Thanksgiving Dinner by Amabel Daniels

Heat Level 3
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Before a day full of turkey, good spirits, and family and friends at Thanksgiving dinner, Hailey Gabrien gives in to her baby sister’s usual request for company at their small town’s only bar. Go figure, it’s the busiest night of bar hopping for the year. Even though she’s quiet and prefers a private life, Hailey will always be there for her sibling.

Returning home from New York City for the first time in years, Clark Monroe finds his parents beyond happy to see him. When he heads to the only bar around, though, he sees someone who’d prefer him to remain far, far away. A woman who emphasizes her opinion of him by giving him a black eye.

Awkwardly reunited at Thanksgiving dinner, Hailey and Clark struggle to sort out what seems to be a misunderstanding from the past. After thanks are said and leftovers are stored, can they consider exploring an undeniable attraction and share dessert?



“So, just to set the record straight…” She peered at me, hesitant.

“I want you.” I … need you.

She licked her lips, edging closer to me. “Noted,” she whispered on a breath.

I slid my arm around her waist, relieved and encouraged when she leaned into my hold.

“I’m sorry about dinner.”

I reared back, frowning. “It was great. I loved it.” I wished I could be there for each one, and I regretted the ones I’d missed.

“The cranberries.”

I growled as I hugged her to me and reversed positions. She lay mostly beneath me on the chaise as I settled on my side. She squeaked with the acrobatics, clutching my coat. Giggling now, she stared up at me, keeping her hands on my shoulders.

I groaned. “What does he put in that stuff?”

She shook her head, biting her lower lip.

I grunted at the coy gesture, desperate to get my teeth and lips on her.

“I don’t know. I don’t even want to know,” she admitted. “When I put you on the spot to try it, I was still debating whether or not I should like you.”

Pressing against her, I lowered even more. “Well, what’s the verdict?”

She pulled me down, crashing our lips together.


Perfection. I’d fallen into the most perfect moment. I brushed my lips against hers, addicted to the soft warmth of the kiss. A growl escaped me as she inched back as though to move away. I wasn’t done yet. We’d only just begun.

It wasn’t a retreat. She’d simply shifted higher to spear her fingers through my hair and lock me closer to her. Goosebumps rose as she fisted my hair, pain chasing pleasure and back again. She licked then nipped at my lower lip. I hadn’t realized I’d sucked in a hard breath.

“Maybe I need more time to reach that verdict.”

A challenge? I matched the mischievous, hot look in her eyes and dove in to take control of the kiss.

Lying over her, I felt every inch of the burn. On top of her soft curves was the only place I wanted to be. Secured by her arms around my neck, her fingers gripping my hair, I gave in to a silent promise that we couldn’t let go.

I stole her breath, tasting that sweet and sassy mouth of hers. Slanting even closer, I reduced her to mewls, whimpers, and gasps as I kissed her. No more cutting off my words. I wouldn’t allow any interruption to this bliss we explored.

Her breasts heaved against me as I trailed wet kisses along her jaw and down the slender slope of her neck. I licked at the rapid pulse point there.

“My God, how hot does she have to keep it in here?”

I chuckled at her complaint. Mom did warm her plant house to mimic a tropical heat. The storm of lust we were building was infinitely hotter.

She choked a strangled sound as I bit then sucked at her flesh. When she twisted her fingers into my hair more, it was my turn to emit a grunt. Fuck, that felt good. She was exquisite, coming undone and wanton in my hands.

“Don’t stop,” she whispered.

Furthest thing from my mind, but I did give her space to rise onto her elbows. Once I realized she was shedding her coat, I assisted her. Or I tried to. As soon as I started to help her arms out of her sleeves, she attacked my coat to free me from it. In two seconds, we’d managed to become a strange two-person bondage blooper.

“Dammit,” she huffed, her arm trapped around my sleeve.

“Don’t move.”

She stilled and eyed me, impatience and desire burning in those dark pools of the richest blue.

I kissed her, slow and lazy. On her delectable lips, her cute, small nose, her cheeks. Her breaths panted just as fast, but she stayed still as I removed my coat, then reached for hers.

“Shirt, too,” she said as I kissed one closed eye.

I grinned and yanked my sweater and t-shirt off. The humid air in the room prevented a chill. The woman in my arms refused even the concept of anything less than fiery heat.

She arched, accommodating me as I removed her coat. Our garments fell off the chaise.

Coat gone, I unbuttoned her sweater at the same time I kicked my shoes off.

Now she reacted, perhaps too impatient again. Her fingers made fast work of my zipper. I coaxed all of her attention back to me, though, kissing her harder as I skimmed the hem of her tank top up her stomach. A sweet sigh fanned my cheek. She dropped her head back, exposing the creamy silk of her neck for me to feast on. Bent back, she undid the clasp of her bra. Both shirt and bra joined the rest of the clothes on the tile floor.

“How am I doing?” I murmured against the softness of her skin just above her breast.

She laughed lightly. “Hmm.” She slid her hands along my bare back. “I still need more…”

Oh, baby. I was going to give it to her. I wasn’t leaving until I had her coming apart beneath me. The hell with whether she’d like me. I was going to render her well and truly fucked so she’d love what I did to her.