The Scent of His Woman by JJ King

Heat Level 3
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Northern Wild, 1

Kennedy Cole doesn’t know who she really is. Orphaned as a child, she was adopted by an amazing family and raised as their own. So, when she begins to act strange, they arrange a vacation that’ll bring them all closer together. It works, the northern wilderness seems to sooth something deep inside her, that is, until she smells him and everything in her world shifts… including her. 

Reclusive cougar shifter, Trace Grady, hates humans almost as much as he hates his own kind. A quiet life in the northern forests of Canada is the only thing he desires, until she crosses his path and ignites a burning desire to mate so intense that it takes every ounce of willpower to stop himself from pouncing on her delectable body. 

Walking away isn’t an option when all you can think about it your mate, but what if it’s for her own protection? 



“You’re so beautiful.” Trace’s rumbling voice made the butterflies in her stomach come alive again. They were alone, with nothing between them but the air they breathed. No people, no animals, no shift, and no hesitation. Kennedy dropped her hands to the hem of her shirt and pulled it over her head, revealing her bare breasts. She smiled slowly and walked forward into his waiting arms.

He lifted her so easily, his strong arms settling at her waist and then wrapping around her as she twined her legs around his hips. Instantly, he settled her lower, so his thick erection pressed against her most intimate space. The pressure made her moan and throw her head back, exposing her throat and breasts to Trace’s waiting lips.

He took her invitation, bowing over to touch his lips to her neck. He feasted, trailing his tongue over her skin, lapping at her jawline and collarbone until she couldn’t draw a breath. Kennedy bucked her hips, riding the exquisite hardness that was bringing her closer to the edge.

Trace moved one hand from her back and lifted it to her left breast, cupping it in his hand. His mouth shifted from her throat, capturing her mouth, just as his rough fingers closed around her nipple. Kennedy gasped into his mouth, shocked at her own reactions. Never before had she enjoyed having her breasts touched, never before had she gasped and moaned and rode a man to…

Kennedy screamed as an orgasm hit her like a locomotive, slamming into her too fast to see it coming. She squeezed her legs around Trace as waves of pleasure washed over her, sending spasms through her entire body. As they ebbed, Kennedy felt her legs give way and she slid, utterly spent, down his body while Trace’s hands held her. 

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Night Owl Reviews
Written by Chris on 30th Jul 2017

You had to feel sorry for poor Kennedy; strange dreams, change in appetite. Her loving family bundles up the gang for a woodland vacation and it's just what Kennedy needed to finally unravel the mysterious goings on in her life. She's not human. Trace is described as basically crabby but hot. All it takes is his mate to get him to re-engage with life and being around other people. A recluse, he's a bit clumsy and resistant, but instincts exist for a reason. He's mentor as well as lover and life looks brighter with Kennedy in it. This was a quick read that flowed well and kept me entertained. Some steam factor as well as some laughter moved things along. I would have liked more about what put Trace in such a mood, but see it is the first book in a series. The conclusion to the book showed both Trace and Kennedy at ease with their emotions and with each other. A win/win.

Another fantastic, exciting, sexy story from JJ King!
Written by Kallie on 20th Apr 2017

The Scent of His Woman is the first Northern Wild story by author JJ King. This was the first cougar shifter story I'd read and I really enjoyed reading it! Kennedy is reluctantly on a family trip, and has not been acting like herself lately. While out on an errand during her vacation, some strange events bring her together with Trace, a man with a haunted past, and some secrets which keep him isolated from others. It's instant attraction and connection between the two, and each finds someone they need in the other. I liked this take on shifter stories and I found it to be a sexy, romantic, and somewhat mysterious read. There were pieces of the story that left me wanting to know more and have their story continued!