The Cowboy and the Barista by S.C. Wynne

Heat Level 3
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Thomas Lexington decides that what his small town in Colorado needs is a high end coffeehouse whether they know it or not. Opening day is a hit as all the penny pinchers come out of the woodwork for their free coffee. 

He also gets a visit from a gorgeous cowboy named Asher Jones. Asher is intrigued by the name of the shop The Coffee Corral. Since his usual gas station coffee haunt is closed for renovations he decides to give The Coffee Corral a try. There is an immediate attraction between the two of them but Thomas is already out, and Asher isn’t even willing to consider that. It seems as if it will never work out between them, but when fate has something brewing the possibilities are endless.

Be Warned: m/m sex



“Did you assume I was dumb?” Asher asked watching me with narrowed eyes.

“What?” I asked confused.

“I mean when you first saw me, did you think I must not be very bright?” he asked.

I was feeling buzzed now so maybe I didn’t guard my tongue like I should. “I thought you were a mighty fine-looking cowboy. And I guess if I am honest I didn’t expect much in the brain department.”

His expression registered surprise at my candor and he also looked flattered. “I thought you were against people jumping to conclusions.”

I rubbed my eyes and laughed sheepishly. “I guess only other people.”

“Don’t worry. I’m not insulted because I basically thought the same of you.” He laughed. “Until we talked.”

 “And then I dazzled you with my intellect?”

“You surprised me,” he admitted. “You had more spunk in you than the average city boy.”

“Spunk? Did you seriously just say I have spunk?” I grinned. “You really have been hanging around the livestock too long.”

His cheeks flushed, and he finished off his drink. “That’s because I like taming things.”

I laughed. “This is getting interesting.” He was definitely flirting with me now, and my stomach was warm with the excitement of it.

 He met my gaze and his was smoldering, but then he looked away and swallowed nervously. “You and I come from different worlds.” There was a line between his brows.

“I think we probably have more things in common than you would think.”

“Like what?”

“We were both in the rodeo circuit.”

“That’s one.”

 “You like my coffee,” I said trying to figure out why he looked so unhappy all at once. “We will always have that.”

“Yeah, but I can get java anywhere.”

 “Nah, you can get hot, brown tasteless water out of a machine on every corner. But what I offer is unique and special.”

 He sighed. “I’m inclined to agree.”

“I’m glad to hear it.” Were we even still talking about coffee?

He looked so serious suddenly I felt a little nervous. I glanced at Sal and she and her boy toy were getting along well as far as I could tell. When I checked Asher’s expression again it was still borderline grim.

“Were you going to hang around for the séance?” I asked. “I think it starts any minute.”

He shook his head. “No I seem to have enough trouble communicating with the living.”

“You seem like you’re in a bad mood.” I couldn’t help but comment. “Did I say something to bother you?”

He finished his drink and leaned forward putting his face near to mine. His breathing was slightly elevated with a hint of ale on his warm breath. “You bother me.”

I’m sure my expression registered the shock I was feeling. I was doing my best to hide the surge of lust I felt at his lips so near to mine. “That’s intriguing.”

“I preferred it when I thought we had nothing in common,” he said, his expression flirting with irritation.


“I like things simple,” he said gruffly, sitting back.

“I’m not following.”

“You’re easier to ignore if I’m just a dumb ass cowboy and you’re some wussy city boy.”


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Rainbow Book Reviews
Written by Serena on 10th Jan 2016

“Coffee Corral” is an unusual name for a coffeehouse, but it fits both the environment - a small town in Colorado - and the owner’s character. People are curious and intrigued enough to give the new place a try, and that’s all Thomas needs. He has moved back to the town he grew up in and is hoping to start a new life on familiar, peaceful ground. But the quiet time doesn’t last long, and he’s in for a tough time the moment Asher, a cowboy working at the local dude ranch, walks into his coffee bar. Asher isn’t out, and this is the story of Thomas, unwilling to go back into the closet, and Asher, unwilling to come out of it, dealing with an attraction that is so strong that it has both men wondering what’s up and what’s down. Thomas may be running a “fancy” coffee establishment now, but he used to ride bulls and has a far more varied background than his “city slicker” exterior suggests. He may not be telling everyone about his orientation, but he isn’t about to hide it either. He’s fought too long and hard ever to consider going into hiding again. And that is where the problems with Asher begin. Asher is a cowboy who works in the macho environment of a dude ranch. He is scared to death about coming out and losing his job, so he hides who he is to the point that he has a fake girlfriend. Not that Thomas knows this when Asher walks into his coffeehouse for the first time. Asher is as attracted to Thomas as the other way around, and he is disappointed when Thomas doesn’t want to be his “dirty secret”. It gives him something to think about because the longer they casually encounter each other at various events, the more Asher realizes that there is a lot more to the attraction than he thought. If you like stories about men who refuse to ever go back into the closet no matter what the cost, if a man who agonizes over coming out sounds interesting, and if you’re looking for a read that is realistic in terms of what some gay men go through before coming out, then you may like this story. It may just be the beginning of Thomas and Asher’s journey together, but it’s a vital part of them even getting to the point where they can be a couple and consider working on a relationship. It’s a great start

Gay Guy Reading (GGR Review)
Written by Erin Clancy on 9th Aug 2014

A new coffee shop and a closed gas station bring closeted cowboy and an out of the closet barista together in this novella. Asher wanders into the coffee shop owned by Thomas the day it opens. His regular place was closed and fate led him there. Thomas is immediately drawn to the shy cowboy and sparks fly when they run into each other at a party. Asher asks Thomas out and he thinks everything is going well, until he finds out that Asher is in the closet. DEEP in the closet. This book had a little bit of everything for me. Flirting, angst, drama. Even supporting characters- Thomas’ best friend and Asher’s “girlfriend”. I loved that Thomas is so true to who he is. He refuses to go back in the closet or even wait outside the closet door for Asher. They have such a chemistry together they sizzle, but Thomas won’t back down. Asher has to decide if he can come out. Change his life. And not for Thomas, but for himself. Thomas is willing to sacrifice his heart to not sacrifice his principles. Being a small business owner in a small town is tough, tougher if they know you are gay. But Thomas is who he is and makes no apologies for it. I found myself cheering them both on- it was hard not too! My biggest issue was the quick ending. All of a sudden- BAM! – it was over. Four stars for this novella that didn’t disappoint

The TBR Pile
Written by undefined on 18th Jul 2014

It’s a quick read. The plot isn't overly complicated and nothing ground breaking happens to really pull a reader in but it is very well written for a fast, easy romance. I really liked the chemistry between him and his sexy cowboy Asher. I think this is good if you’re in the mood for something sweet and hot.

Wonderful Male Male Romance
Written by Nancy S. Goodman on 3rd Jul 2014

Cowboys, coffee and a gay romance. What could be better than this? I love this genre and S. C. Wynne has written a wonderful book that brings all the best together. the characters has depth, their issues were complex and it was extremely well written. When an author leaves me wanting more at the end of the book, they have written a winner, and that's The Cowboy and the Barista. I will definitely buy more from this author in the future.

Loved It
Written by SalemHelKat on 1st Jul 2014

I like the premise of the story. The tough macho cowboy falling for the not so city boy barista.(he actually owns the business) It was sweet but not overly so. I love S.C. Wynne's writing style. I've bought all his/her books so far. I'm never let down by the stories. The characters are strong and never one dimensional. I liked how it took on the ever sensitive subject of coming out. Completely agree that one shouldn't force someone out (unless they're a politician spouting gay hate that goes behind closed doors and diddles the rent boy. They're basically asking for it. ) Anyway. . . Where was I? Oh yes. I liked how Thomas wasn't trying to force Asher out of Narnia he just refused to live a lie himself. He didn't deny the attraction he just didn't want to fall back into living a lie. Loved how Asher and Thomas couldn't deny their attraction, and the sexual chemistry and tension practically melted off the page. It was pretty intense. I will say I wanted more from the ending, it kind of ended more as an HFN than HEA ,which I'm fine with. I guess it was bit too short, which is a compliment to the writer. Didn't want the story to end, I found myself immersed in their story and it was a damn good story.