Taking Passion by Storm by Ravenna Tate

Heat Level 3
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The Weathermen, 6

When Nadine Jarvis’s father disappears in a tornado on the surface during his Storm Trooper duties, life-long friend Addison Carlyle puts together a search team. Nadine convinces him to let her come along, where she embarks on a journey that changes her life forever.

Addison is part of a group of friends financing the efforts to put a stop to The Madeline Project. The program now has a mind of its own, thanks to a virus called Tommy Twister. These men have power, resources, and money, but they’re as ruthless and possessive as the storms ravaging Earth.

They call themselves the Weathermen…

Be Warned: anal play, spanking



Addison brushed his hands down her back to her ass, grasping her cheeks. The gesture sent a gush of wetness to her pussy, and her clothes suddenly felt too tight. He released her mouth and planted soft kisses along her jaw line.

“You have on too many things,” he said softly.

“Should I have come here naked instead?”

“Yes.” His mouth brushed her nipple through the fabric of her tank top. “Next time, wear nothing.”

“What if your staff sees me?”

He kissed both nipples, and she gasped as they began to tingle, sending tiny electric jolts straight to her clit. “Doesn’t matter. Better yet, next time be in here already with me. You don’t need your own room, do you?” He grasped her breasts through the top and kneaded them, his expression full of hope.

“No.” She could barely think let alone speak. “No, I really don’t need my own room.”

“Good.” Addison lifted her tank top over her head and tossed it onto the floor. She hadn’t worn a bra on purpose, and was now glad she’d made that decision. “Because I don’t want you to leave my side. I may have to take you to work with me.”

“What about my job?”

He frowned. “Too many questions and not enough kissing.”

She clung to him again as he captured her mouth once more, shoving his tongue into it. In a move that felt bold, she moved her hands to his torso and rolled up the hem of his shirt. She was rewarded with a low, sexy groan as he released the kiss so she could remove the garment.

“Now my jeans,” he said.

She undid his jeans and slid them down, giggling when she realized he wasn’t wearing underwear. He was also barefoot, so that only left her shorts because she hadn’t worn panties or shoes, either. “Would you like me to take these off, or do you want to?”

His grin sent fresh wetness to her pussy. Before she could react, he lifted her off the floor and deposited her on top of the comforter. Then he dived between her legs and raked her pussy lips and inner thighs with his teeth, until Nadine was sure she’d go out of her mind. It took him way too long to remove the panties using only his teeth. By the time they were off, she was soaked and so ready for him it was ridiculous.

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Night Owl Reviews
Written by Sandiebuck on 28th Aug 2017

The Weathermen are one of my favorite book series by Ravenna. Every book has been a treat to read. The a Weathermen are a group of friends who are trying to take down the Tommy Twister virus that has affected the planet's surface and caused horrible storms. In this book, our heroine's dad is one of the Stormtroopers who braves the surface. But he's gone missing, so his friend, Addison Carlyle informs his daughter. But Addison has had a crush on her since she was a teenager. Nadine Jarvis has stayed at home since an earlier incident, but with her dad missing and her interest in Addison, she insists on going along. When they are separated from the group and end up in a cave, things heat up! As usual, this one is a hot and spicy read from Ravenna. It's a great addition to the series. It's a book both a paranormal and contemporary fans will love!

Exqusite Reviews
Written by Karla on 6th Jun 2016

This series gets better and better as the stories progress… From what we know there will be at least 12 books and being half way done with the series I am excited to see where it goes… The story was great and it helped me get a better understanding of how bad things are above ground… the books eluded to the severity of it but this story helped us get a better picture, which made me fall in love with the book even more… There are some difficulty subjects that give depth to the characters. Nadine is lost without her father and has to be apart of his rescue mission… Addison is in love but doesn’t know how his love will be tested… Great story full of great characters and makes me anxious and excited to know what happens next…

Fab read as always
Written by Doris on 5th Dec 2015

Another fabulous instalment. Just love this series :-)