribcage. Hell, he was pretty fucking sure he was already turning every shade of blue there was. He didn’t even have enough air left in his lungs for a token protest.

The woman would not let go either, despite all he’d said earlier when he’d had air. Now he was pretty sure she was hanging on so he couldn’t leave. Even though he had told her he was there to stay for good, no more jetting off into the sunset.

His youngest brother Joshua stood there grinning, clearly enjoying the fact that their mother was target locked on someone else for a change. He did move finally, likely having seen the desperate edge in Travis’s eyes as the spots flashed and the light at the end of the tunnel became so much clearer.

“Mama, you might want to let Trav catch some air. He’s about to keel over any minute now would be my guess, given his eyes are starting to roll in two different directions,” Josh told her.

Thankfully, Theresa Carver, the woman who had given him life, spared him an untimely demise and let go.

Sucking in air, he stumbled back, catching himself on a chair as he bent over desperately trying to fill his lungs time and again. The spots began to dissipate, the oxygen starvation to his body began to be relieved, feeling returned to his limbs, and all he could think was he wasn’t getting close enough for a repeat of that any time soon.

Finally giving in, he collapsed into the chair. Rubbing a hand to his ribs, he shot his mother a look. He’d forgotten how strong the woman was. Joshua, the shit, was just grinning away like the goofball he was.

“I’m sorry, Travis,” his mother said softly. She moved closer, and he honestly couldn’t have stopped the instinctive flinch had he tried. She gave him a glower. The one that all mothers had in their arsenal. The one that turned a child of theirs from a little shit into a perfect angel in under two seconds no matter what. It was the one that promised hell would be visited upon their heads, without mercy.

His entire body tensed when she got to his side. All she did, though, was wrap a gentle arm around his shoulders and give him a light squeeze. “I’m just so happy to have you home again.”

“I know, Mama,” he said, his voice a little rough. From not breathing, of course. He also didn’t have a tear in his eye—nope, he wasn’t crying. That was an irritant removal lubricant doing its job. At least that was what he was telling himself. “I’m glad you’re happy I’m home. I am, really.”

Joshua snorted. “I think he’s trying to say that he was hoping you wouldn’t be nearly so enthusiastic about it.”

“Joshua, don’t you have some work to do?” their mother asked him in a rather pointed tone.

“Nope, all done. Just killing some time until my bride gets her tush in gear so we can go out for our night on the town.”

For a moment, Travis’s brain fritzed out. Then it clicked—his brother was a happily married man. To Alison, formerly Hollister, the girl who had grown up next door. The girl his baby brother had been in love with from the moment he’d first laid eyes on her.

“How’s Ali doing?” Travis asked curiously. He hadn’t made it to the wedding, which had been an impromptu affair in Vegas, much to his eternal regret.

“She’s great,” Josh said. The smile on his face was one of true, pure happiness. He was in love and it showed.

Travis was happy for his brother. Josh had always mooned about in regards to Alison. The fact they were now married, in love, living happily and all that jazz, just made it even better. Though he would admit, to himself and no other, he was also a little bit jealous. His baby brother deserved to be happy, but Travis still felt a little off balance by it all. He didn’t fully understand his feelings on the matter.

He also wasn’t going to be telling anyone he was jealous of his baby brother’s bliss. That would just make him sound like a raving moron. The other emotions he’d figure out as he went along. While he didn’t like to talk about his feelings, he didn’t bury them either. Travis would work through them to figure them out in his own way, in his own time.

“I’m glad the two of you finally got your heads on straight and admitted how you felt for one another,” Travis said. It had been highly comical during the early days into their teens, more painful as they’d turned into adults and gotten their own lives. Then a little sad when he’d catch them shooting longing looks at the other one from across the room.

In his family, though, there was a rule to never interfere unless things didn’t resolve in a timely manner. Unfortunately, the loss of the Carver family patriarch had thrown their grand scheme to get those two on the right path a bit askew.

Looking around the kitchen as his mother and Joshua talked about this and that, Travis took in everything that had always made the room so welcoming, including the oversized jacket and heavy duty boots that had belonged to his father. His mother couldn’t move them, wouldn’t move them. She said they, or some version of them, had been in those very spots since the day they’d moved into the house and they would remain there until it was her time to join her one and only love.

It was a wonderful reminder of the love his parents had shared. It was also a goal each of the kids in the Carver family hoped to achieve for themselves. Brant, the oldest of the kids, had tried and failed. Not that anyone had been shocked by that. His ex had been a raving bitch. Joshua, though… He smiled slightly. Josh had achieved it.

A hand waving in his face brought his attention back and he blinked up at his brother. “What?” he asked. The look on Josh’s face was amused, which led him to believe his brother had been attempting to gain his attention for a while.

“I said, we’re heading over to the old Milner place to meet up with Ali. She’s over assisting Genny Baker with some last minute wedding things. Want to come along? There will be food,” his brother said.

It was tempting, really tempting. He was starving. “You sure they won’t mind?” he asked, pushing to his feet.

“Hardly,” Josh scoffed. “Hell, Rhys will be there and likely be glad to see you, I’m very sure. You can meet some of his friends from the Corps too. One of whom is the lucky bastard that Genny roped.”

He only hesitated a moment more before nodding. “Sure, why not?” he said with a grin.

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Taking A Chance
Written by TracieR on 17th Feb 2017

One’s a Pilot the other a Weather Presenter, but both are headed home where their lives are about to change forever. I really enjoyed this story, Travis and Cassidy were well suited and their chemistry oozed off the pages. Even when chaos was around them they never gave up on what they had or their future. I look forward to reading more of this series

Readz World Reviews
Written by Luna on 11th Mar 2015

Taking a Chance by April Zyon is fourth in the Massey, TX series. I enjoyed my return to Massey, TX. Travis has also returned home. He is burned out and ready to find peace in the town he couldn’t wait to leave. I loved that Travis was able to return home again. He didn’t know what he was going to do; he just knew he wanted to do it in Massey. Cassidy is also returning home or at least the only place that felt like home in spite of how little time she spent in Massey. I loved how Travis and Cassidy just seemed to click. They both were at loose ends but managed to find joy in each other. I loved the easy relationship Ms. Zyon gave Travis and Cassidy. She gave them heat even as she allowed them the opportunity to learn about each other. And while the budding relationship between Travis and Cassidy was seemingly worry free, Ms. Zyon gave us drama and action with the trouble Cassidy didn’t realize she had. I loved that the community of Massey once again stepped up to the plate to protect one of their own. We got to see some of our favorite characters as the rallied around Cassidy. Ms. Zyon allowed these characters to build upon Travis and Cassidy’s happily ever after. This story was well written and well rounded. It was full of laughter and love. It showed us once again why we love Massey, TX and enjoy visiting time and time again.

I loved it! What a fabulous book
Written by Amazon customer on 18th Oct 2014

I loved it! What a fabulous book. I was a little taken back by a few parts of the book, but overall this is a great book. So far the​ Massey Texas series has been great. I look forward to the next book in the series.