The Fire Underneath by S.C. Wynne

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Firefighter Joe Allegretti has some flames that need putting out the minute he meets sexy fellow firefighter, Dallas Williams. But the heat he's feeling has nothing to do with the burning buildings nearby. 

Not counting one curious kiss with another guy in college, Joe has always dated women. But as soon as Dallas appears Joe can't seem to ignore the scorching fire underneath that rages for the other man. But Joe struggles with what others might think of him if he dates Dallas openly, and Dallas isn’t interested in hiding what he feels for Joe. Joe’s a brave man, but is he brave enough to fight for what he wants?

Be Warned: m/m sex


The first time I saw Dallas, he appeared like an archangel from the burning church. Or at least, what I always imagined an archangel might look like. Tall and imposing, he strode confidently through the black smoke swirling around him like a heated tornado, and he carried Father Bronte over his shoulder like he was a feather pillow. I grabbed the padre and helped lower him onto a nearby stretcher.

“Is everyone out?” Father asked weakly. Then he fell into a coughing fit that would have made a pneumonia victim sound healthy.

“You don’t need to worry about nobody but you at the moment,” I muttered, shaking my head, and holding him down gently as he tried to sit up. “We’re in charge of saving souls right now.”

The EMTs approached, nudging me out of the way, and descended upon Father Bronte with needles and oxygen masks. Dallas and I moved back so we didn’t get stuck by mistake with one of the syringes.

Two guys from my truck ran into the building to take our places, and I pulled off my mask while Dallas did the same. His smile was white against his tanned face, and his blue eyes were rimmed by long, black lashes. I wasn’t the kind of guy who usually noticed things like that, so I was embarrassed when I did.

“Thanks for the assist,” he said, checking the back of my helmet. “Allegretti, is it?”

“No problemo.” I stuck out my hand. “Yep, name’s, Joe Allegretti. Fourth generation firefighter.”

He hesitated and pulled off his soot covered gloves. Then he grabbed my hand in his strong grasp. The warmth of his flesh against mine did weird things to my knees. What the fuck is wrong with me?

“I’m Dallas.”

“You a probie?” I asked. It was an innocent question, but he looked like I’d accused him of running off with my Aunt Marie’s silverware.

“Is that some kind of a joke?” His bright gaze that had seemed so warm and friendly earlier now looked rather hostile.

I laughed. “I only ask because I haven’t seen you around before.”

“Well, I’ve never seen you around before either, but that doesn’t mean I’d call you ugly and kick your dog.”

I wiped my face with the back of my sleeve and grimaced. “Let’s start over. I’m Joe, and you are?”

He grinned, and oh, Jesus, it was pretty too. “Dallas Williams. Not a probie.”

“You should just introduce yourself that way from now on. It’ll save a lot of trouble.”

“I might have to do that. You’re the third guy today who asked me that same question.” He glanced over his shoulder toward Father Bronte. The older man seemed to be doing better now, and his cheeks had some pink in them. “I’m no probie, but I’m new to this part of town.”

“You with 55?”

“I am now.”

It was obvious the fire was winding down since the smoke had stopped billowing from the steeple, and most of the crews were pulling in the hoses. Dallas scanned my face and his eyes stopped on my mouth. That strange fact sent a little shiver of something through me. Not an unpleasant shiver either.

“You’re Engine 480?” he asked.

I nodded. “Best damn house in the city.”

One of my guys high fived me on the way past. “Hellz yeah.” He continued on his merry way without another word after his show of solidarity.

Dallas held back a smile, but I could see amusement in his pretty eyes. “That’s going to come as a huge surprise to the boys at my house.”

“Pfft. You boys at 55 like to dream big.”

“That’s because everything about house 55 is big.” He wiggled his brows and I flushed.

“It’s weird I’ve never seen you around before.” I moved toward my truck as I spoke, and he followed like he didn’t want to stop talking with me.

“Not really. I was at a small house in upper Buffalo. I kind of miss the small town thing, but I was looking for a little more action, so I transferred to 55.”

“This city will keep you plenty busy. We got lots of pyros and lousy drivers. Never a dull moment around here.” I slammed shut one of the locker compartment doors on the engine. “It was nice to meet you, Dallas.”

“Today’s my birthday, so I guess God was smiling on me.” A lock of blond hair fell onto his forehead as he spoke, like a supermodel photo shoot arranged from heaven above.

My stomach warmed and I wrestled with the perplexing attraction I was feeling for this guy. I wasn’t into dudes. Never had been, really. Okay, I’d kissed a guy once in college when we were both drunk off our asses and curious. But since then I’d only been with women.

“Why you working on your birthday? Shouldn’t you be in a hot tub somewhere with a bottle of bubbly and a redhead?”

He ran his gaze over my auburn hair and he smirked. “The night is young.”

Oh, fuck. Was he coming on to me? The fact that I wasn’t immediately repulsed actually worried me.

I laughed and jumped a little when the Captain leaned on the horn of the engine.

“We got another call, Allegretti,” he yelled at me. “Stop flirting and get in the truck.”

I felt like it was my face that was on fire now, instead of the church. “I guess I’ll see you around.” I waved and headed for my company.

“If you feel like wishing me a proper happy birthday I’ll be at Soronto’s around eleven tonight.” Dallas wasn’t shy, that was for certain. “Ask your mom if she’ll let you come out and play with me.”

I shook my head and climbed into the truck, ignoring the curious glances of my fellow firemen.



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Night Owl Reviews
Written by V Rainey on 2nd May 2015

Joe Allegretti is a fourth generation firefighter whose life seemed good except he has not met the right woman. He dates woman but none of them click with him. However upon meeting Dallas Williams, his life is turned upside down. Now Joe is rethinking everything he ever thought. Can Joe accept that he is attracted to a man and is falling in love with one? The beginning of the story leaves you wanting to know more. By the end of the first chapter, I could not wait to finish the book. The author did a good job of creating a realistic world and had the ability to draw the reader into it. The author did a great job of giving the reader a sense of time and location. The story was fast paced all the way through but considering the length of the story at 92 pages, it’s not unexpected. The main characters and the secondary characters were interesting and true to life. Both Dallas and Joe had faults that they each had to deal with, making them realistic. The point of view stayed with Joe all the way though the story, giving the reader a detailed idea of someone struggling not just with their sexuality but also with how their family will accept them as a result of it. The main conflict of the story keeps the story moving along and leaves you wondering how Joe and Dallas will deal with the future. The characters fit not just the story but their respective roles in the story. The level of conflict is perfect, any more and it would have detracted from the overall story. The dialogue between the characters was genuine and distinctive. The characters voice matched not only the setting but fit their overall personality. The ending was a bit predictable but the author takes the reader on a wonderful journey. I hope we get to see these characters again in the future.

The TBR Pile
Written by undefined on 21st Apr 2015

Firefighters are so freaking sexy. I love them. I love books about them. The plot was really good. It was perfectly balanced between action and romance and Joe’s family plus Dallas’ ex. All entertaining. My only complaint is actually a pretty big one. Joe’s personality. He had a lot of overly feminine moment’s. He could have definitely passed for a women. The story read as if the author had this character as a female and then switched it to male.

Prism Book Allianace
Written by undefined on 20th Apr 2015

I picked up The Fire Underneath by SC Wynne for a diversion. I mean, seriously. Two hot Firemen? Yes, please. I won’t say that this story was the end-all-be-all of fireman stories, but it served it purpose well. It was a diversion. It wasn’t perfect, and if I had been in the mood for deep or original, I probably would not have been content with the offering. I couldn’t help by feel for Dallas and want to smack Joe. I have no idea why Dallas stuck around, but he did — albeit begrudgingly. Once they finally got together, it was hot. The UST up until that point was pretty good. They were a little too open and talkative when it came to their feelings, I mean they are men after all. However, in the end it, of course, worked out. I liked the inclusion of Joe’s family. I liked that everything wasn’t perfectly roses when Joe finally did come out, but that he was determined to live his life for himself (and Dallas) instead of others. I also appreciated that Joe was bullied as much for being a red-head as for being (potentially) gay. It pointed out the pointless nature of bullies and of taking other’s opinions to heart. The epiphany moment was a bit underwhelming, but it was at least sweet. As always a solid effort from SC Wynne and a decent way to spend an hour.

Good Short Romance
Written by Xanlthorpe on 5th Apr 2015

Good character development with enough tension to be real and yet not too much angst. A well written short story with more focus on the people than on just sex.

Sweet and fun
Written by KC on 3rd Apr 2015

Sweet and fun m/m, gfy romance about two firemen, Joe and Dallas, who meet under suspenseful circumstances and fall for each other. Joe, who tells us their story, is an engaging narrator, with smart and funny turns of phrases, and a charming personality. I loved the story and the characters, made me smile throughout.

Excellent novella
Written by Book Lover on 30th Mar 2015

What a wonderful read! Dallas and Joe are two firemen who meet and have an instant attraction to each other. This comes as a bit of a surprise to Joe, who has always thought of himself as straight. This story is well written (I am a bit of a grammar snob). I loved the back and forth banter of Joe and Dallas. They have to deal with a lot to decide if it is worth exploring a relationship between them because Dallas is openly living his life as a gay man and has zero desire for a hidden fling, let alone relationship. I highly recommend this story! Very enjoyable!

Read This One!
Written by LoriCaroline on 29th Mar 2015

Chemistry and Humor, short but very sweet. I laughed several times, and loved the connection between them

Funny and lighthearted!
Written by P.L. on 27th Mar 2015

I love Gay For You stories and this one was super funny, and an enjoyable, quick read!