The Semi-Perfect Life by M. Levesque

Heat Level 3
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Summer thinks her life is perfect until the night after her promotion when realizes how imperfect it all is without someone to share it with. In an act of desperation she decides to have a one-night stand—in an effort to avoid silly things like long-term commitments and marriage. 

She finds what she’s looking for in a handsome bartender named Jason. The next morning during an awkward goodbye they witness a murder and one escaped serial killer later they suddenly find themselves living in the witness protection program as husband and wife.



I shimmied my skirt a little higher and crossed my legs before angling for a better view of the men in the bar. I tried catching the eyes of several potential candidates, but all looked unimpressed and quickly returned their attention to their drinks, looking almost scared.

I could not believe this was happening. I knew it wasn’t cellulite or my clothes. My long, straight black hair was awesome and I did an hour on the elliptical five days a week. The vodka and energy drink confidence was quickly wearing off, and I started to hear my mother’s nasty comments about my looks from my wonder years. I don’t know how many hours of therapy this little trip to the dark-side was undoing, but if I lasted five more minutes without Mr. Tall Dark and Leather-clad making an interested appearance, I was going to have to reread a self-help book or two.

I ordered another drink before the last one wore off and I ran screaming in terror out of the bar.

“It’s on the house,” the bartender said, flashing me a bright smile.

He wasn’t wearing leather, I didn’t see any tattoos, and the most intimidating thing about him was the fact that he had his shirt untucked. Still, he looked like he worked out and he had all his hair. He seemed tall too, but I was almost sure it was just because the bar was raised on the other side.

He was pretty hot, when I put the whole package together. Maybe I didn’t need biker drama anyway. Maybe I just needed a taste of bad without having to worry about little things like restraining orders and the little pink, worst case scenario, Taser in my clutch.

He leaned forward and rested his chin in his folded hands, his elbows on the bar. “You’re sizing me up, aren’t you?”

I shrugged a shoulder and feigned disinterest.

He smiled at that. “Tell you what, Slummer, if you don’t hook what you’re after in one hour…” He looked me over slowly. “I’m all yours.”

“Deal,” I said bravely.

* * * *

One hour later, I had spent most of my time taking free drinks and openly staring at the bartender’s ass every time he bent down for anything. Men in my world didn’t have asses like that. Men in my world didn’t have chests like that or triceps or tans. They were white bread. I wasn’t even white bread, and I’d only gained access to the other side because of a very persistent, very beautiful mother that married into white bread.

I wondered briefly if that was why I was so interested in spending a little quality time on this side of the fence.

The bartender finished whatever he was doing, threw his towel in the other bartender’s face, and jumped over the bar to land gracefully beside me. “Ready, gorgeous?”

I was beyond snookered at this point, but I still wondered why I hadn’t gotten any other takers except for the bartender. “Why just you?” I all but whined.

He raised his eyebrows at me and smiled. “Because I have a baseball bat behind the bar and I spent most of my night waving it at other men while your back was turned.”

This was a great answer. Whether it was true or not, I wasn’t sure, but I was willing to believe it if it meant that I could move on with my semi-perfect life with my ego intact. “Okay, I’m ready.” 

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Romancing the Book
Written by Lori on 28th May 2015

This was a totally adorable love story. It really was. It had some surprising funny moments and some tender loving moments. It was funny and romantic and one of the secondary characters made me laugh out loud a few times. There were some twists and turns that I didn’t even see coming and I love that about romance. Especially quirky romance books like this one. To me it’s a quirky romance because it’s different; it’s a new original story. It’s a funny romance that has an edge to it and I don’t think there are that many romances out there that are funny and edgy, and it doesn’t involve BDSM or even erotica. Trust me, there is plenty of romance and all that that implies. The loving isn’t boring or glossed over. It’s just that they are rather enthusiastic and that’s all I’ll say. Heee hee!! This is not an overly long story, but it was truly entertaining. There were some funny moments with Summer and other secondary characters that were out loud funny and I still giggle thinking about a particular scene. Summer was a career driven women who knew how to rise quickly on the corporate ladder. She didn’t know what she was looking for until she found it, and even then, she kept second guessing herself. She’s such a silly girl. She has a lot of likable qualities that made me want to root for her. She was kind, and insecure about herself privately. She’s determined, and tenacious, and she knows how to be really funny. Jason appears to be the ultimate bad boy. He’s all tough and brooding. He doesn’t say a lot and he’s super good looking. Underneath it all, there is a completely different man that is trying to make his dreams come true. There is so much more about him, but I don’t want to give too much away as it’ll ruin the plot for the reader. Just wait till you meet these two, they are lovable characters and I hope you like them too.

Reviews at TRS
Written by Theon on 24th Apr 2015

Summer Berry is full of confidence (sometimes) and has the perfect life she has always dreamed of. Well….the almost perfect life. And tonight she is shopping for a bad boy—the tattoos and motorcycle kind—for a one night stand to celebrate her promotion and new office. That doesn’t exactly workout the way she’d pictured it. She goes home with the bartender. Jason Keen offers himself to the gorgeous brunette if she doesn’t hook what she’s looking for. She takes him up on that offer at the end of the night. Thanks to the bat he’d shown every man in the bar when she wasn’t looking. Fast forward past incredible sex and a murder on his doorstep and they land in suburbia—under FBI protection. I love a love story that makes me smile. Even better if it makes me laugh. However. Jason seemed to be taking a backseat to Summer where the action outside the bedroom was involved. I would not have been the least bit disappointed to be treated to more of him. Summer, unfortunately, is very self-centered. Did I like it? Yes. Was I enamoured of the couple? Not totally, but they were fun and coupled with the secondary characters—my favorite is Poe—there was laughter. Even the occasional chortle and snort. It happens.Good thing I wasn’t drinking anything at the time.

Night Owl Reviews
Written by Wild Rayne on 22nd Jan 2015

OH MY GOD, The Semi was too funny. The whole Caroline thing was out of this world, psychological war indeed. Being a part of a community you have to learn the rules and Caroline being part of HOA, took it too far. I cracked up when Jennifer aka Summer brought in the pink flamingos. Jason is a great guy and I'm surprised that he loves to cook. His obsession and anger towards everyone calling his raven a crow is pretty weird though. It started out as a booty call and ended with them being in WITSEC after seeing an assassin kill a guy. I feared for them at first, especially Jennifer because according to her she had the perfect life before this, but they worked it out and made it home. Contemporary romance readers are going to enjoy this hot piece of fiction.