The Cop and the Geek by Cat Blaine

Heat Level 3
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James O'Brien is having a horrible day. He's dropped his car off at a repair place in a bad part of town. While he's there minding his own business he ends up in a bar room brawl with a mouthy homophobic thug. 

Officer Scott Brown is the sexy, kind cop who arrives on the scene. He can tell immediately that while James is a geek, but he isn't a criminal, and is most likely just a nice guy caught up in a bad situation. The two of them have an immediate attraction and when Officer Brown gives James a ride home...things heat up.

Be Warned: m/m sex







“Officer, how many times do I have to tell you he hit me first?” I leaned forward, speaking through the mesh that separated me from the cop in the front seat. The cuffs were cutting into my wrists and I was nauseated with worry.

The cop’s honey brown gaze settled on me in the rear view mirror. He had nice eyes, I’d noticed that earlier. They seemed kind which struck me as odd considering he was a cop. “Then why does he have a bloody nose and you don’t have a scratch on you, sir?”

I glanced out the window at the tattooed thug sitting on the sidewalk. The guy held a tissue dotted with red spots up to his swollen nose. “I’m a purple belt in Taekwondo. Besides, he wasn’t really much of a challenge.”

The cop gave a little laugh. “Is that because you’re such a tough guy?”

I scowled. “No. It’s because he was drunk off his ass.” No one would ever mistake me for a he-man that was for sure. I was more on the scrawny side.

“And you’re sober?”

Lifting my chin, I sighed. “I had one Kahlua and cream. If you know anything about booze you must know those aren’t very strong.” And if you’re the kind of cop my old man was, you’ll know lots about booze. “Also, I’ve always been able to metabolize my alcohol very efficiently.”

“Fascinating,” Officer Brown murmured, punching things into his onboard computer.

“I know you’re being sarcastic but I actually do find it interesting.”

He shook his head. “What are you, a science geek?”

“Software geek by day, but I’m a science geek in my free time. And because of that I happen to know why I can hold my liquor.”

He snorted. “Okay, I’ll bite. Why?”

Being the nerd I am I didn’t even hesitate to respond. “Alcohol metabolism is controlled by genetic factors. There are variations in in the enzymes that break down alcohol in the body. That’s why some people can drink a ton and not get as blitzed as someone who drinks one drink.”

“Genetics huh? So you’ve essentially been bred to be a lush?” Officer Brown’s cheek curved in a smile. “That is fascinating.”

“You’re mocking me again.”

“Maybe a little.”

“I’m not making it up. It’s science.”

“I’m Irish, Scottish, French and Italian. What would your science have to say about that genetic combination?”

“Odds are you have extremely efficient alcohol dehydrogenase enzymes.”

“That’s a mouthful.”

My chest tightened at the sight of the cop’s pretty, white smile. I wasn’t usually into macho guys, but there was something different about Officer Brown. “Try saying it three times fast.”

He grunted in response.

“Am I going to jail?” I figured I should just come right out and ask.

“I haven’t decided.”

I studied the smooth nape of the officer’s neck and the silky blond locks that poked out from under his hat. A strange little buzzing started up in my stomach as I met his gaze in the mirror again. “Is the other guy going to jail?” I asked softly.

“Oh, yeah. I’ve arrested him for brawling at least three times already this year.” He swiveled in his seat. “You don’t look like the kind who’s usually involved in something like this.”

The intensity of his gaze had my pulse speeding up. “Well, he deserved that fist in the face.”

Officer Brown studied me. “And you say he hit you first?”

“Yes. He punched my shoulder.” Even though my hands were cuffed in front of me, I managed to rub the spot where the jerk had slammed me.

“Let me see.”

“What?” I asked breathlessly.

Officer Brown rolled his eyes. “It’s on your shoulder, right? I’m not asking you to drop your pants.”

“I know, but still.” For some reason the idea of opening my shirt in front of him had my stomach tumbling. He was attractive and I felt insecure. I knew it wasn’t like he wanted to see me without my shirt, but I still felt embarrassed. I had an okay build for a nerdy type, but I was a little on the thin side right now. He’s looking for evidence, not trying to date you.


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Love Bytes
Written by Donna on 16th Aug 2015

James is a self imposed geek, ok maybe not so self imposed, but none the less is considered a geek. He is more comfortable inside of his home or office working on his computer or playing video games than being outside in nature. Scott is a police officer who has a young son and loves being outdoors in nature or playing “manly” sports. The way they met wasn’t the most conventional way and in all honesty you would never think the two of them would be a couple, I guess opposites do attract. When Scott decides to finally introduce James to his co-worker buddies, he decides to go paintballing, which of course James is just excited about but he does it for Scott. To everyone’s surprise and to his own James actually does really well and his team won, a few times. Scott has a long weekend coming and decides he wants to take James camping, just the two of them for some fun and alone time. Of course James, not being the outdoorsy type is totally nervous and researches and maybe freaks out just a little bit but again because Scott asked James agrees to go, that is when James and Scott finds out just how much James can handle and if their relationship can be a forever thing. So being book 2 in series I was a little worried about being lost as I hadn’t read book one but as I read that worry disappeared as it can be read as a standalone. Now with that being said I enjoyed the book so much that I had to go out and get the first one just to get the full story of how James and Scott met, and I would suggest you do the same just for the enjoyment of the storyline. Scott and James are cute together and Scott’s son, Troy is so adorable. It being only 74 pages it’s a pretty quick read and makes you want more, which is a good thing. The interaction between the characters is very touching and pulls you in and allows you to get lost in the story and that is always a good thing for me. I would definitely recommend you picking up this book as well as the first, but as I said before The Cop and the Geek 2 can be read as a standalone.

What an amazing read!!
Written by Anne Bock on 7th Jun 2015

I just devoured this sweet, sexy and romantic story in one sitting. Both, Scott and James, are cute and sexy on each their own way. But together, you can't resist to want to read more of them. James, a sweet nerd, is strict against dating guys with kids and cops. Meeting Scott, who fits both his no-go-rules, he is doomed. And getting to know Scott more and even meeting his little son, Troy, James is more than confused then ever. Can he handle to fall more and more for the sexy cop and adore his little son, though he never felt comfortable around any kid, no matter which "size" and age? This story just has it all, you can't stop till you know the end. I loved to see Scott and James being together and trying to get along with both their issues. Scott being over protective about his son and how James understands and wants to give it a try. But will they find the way to be together? Give it a try!! You won`t regret it!!

Enjoyed this Story
Written by Kenna Nauenburg on 4th Jun 2015

Well, as my review title states, I really enjoyed this story. I love, love, love it when geeks find love...especially handsome, slightly damaged geeks who feel that they'll be alone forever. I love it when the man they fall in love with is a strong, handsome man who comes completely out of left field. Scott and James are a little shy with each other at first. They both have had some issues with past relationships. It seems like there may be a bit too much to overcome, especially because Scott has a young son. James isn't much of a kid friendly kind of guy. Watching his heart soften toward little Troy was adorable. That child was one of the cutest and sweetest little ones that I've ever read. Of course, every story needs a bit of angst to move it along. There is enough here to make the reader a little sad and maybe a little mad, but in the long run, it's worth it. I highly recommend "The Cop and the Geek". It's a fun, short read that will keep you involved until the very last page. PS...It's incredibly sexy too ;-)

Love Bytes
Written by Tidal on 15th May 2015

This was a great read. Our hero James, ends up in a bar brawl with a homophobic bully and he does well in taking care of himself. The police come, interview James, and interview other bar patrons. The drunken bully is placed under arrest. James is vindicated, but he is also stranded out in the middle of nowhere. When Officer Brown realizes the man’s plight, he offers him a ride home. This is a nice love story. The poor guy is stranded and who comes to the scene but “Officer Hunky Pants”. Who does not have this dream? He is genuinely a nice guy and really believes that there are more nice people than bad. James is suspicious and they are at opposite extremes in regards to issues of trust Both men have areas of their lives that they may perceive as deficits to some people. The thing that makes Officer Scott Brown special is that he balances authority with compassion. This book could have taken so many directions and I love the direction Cat Blaine took it. It is romantic and you really care about the characters. The story unfolds in a nice pace. James and Scott get along in a believable way. James has huge trust issues and Scott allows him to explore them as they explore their place in each other’s lives. The men treat each other with respect and there is no abuse of power, and we get to see the characters grow. Perhaps if there were a moral to the story it may be that, “Sometimes the things we say we are not interested in are in reality the very things we have been fearful to explore.” This thought may be simplistic but it is a great story. Lastly I used to be a book snob and think that if a book was not a full sized or was a novella, I was being cheated out of a good story. I was so wrong and that bias caused me to miss so many gems in many genres over the years. This book is a gem and I would hate anyone to miss it

Written by Lisa on 5th Apr 2015

Have you ever read a book that you want to love and wish that you could beat one of the characters with the book. Well this is one of those books. I had a blast reading it and look forward to hearing more about these two gorgeous men. It was way too short for me and I want more of it. It captured my attention from the moment I started reading and kept it all the way to the end. James was having a bad day is an understatement. His car breaks down, so he walks across the bar to get a drink and wait. What he had not expected was for some jerk to mess with him, nor him hitting said drunk and meeting a sexy cop. Now he has a rule about dating. One is no cops and two is no kids. Well, this sexy cop is both. Scott has a cute little three-year-old son that will have you wanting to spend time with him. He also has the hots for James. Now all he has to do is to get James to agree. I had such a blast reading this. One can usually tell by the way my reviews are. If I like the story they kind of tend to get longer and more focus put on them. This is one of those types of stories. Although, I would have loved to smack James with my book. He comes across as an ass. However once you figure out him out you will find that you need to give him a little leeway. After all he is just a man. I loved this story and look forward to reading more by Cat. It gave me almost everything I could want in a story, well except for more. I loved it and would definitely recommend reading it. Trust me it is a cute little story that will have you begging for more. * I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through

Sins of the father
Written by on 2nd Mar 2015

Lately I've come across some really good stories. Ones that left me smiling and sad when they ended, often too soon. This one by Cat Blaine was one of them. Two of my favorite characters are cops and geeks so this story having them both was great. The opening scene was intriguing and amusing enough to get me to purchase it after the preview supplied by the sampler. Until well into the story it was difficult to understand why the Geek was so suspicious of the motives of the Cop despite how fairly he'd been treated. The officer was soon to learn that the younger man's distrust was as characteristic as his stubbornness. But their strong mutual attraction means taking a chance on the prickly guy in spite of his declaration that he doesn't like kids. The geeky loner keeps to himself for a reason. He is particularly sensitive about his privacy and he has no love lost for the police. The last thing he expects is to not only be rescued by one and chauffeured around, but to genuinely be interested in him and that's despite that little inconvenient fact that said officer is a father and obviously straight. You start rooting for these two guys right away, hoping that that the Cop is able to find the key that unlocks the chain wrapped around his Geek's heart.

Great Short Story
Written by on 21st Feb 2015

Good character development, a non-typical introduction and a well crafted story line make this a fun, short read with the promise of a HEA.

Lovely, fun novella
Written by KC on 18th Feb 2015

Sweet, heartwarming and with a sense of humor, The Cop and the Geek leaves one with a smile and wanting to hear more from these guys.

Wonderful novella - insta-love but funny and sweet- A+
Written by Morgan A Skye on 18th Feb 2015

My only complaint: wish it were longer! Super cute, sweet, sexy, fun... yeah, sure, insta-love - but why not? I loved it!

Loved it
Written by Jeffrey David Doyon on 17th Feb 2015

Just love geeks. This was a great read. I enjoyed getting to know these characters better. Hooked from page one. Just couldn't put it down.

Loved it
Written by Jeffrey David Doyon on 17th Feb 2015

Just love geeks. This was a great read. I enjoyed getting to know these characters better. Hooked from page one. Just couldn't put it down.

A fun time!!!
Written by Romantic Bookaholic on 16th Feb 2015

I had a blast reading this book!! It's short and sweet and oh so incredibly hot!! That and it had me laughing out loud many times!! I'm going to have to see what else this author has!