The Kodiak's Mate by April Zyon

Heat Level 3
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An ancient evil has come back to Shifter Falls… 

Living in a town called Shifter Falls isn’t always easy. Alaska Ceridwen has lusted after Harley Ogden for years, even though she learned the hard way that you can’t trust bears. But when Alaska becomes the target of a dangerous stalker, Harley may be the only one who can save her. 

Harley thought that rescuing a terrified, bound woman on the street would be the most excitement he’d see all day. Then he found out she was his mate. Now he’s fighting to hold on to what’s his. He knows that keeping Alaska safe and teaching her to let go of her fears won’t be easy, but for Harley, nothing less than forever will do.



There were a lot of things that Harley would have preferred to be doing at that ungodly hour of the day. Sleeping in was top of the list, followed closely by reading the paper while enjoying the first cup of coffee from a fresh pot. He would even have accepted a leisurely breakfast at the diner.

Standing outside the sheriff’s office waiting on the tardy fucker was not on the list. Despite the man’s strange and short call, Harley was tempted to blow it off. But his curiosity had been tweaked and that meant he was standing there at the ass crack of dawn twiddling his damn thumbs.

“I should’ve stopped for coffee,” he grumbled under his breath.

Across the way, watching him pace, was an old-timer. The older man was sweeping off his section of the sidewalk in preparation to roll the signs out advertising the barber shop. Jerking his chin up in greeting, Harley turned to pace back up the sidewalk he currently occupied. The old man gave him an odd look before continuing on. If he didn’t know better, Harley would think he had something on his face. Besides his neatly groomed beard, that was.

It was better to ignore the human element in town when they acted weird, much like they ignored the shifters when they got weird. Not that Harley was strange, or he didn’t believe he was. He was a Kodiak and pretty mellow, for the most part. He’d had his moments but really those were in the past and best left there.

He made another turn to stalk back toward and past the sheriff’s station, taking a look at his watch at the same time. Coming to a stop, he curled his lip up in a low snarl no one would hear. The sheriff had called him two hours ago and still wasn’t there. “Ten more minutes, Sheriff, and then I don’t give two fucks who you are. I’m going to go get some damn coffee.”

Many would worry about talking to themselves, but Harley didn’t have that problem. He firmly believed that one should always hold a conversation with the most intelligent individual around. Since that was usually him, he talked to himself. And everyone knew that until you started to answer yourself, you were still perfectly sane.

Pacing back and forth, Harley counted off the seconds. He glanced down at his watch, checked the doors and back lot once more to be sure he hadn’t missed the man, then headed for the diner. The place was open twenty-four hours a day, year round, except for Independence Day and Christmas. They also had the best damn coffee around. Some other items on their menu were less stellar, but the black gold was pure heaven.

Double checking the street was clear before stepping off the curb, he made his way quickly across. Not that he thought anyone would actually be out there to run him over. What he didn’t expect was to crash into someone when he turned to head down a side street to the diner.

Stumbling back, he barely caught himself from landing on his ass on the street. A quick shake of his head to clear his mind, and he found the barber smirking his way. Harley gave the man a scowl that did absolutely nothing except amuse him. Rolling his eyes while the old human laughed hysterically, Harley looked around for what, or rather who, he’d run into.

A woman, no less. Lush curves, a mouth like a sailor, and her hands bound behind her back. O-kay. That he hadn’t seen coming. He moved to help her up. And she fucking kicked him in the shins.

“For fuck’s sake, woman, be still. I’m only trying to help you up since you are currently doing a fantastic impression of a turtle stuck on his back. But you kick me again and I’ll damn well leave you here.”

When she stilled, he blew out a breath and moved around behind her to hook his hands under her armpits. He lifted her easily to her feet. Then he came back around to get her hair off her face, at which point he recognized her. Well, hell, if it wasn’t the bear-hating baker extraordinaire, Alaska Ceridwen. Like his fucking day could get any worse.

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The Kodiak's Mate
Written by TracieR on 8th Oct 2016

I loved reading The Kodiak's Mate. I found the dynamic between Alaska, Harley and the other character extremely enjoyable and look forward to reading more of this series.

With the clang of iron cuffs her life changes but will it be for the better? Harley doesn't much care for people but meeting ...
Written by Amazon Customer on 1st Aug 2016

I received a copy in return for an honest review. Alaska is a witch living in a shifter town. And even though she is afraid of bear shifters in particular, she is content. But life changes when someone knows who and what she is. With the clang of iron cuffs her life changes but will it be for the better? Harley doesn't much care for people but meeting Alaska changes his loner vibe. He doesn't understand why they click but he is bound and determined to have the time to find out why. I loved seeing Alaska and Harley together. Harley is so protective and even though Alaska can take care of herself, she appreciates the feeling of safety she gets around a specific bear shifter. Ms. Zyon again makes their relationship feel effortless as danger surrounds them. Harley and Alaska learn to lean on each other even as Alaska fights to move past her fears. I love seeing Harley protect and Alaska pamper even as together they accept how much more they can be. This story is well written and quite enjoyable. The chemistry felt real and the relationship believable. I can't wait to see where Ms. Zyon will take us next with this series.

Great book! A Must read!
Written by Homehair on 1st Aug 2016

Awesome book! Very well written didn't have any grammar errors(which are a pet pev of mine) Great story about a bear and a witch. Only I noticed is that sometimes Alaska is called Ali but the author didn't (I don't think unless I missed it) let the readers know it was a nick name of hers but this didn't not take away from the story at all.

The Witch and her Bear
Written by Rebelle on 23rd Jul 2016

A truly satisfying story where the heroine meets her life-match and live happily ever after following some mystery, mayhem, and hunting down the bad guy. It's part of a series but satisfying on its own. It'll definitely leave you craving to know more about this quaint little town where shifters and witches live both hidden and out in the open all at once. The characters are down-to-Earth and relatable. Didn't have any dead spots or lulls in the story. It moved fairly well. The passion was dead on and it was definitely an enjoyable paranormal romance read. A must-have addition to any collection.

A bear's witch mate
Written by Raina on 23rd Jul 2016

Great story. A witch,Alaska, is almost abducted. But with some fast thinking she gets away. She then runs into Harley, a gorgeous bear shifter. Immediately they both feel a connection. But with an unknown man out to take her, can she handle finding the man that may be her mate.

Witches and Bears, oh my
Written by Mobookworm on 23rd Jul 2016

Alaska is a witch who's afraid of bears. After a horrible incident in her past she avoids all bears. Just her luck to run into a big hunky Kodiak bear! Harley wasn't expecting a curvy baker witch to fall into his life either! I enjoyed the back and forth between these two, they are perfect together. This is a great read with some wonderful sexy scenes and plenty of humor and drama! If you like a hot, well written read, then this is for you!

Written by Rhonda on 23rd Jul 2016

Wow! I couldn't put this book down until I read the whole thing. Alaska is a witch and Harley is a bear shifter and this is their story. I just loved the way the way Alaska knew Harley was her mate. It was in a totally different way than I have read about in any other book. Great job April. Without giving too much away, just get this book and find a comfy spot to read. Now I want the next book in this series!

loved it
Written by Natalie Kirkland on 21st Jul 2016

this book wow loved it .. another amazing story by April .. cant wait for the next book this series is full of suprises

Pleasantly surprised
Written by Kati C on 21st Jul 2016

This was the first book I read in this series so I was not sure what to expect, but I was not disappointed at all. I love the chemistry between Alaska and Harley and even though she was scared of bear shifters that they were able to work through things and get their HEA. Next step will be going back and getting the first book.

I absolutely love this book
Written by melissa weeks on 21st Jul 2016

Alaska is a witch she is deathly afraid of bears after watching her family killed by a pack of polar bear shifters at the age of seven before her mother dies she is transported to her aunts home in shifter falls Harley is a grizzly bear shifter who is minding his own business walking to get coffee when Alaska runs into him after someone tries to kidnap her he is immediately attracted to her and she is immediately drawn to him he volunteers to protect her till they find out who is trying to kidnap her will Alaska ever get over her fear of bears will they find out who is trying to kidnap her will Alaska and Harley have a happy ending to find out I strongly recommend that you read this book it is awesome 5 gold stars I received a copy from the author for an honest review

LOVED this book
Written by Amazon Customer on 21st Jul 2016

LOVED this book! Wow. In the first book Ms. Zyon teased us with one species that we didn't think was around and in this book, she did it again! I can't wait to see what she comes up with in the third book. Alaska and Harley seem to fit together perfectly. There is instant attraction, a little hesitancy because Alaska's entire family was killed by polar bears --- and Harley is a bear. They work through it however, fairly well actually and I loved learning how witches figure out who their mates are, it was actually pretty cool. I look forward to more of this series.