The Suit and His Switch Claim Their Sub by Jenika Snow

Heat Level 4
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The Suits, 1

Blythe Winters had only ever wanted to be a dancer, but an ankle injury claimed her career and her dream. When she is offered a temporary position as a personal assistant to a powerful man, Dietrich Moore, she can’t refuse. Spending a month on the sandy beaches of Portugal doesn't seem like work, but it doesn't take long for her employer to get under her skin in the most intimate of ways

Known as ruthless and dominant in everything he does, Dietrich takes what he wants without thought and without remorse. Though already in a D/s relationship with Stellan Alfonso, an ex-quarterback and businessman, Dietrich feels something is still missing in his life. It isn't until he meets Blythe that he realizes she is the only one who can complete their relationship. Dietrich and Stellan are about to use the next four weeks to show Blythe exactly what it means to be their submissive in every way.

Be Warned: menage sex (MMF), BDSM, spanking, anal sex, public exhibition


Oh. Is this really about to happen? Blythe stared ahead of her as Stellan dropped to his knees in front of Dietrich. Despite seeing them by the pool, which now seemed like ages ago, watching Stellan get into position to give Dietrich a blow job was surreal. Her pussy was soaked, and her clit and nipples throbbed in time with her pulse. They still wore their suits, and the sight of their big, hard bodies, dressed so elegantly, sent waves of heat through her. Dietrich loosened the tie around his neck, but didn’t remove it. The bright red silk looked like spilled blood, hanging loosely around his throat and falling down his chest. He then undid the first few buttons of his stark white shirt. The sight of his swatch of tanned, hard chest had her shifting on the bed, trying to relieve the ache that settled between her legs.

With Stellan knelt before him it was hard for her to see what was happening. As if reading her mind Dietrich shifted to his side, causing Stellan to do the same. With the men’s sides facing her, Blythe watched in rapt awe as Stellan licked his lips and looked up at Dietrich. Dietrich ran his hand over the other man’s head, as if he were a treasured cat and needed a good petting. It was a bit bizarre to see such a large and intimidating man as Stellan Alfonso kneeling before another. When he had wrapped his arms around her and taken her mouth in a brutal kiss, dominance had poured out of him. Blythe may not live the lifestyle of BDSM, but she had read enough about it to know Stellan was known as a switch. He clearly liked to submit and dominate.

When Dietrich’s hard cock was revealed her breath stalled. It should have been no surprise that his dick was incredibly big, just like the rest of him. It was clearly the biggest shaft she had ever seen. As if the next acts played in slow motion, Blythe watched with heightening arousal as Stellan opened his mouth, leaned forward, and wrapped his lips around the head of Dietrich’s cock. He gripped Stellan’s hair and started to slowly pump his hips in and out of the other man’s mouth. Aside from a few porn movies she had watched, nothing could have prepared her for seeing a shaft sliding in and out of another man’s mouth. The glossiness of Stellan’s saliva was starkly visible along Dietrich’s dick. Her eyes were trained on the sexual act before her, but when the hairs on the back of her neck stood up she lifted her eyes to Dietrich. He stared at her with a smoky, half-lidded expression.

“Come here, pet.” Blythe stood on unsteady legs and slowly moved toward them. Stellan never stopped sucking Dietrich’s cock. The sounds of wet flesh and a deep male groan filled her ears, and she took a deep breath. When she was inches from Dietrich he said sternly, “On your feet, boy.” The popping noise of Stellan’s suctioning mouth coming undone from Dietrich’s penis filled the room. Stellan slowly rose, and she was immediately aware of their presence. “Pet, look at me.” Again, she hadn’t realized she closed her eyes until she opened them and looked up at Dietrich. “I want you on your knees and sucking my cock now.”

Blythe’s heart hammered quick and hard at his words. She looked at Stellan, maybe for guidance, but his stoic expression offered no help. Doing as Dietrich said had the hard, cold ground meeting her knees. Here she was, stark naked in front of these men with Dietrich’s cock in front of her and Stellan about to watch the whole thing. It turned her on, yet scared the shit out of her. She waited for his next words. For several long, agonizing moments neither man said anything. Did they purposefully like to leave her on edge? Did they get some kind of sadistic pleasure in knowing she was a ball of nerves?

“Shhh, be at ease.” Dietrich ran his hand over her hair, in the same manner as he did to Stellan, and she found the act strangely comforting. It wasn’t as if she had never given head before, but the men that she had done the act on seemed less than impressed. She also had never had an audience. “Here is what’s going to happen.” He continued to stroke her cheek, and Blythe leaned into his touch. “You’re going to take my dick and guide it to your mouth. Stellan is then going to fuck that sweet little cunt of yours.” His words had her jerking away and looking between them. It wasn’t as if she didn’t expect this, but actually hearing him say it brought everything right in her face, so to speak. “Do you wish to use your safe word?”

Did she? Dietrich didn’t stop stroking her, and a part of her knew that if she did say that one little word he would stop. They both would. The soft caress of Stellan running his fingers down the base of her neck told her enough about herself that she did want this. Fear was ever present in any situation, but what she needed to do was put her trust in them that if she did want to stop, they would.

“No, Master. I want to continue.” Her body was certainly ready and up for whatever they had in store. It was her mind that held the constraints around her.

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Romancing the Book Reviews
Written by undefined on 25th May 2014

The Suit and His Switch Claim Their Sub is the first book in The Suits series by Jenika Snow. I chose this book because I have not read a book by Ms. Snow that I did not enjoy. Blythe had her life planned out until an injury changed her life forever. Now she works for a temp agency. Therefore, when a job overseas in Portugal comes her way she jumps at the chance. Blythe loves her temp jobs. She has the ability to experience different job without becoming bored. Dietrich is a powerful and rich man who is also a Dom. He goes after what he wants and gets it. He is in a relationship with Stellan however, their relationship feels incomplete and they want a third person to complete them. Stallen comes across as a mystery because the author does not go into much detail about him. The sex scenes were blazing. I loved how Stellan was not jealous of the relationship Dietrich and Blythe when they were alone together. The chemistry between Dietrich, Stellan, and Blythe is blistering. One of the problems with this book was how rushed it felt in places and overall. I wish Ms. Snow had gone into more detail. My other problem with the book is I am not sure how the relationship between Stellan, Blythe, and Dietrich will do in the future. This book was well written with exciting and appealing characters. I loved this book a lot. I read this book in one sitting. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.

The Romance Studio
Written by undefined on 23rd Nov 2013

Blythe Winters has never been this nervous before at the start of a temporary job. But I suppose knowing you’ll be working and traveling as a PA for a man known as The Bear could do that. Dietrich Moore was handsome, compelling, and a total control freak. If she was smart, Blythe would take the out he offers her at their first meeting since she’s not sure how she’s going to be able to work with him for four weeks with the way her body responds to him. Three years ago Dietrich knew instantly that Stellan would be his sub, and just as quickly he knows Blythe will be theirs. After an accident shattered her dreams of being a ballerina, Blythe put on weight and now she’s not nearly as comfortable in her body so she can’t really imagine that Dietrich and Stellan want anything other than a fling with her. But Dietrich has made up his mind and he always gets what he wants. Oh my goodness, this is one hot book! The intensity of scenes is written beautifully and it just draws you in. You can clearly see the connection and passion between Dietrich and Stellan right from the start and adding Blythe into the mix just brings a new dimension that ratchets the heat up several degrees from it’s already scorching level. But I think the best part is that even with all the sexual tension, you see different sides to the characters that make them seem real and make you care about them and their happiness. Plus I have new books to eagerly look for since this is the first book in The Suits series. My only warning would be if you aren’t comfortable with a few really hot scenes between just Dietrich and Stellan than this probably isn’t the book for you.

Night Owl Reviews
Written by undefined on 27th Oct 2013

The Suit and His Switch Claim Their Sub is the first book in The Suits series by Jenika Snow. Wow! I loved this book. I read it in one sitting. Blythe had one dream in life until an injury took it way. She now works for a temporary agency. She takes a job overseas in Portugal. Dietrich is a powerful and ruthless man who is in a relationship with Stellan. Stellan and Dietrich are looking for a third person, female to complete them. Blythe is very good at her job. She seems to enjoy taking short term job rather than settle into one job. It might be that she has not found the right job to keep for the long term. Dietrich is a rich and powerful man who comes to Portugal for work every once in a while. He is also a Dom. He knows what he wants and goes after it. He loves Stellan but they don’t feel complete with just the two of them. They want and need a third person to feel complete. The chemistry between Dietrich, Stellan, and Blythe is blistering hot. I find it amazing that Blythe stayed away from them as long as she did. Not many could (including me). The sex scenes were sizzling hot. I loved how Stellan was not jealous of Dietrich and Blythe when they were alone together. My only complaint was it seemed rushed. I am not sure how these three will do long term. In addition, the author did not go into much detail about Stellan. He seemed to me a bit of a mystery. Overall, this was a hot and sexy book. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.

Reviewed at The TBR Pile
Written by undefined on 26th Oct 2013

I found this story to be hot and fun - the sexy, wealthy men chasing the rubenesque female with plenty of doubts about her own worth is an enjoyable plot. I loved the descriptions of the trip to Portugal and Moore's villa where they stayed with Stellan as much as the scenes between the three of them as they began their relationship.