The Death of You by Allyson Young

Heat Level 4
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Margaret Madeline O’Sullivan aka Maddy Powell, is on the run from two really bad guys. In hiding, she ventures out only to Vantage, a BDSM club, living a lonely, isolated life during the day while exploring her submissive tendencies at night. 

Rafe Mason and Connor Gillespie are accomplished Doms, ex-military men who are on the lookout for a submissive who will live with them in a permanent ménage. They set their sights on Maddy, and she finds herself fleeing two really good guys, because while she is incredibly drawn to Rafe and Connor, she will not risk bringing the kind of danger down upon them that she knows is stalking her. 

The Doms persist and Maddy resists, until they kidnap her and coax out the truth. Can Rafe and Connor keep her safe? Or will she be the death of them? 

Be Warned: BDSM, menage sex (MFM), spanking, anal sex, sex toys, public exhibition



Her scream echoing within the confines of the bedroom, Maddy Powell scrabbled amongst the linens, yanking them aside until she could reach the gauzy fabric of the nightgown covering her belly. Now fully awake, she pressed her hand against the thin length of raised tissue throbbing with the prickling phantom pain that had catapulted her out of a fitful sleep. No telltale wetness or shards of agony resulted from her tender touch and she fell back against the pillow, limp with vast relief. Just a flashback of being slashed, then. Not real. Slowing her breathing with every exhale, she rolled her head to check the clock. There was no point in trying to go back to sleep, so she clambered off the mattress and headed for the bathroom to shower.

The steaming water rinsed off her favorite soap in bubbly rivulets that coursed over her bountiful curves, but the warmth didn’t prevent a shudder as details contained in the flashback coalesced—Ryker’s evil, curiously handsome features twisted with rage, the slash along the side of his face a seeping crimson streak that soured her stomach and made her falter…and the tables turned. With a gasp she reached to wrench the tap to cold for an instant, and the resulting deluge shocked her mind into neutral, erasing all the images.

Resting her forehead against the tiles, she focused on the night ahead. Club Vantage didn’t really get started until midnight on the weekends, and while she could have used some additional rest, the familiar curls of excitement soon overlaid the crash of adrenaline, building to warm her insides and pool between her legs. Time to choose an outfit and escape her past, even for a few hours. Maybe the Masters who occupied most of her waking thoughts would be there, and she could indulge in the fantasy that they were more to her than one scene. It was a dangerous fantasy, because she suspected they were indulging in the same wishful thinking, and that would never do. But a girl could always dream. Even a girl like her.


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The Romance Reviews
Written by Rachel's Willful Thoughts on 10th Jul 2015

Maddy Powell is desperate for a new beginning. She finds comfort in Club Vantage, a BDSM club, even though it's mainly in her fantasies. Author Allyson Young creates a powerful story of a ménage relationship in THE DEATH OF YOU. Two very skilled Masters, Connor and Rafe, are interested in Maddy. However, secrets from her past threaten any possible happiness. Take two unbelievably hot Alpha men, throw a roadblock in between them and the woman they desire, and you've got the ingredients for a fascinating story. I was very impressed with the integration of the BDSM elements because it is clear the author is knowledgeable about the subject. The message of "safe, sane and consensual" is clearly communicated through every encounter. The suspense element was well presented featuring some truly evil men. With a rapid paced storyline, my interest was maintained from start to finish. - See more at:

BDSM and Menage great mix.
Written by Lisa m on 18th Mar 2015

Serious book hangover! Love Allyson Young​, this book moved to one of my all time favorites. Maddy is in hiding from her past, a past that is still looking for her. She seeks safety at a BDSM club where she doesnt have to hide. She meets two Doms who make her want more and when they get too close she thinks its time to leave and keep running. Rafe and Connor are not going to let their One get away now that they have found her. Great mix of BDSM, menage and suspense