The Outlaw's Lover by James Cox

Heat Level 3
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Manlove at the End of the World, 3 

Will the outlaw become a hero? 

Rian didn’t ask for trouble. He's just a geeky coward who managed to survive the virus that wiped out most of the world. He is smitten with an outlaw that sent his desire on fire. This cowardly gay man finds himself in a town at the end of the world ruled by homophobes. Oh, and there’s also a raging volcano ready to blow, and these crazy folks want to sacrifice him. Now, he’s trapped like a caged beast and death is imminent. 

Rian has only one hope of survival—the outlaw. 

Be Warned: m/m sex



            Rian parked just before the trees and started down the first row. He just placed the first bucket in the back of the truck when a noise stopped him cold in his tracks. Rian knew the sound by heart, a shotgun cocking. His breath froze in his lungs. He bit his lower lip and carefully turned. What greeted his eyes was the sexy Outlaw. Rian couldn’t move.

            The Outlaws shoulder length blond hair was wet like he’d just gone for a swim. It clung to his scalp but it was those eyes that seemed to swallow Rian whole. Outlaw tilted his head and the smallest of grins played at his lips. Slowly, he lowered the gun until it pointed to the hard ground. Rian finally took a breath but kept still. What did he want? The guy wanted him for something. First at the window, now here, maybe Outlaw was following him.

            “You can’t trust them, mate.”

            Rian jerked as if he was shot. Outlaw spoke a full sentence. He had an Australian accent that made its words almost like very satisfied purrs. Rian didn’t speak. In the past, silence usually went further than attitude. Beside he was too damn scared to speak and too horny to say anything useful. Rian always went stupid around hot guys.

            Outlaw took a single step forward. His clothes clung to his very fine body like a second skin. “They’re dangerous.” He frowned. “I’m not going to hurt you. I’m trying to warn you.”

            Rian nodded, his heart pounding in his chest.

            “Are you listening to me?” Outlaw took another step forward.

            Rian was both aroused and afraid. He moved away but the back of his legs slammed against the truck. The world seemed to stop. Birds silenced, breeze ceased and Outlaw took two more steps forward. He seemed to be studying Rian. Those eyes roamed Rian’s body and finally stopped on his lips. Rian swallowed hard. He still couldn’t speak as Outlaw inched even closer. Their clothes almost touch. His handsome face was only inches from Rian.

            “I want to keep you safe.” Outlaw whispered.

            The words were lost to Rian’s ears. He could feel the heat from Outlaw’s body and smell the gentle scent of pine and fresh water. Rian could hardly breathe as the sexy bad boy advanced. Their lips were less than an inch apart. Breaths mingled to become one and then those plump perfect lips touched his. Rian exhaled, his pulse beating wildly in his neck as the touch turned into a kiss. It was tame, sweet, and even romantic.

            A shotgun went off.

            It startled Rian into gasping and jerking backward. Outlaw looked at him hard, licked his lips and ran into the wild fields of apples. He could hardly breath. Rian’s lips tingled like he’d sucked cock for hours.



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Great Story
Written by LeeA P. on 23rd Sep 2014

You have a virus that kills millions of people. Then you have those lucky enough to survive. Some are smart, sexy and hot and heros as well ,need you know more? Then you have the crazy people who think certain people are abominations. You get them all in this book. There are scary things, sexy and hot men and a very wonderful woman in this story. This book grabbed me from page one and left me wanting to read the next installment. A MUST read in my opinion..:)